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Javascript has become a trending language in software development. By default, JavaScript is in the first place when it comes to front-end development. Based on the StackOverflow survey (the survey involved 64,000 developers), it is on the top among both frontend and backend programming languages and stays ahead of JavaPython, PHP, C#, and others.

Javascript helps in connecting many languages and making for better integration. In short, you get the idea of why Javascript is so important these days. But now things would’ve been simpler if it was just JS right? Under JS, we have libraries and frameworks among which we are more interested in Libraries today.

And since there are so many libraries out there, there are good chances that you may get confused as to what you should begin with. To help you with this problem, we have prepared a list of the most popular Javascript libraries that are easy to use and help you get more opportunities in the future.

But instead of directly jumping into that, we need to talk about some prerequisites so let’s start.

What is Javascript?

JavaScript, also known as JS, is a programming language that follows the ECMAScript specification. It is high-level, just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm. It has curly-bracket syntax, dynamic typing, prototype-based object orientation, and first-class functions.

With HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. It helps in creating interactive web pages and is an important element for building web-based apps.

JavaScript engines were being used only in web browsers, but they are now core components of other runtime systems, such as Node.js and Deno. Such systems are used to create servers that are also embedded into frameworks.

JavaScript library is a library of pre-written JavaScript that allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications, especially for AJAX and other web-centric technologies.

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language(“scripting language”) and is used to make web pages interactive. JavaScript(JS) is not similar to or related to JavaBoth languages have a C-like syntax and are widely used in client-side and server-side Web applications, but there are few similarities.

By default, JavaScript is in the first place when it comes to front-end development. Based on the StackOverflow survey (the survey involved 64,000 developers), it is on the top among both frontend and backend programming languages and stays ahead of JavaPython, PHP, C#, and others.

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HTMLCSS, and JavaScript are at the heart of front-end development. The three languages are relatively easy to learn and offer plenty of flexibility and creativity. If you want to become a Front End dev, you need to learn these three languages and JavaScript frameworks.

Difference between Javascript Library and Javascript Framework

This is one common question that confuses a lot of people. It is a hot topic of discussion and debate when it comes to Javascript. So here’s a brief excerpt of the two.

What are Javascript Libraries?

A Javascript library is a set of code that can be reused from time to time for different programming. In other words, it saves the time required to write the code multiple times by a lot. It reduces the complexity of creating JS-based applications. It mostly consists of many elements like objects and functions.

What are Javascript Frameworks?

Compared to the JS library, a framework helps to direct your attention towards the architecture and the project that follows. They consist of multiple libraries and they provide you with hooks and callbacks, so you don’t have any difficulty in continuing to build upon them.

Now that we’re done with the distinction between the two, let’s see the top JS libraries.

Which are the most popular Javascript libraries?

Now there are a lot of libraries out there on the internet, which could confuse anyone. Which one to choose when you are just getting started? Which library is most commonly used or which has the greatest potential among all? To reduce this burden, the following are the most popular js libraries that would help you grow in 2021.

1. One of the most popular Javascript libraries: jQuery


jQuery has been on the development scene for a long time and has been the unprecedented king of webpage dev. It is one of the most popular javascript libraries used throughout the world, with more than 50% of websites using jQuery for their functioning. jQuery is a library used mainly for Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. The DOM is a tree-like structure that represents all elements on a webpage.

This library can select DOM elements, make beautiful designs/animations, handle events, and many more. The key objective of jQuery is to work on cross-platform incompatibilities and improve them while promoting the separation of HTML and Javascript at the same time.

While jQuery is used by a lot of browsers, it isn’t as important as it was a few years back. The modern-day browsers have worked and improved on their DOM Interfaces, making the need for jQuery less than before. As a beginner, it is best if you start your journey by learning this.

2. Most popular javascript libraries: React

react dev tools

Now here’s one library that you couldn’t dare to leave when you talk about software development. React is the most famous and commonly used Javascript library out there. It is an open-source library that has been backed by Facebook.

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It is used to create small, medium, and large-scale web applications as well as create good quality, feature-rich, and intuitive websites.

React is often termed an SPA or a single-page application. This term is used for web applications capable of fitting a single web page, not requiring constant page refreshes. By using Javascript, we can load the content when needed.

It uses components, that help in the encapsulation of the code and state. The use of components helps make the controlling of complicated user interfaces easy.

React uses JSX, which is a combination of HTML and Javascript. It’s not a template language; it gives full hands-on experience with Javascript. There’s a chance few learners might find the JSX quite convoluting at times. However, after working with it for a while you’ll understand how beneficial it is. For example, JSX makes it easy to wrap JavaScript expressions directly inside your HTML.

From a beginner’s point of view, React has a steep learning curve so it will be very difficult for someone who is starting from scratch. Here are some ReactJS project ideas for Beginners you can try to test your skillsets. And if you have a little experience with Javascript, you can expect to have a lovely experience with React.

3. Most popular javascript libraries: Voca


Voca is used for working with strings so that you can manipulate the data and make things simpler, compared to how complex it would have been without Voca. It offers helpful functions like change case, trim, truncate, and so much more and since it was built with a modular design, it gives you the freedom of opting to load the entire library at once or load just the individual items.

4. Glimmer


Glimmer is a new child in the game when compared to other reputed Javascript libraries. The people who developed Glimmer are the same people who developed EmberJS. It was built after the demand from a lot of developers to provide a library that provides the same features but is smaller in size and occupies less memory than Ember.

Glimmer.js features lighter components and a smaller size, and it uses the robust Ember CLI. It can be used with Ember.js as a component, it can run standalone, or it can be added as a web component to an existing application. It is not the time to talk about whether it has been successful or not since it’s been only 4 years, but the trends point towards a bright future for Glimmer.

5. D3.js


D3 is a Javascript library, primarily focused on visualizing data. The primary reason behind the development of D3 was to be more visually expressive than other libraries and be more advanced and on par with the latest trends. That is why D3 is known as one of the most popular JavaScript data visualization libraries.

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If you intend to make beautiful designs and entities, then D3 is the one for you. It could be something as simple as a pie chart and bar graph or something as complex as a 3D plot. This library has a powerful API, similar to what you will find in jQuery. In short, if you’re looking for a library that provides some good visualizations, then D3 would be the best option for you.

6. VelocityJS


Velocity is a Javascript library that doesn’t need much introduction. It’s a high-performance JS library that helps in building amazing web animations. It is free, open-source, and equal to or even better in performance than CSS or jQuery. With the help of VelocityJS, we can run a sequence of animations, one after the other without any hassle, unlike the case with CSS or jQuery.

7. WinJS

WinJS is a Javascript library developed by Microsoft Corporation that helps in the safe development of Windows apps for Windows 8 and 10. It has a broad set of APIs that help in performing simple as well as complex tasks, some of them have a standard implementation (not specific to Windows). It’s a high-performance library with lots of features and controls to master.

8. Vue


Vue is based on the Virtual DOM model and has a component-based architecture. Apps can be built quickly using Vue and it uses a lesser line of codes for the same task that, for some other library, would have taken a lot more. By combining Vue with other tools and utilities, you can get a full-fledged framework. As a framework, Vue can handle complex functionalities like routing, build tooling, and state management.

FAQs on most popular javascript libraries

How many JS libraries are there?

There are around 83 of them, each created to serve some purpose, and we are going to cover some of their usability in this section.

Why are there so many Javascript frameworks?

There are so many frameworks because it’s relatively easy to build one. The threshold for building a better mousetrap in the form of a framework is low and most skilled developers can do it.

Conclusion on most popular javascript libraries

Javascript is the way to go in today’s time. Just look around in the software development world and you’ll see that everything revolves around Javascript, be it coding or frameworks. Javascript Libraries are mainstream, with developers using them to create better websites or applications. React and Vue is the best example you can see for Javascript libraries.

These are the top Javascript libraries you should keep an eye on. They might help in your growth and provide you with more employment opportunities. We believe this has given you all the information you need to make the correct decision.

We hope that this article helps you to deep dive into the world of the most popular Javascript Libraries.

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