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The Internet has made any device with a screen and internet access a source for viewing media and entertainment data. Media houses are capitalizing on this trend and the frontiers of the entertainment industry are fading as more individuals are posting content online and gaining popularity and views from a global audience.

Mobile solutions for media and entertainment industry can be in the form of mobile app development and web-based mobile access. Both these require to be of the highest quality since media streaming, especially videos have to be smooth in order to keep the audience returning and for the media to propel itself into action to handle the traffic.

Along with inexpensive, easily accessible and highly functional software, there are much kudos to be attached to the hardware available on mobile devices. Thanks to highly pixelated and high definition screen quality, advanced camera settings, powerful processors with compatible RAM and ROM, it is easy to stream heavy media files on a 5-6 inch screen, even while the user is on the move.

The highly acclaimed American sitcom Modern Family boasts of an entire episode being shot entirely on Apple’s iPhone and extensively show the use of Facebook and Facetime throughout their show.

Media Savvy

Whether it is a new age production house, freelance movie makers, amateurs, or even established media houses that turn out multi-million dollar projects, everybody is embracing mobility solutions and acknowledge its strength to gain maximum coverage. Web services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube are just the top websites that stream movies, TV shows, music and much more. There are innumerable websites that offer live media streaming services, podcasts, news and much more.

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News applications have replaced newspapers and offer the convenience of being customized to match the readers taste. Furthermore, with live news streaming, people can access current situation from around the world on all topics. Of course, there is a lot of white noise generated on the internet due to the excess exposure and easy access, however, there is scope to shut these down and access media as per one’s preference.

It is difficult to ignore the importance of technology, especially the latest technology trends if one wants to stay ahead in the media and entertainment industry. Not only is the latest technology and newsworthy item, but it is the wagon that pulls media forth and makes it accessible to the greatest number of people.

Apps pertaining to media and entertainment have a whole bundle of categories and sub-categories and there is much scope for development and opportunities abound this area for new development.

Mobile Solutions that will propel your business

Media and entertainment based websites and web applications do not have the luxury to simply have a responsive design since the nature of the data is such that it will have to be highly adaptive to the varying screen sizes. Hence, to match their unique development needs that will facilitate organic streaming of data, it is essential for them to create dedicated websites for the individual platforms.

Enterprise applications for media and enterprise industry synthesize different content to give virtual access from any location with an internet connection. Cloud Technology is an integral component of the virtual solutions sought by media house as it gives them a safe portal to share data in the shortest time span.

Mobility solutions must be integral to the overall business strategy and this includes assessing the various platforms which will be used to, such as native or web operating systems, cloud or MEAP. Whether it is print, advertising, television or films, the need to utilise all the available platforms in equal measures is essential to achieve the greatest growth.

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Technologies for Further Mobility

Mobile technology such as location identification, language setting, SEO, social media integration etc. will enable the viewer to have a highly personalized experience. When users get personalized updates of the content they are interested in or information they are seeking, they will become regular visitors.

An interactive viewing experience that will suit the viewer’s preferences can be created using –

  • Customized push notifications
  • Real time updates
  • In-app purchase options
  • Audio-video functionality

Viewers are in greater control of the content they want to view. Hence, it is imperative for the media and entertainment business to stay ahead in the technology game and find the right avenues to entertain their viewers. It is essential to develop performance-driven and active mobile apps that present accurate content.

Research Matter

A recent study shows that people are giving over 15% app usage time to news application, 80% usage time to music applications and 24% usage time to gaming and other forms of entertainment apps. Social media remains the undisputed leader in the entertainment segment as it gives access to news, music and entertaining videos.

Mobile applications have been acknowledged as a prominent platform for brand building, entertainment and cost-effective solution for content sharing. Opportunities are present in the form of Music streaming, gaming, mobile TV and gaming. The growth and growth of mobile solutions in media and entertainment industry can be attributed primarily to its availability on-demand, wherever the user seeks it.

Why Solution Analysts for Mobility Solutions

Solution Analysts can become your technological partner and guide you through the sea of options you have to propel the mobility aspirations of your media house. We will introduce you to the most comprehensive solutions based on your requirements and help you leverage the best technologies, that will help your organization and your customers receive the best value.

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Connect with us to know more about the opportunities that are awaiting your business and we will help you realize your growth aspirations.

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