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Transformational change is visible in the corporate sector thanks to the advent of technological advancements. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst in spreading this change known as on-demand services! Be it retail, healthcare, manufacturing, or logistics, every sector wants to integrate the on-demand technology to enhance the shopping experience and improve customer services.

Talking about the retail sector, the grocery and food delivery businesses have appeared as the biggest beneficiaries of the on-demand economy. Recently, the Walmart Grocery app has made a new record in the number of downloads to get the first position among shopping apps in the US. People prefer to order groceries online and get the delivery at their doorsteps. This trend has brought ample benefits to the grocery stores that have customized on-demand grocery apps.

But, here is the catch. If the on-demand grocery delivery app fails to please your customers or does not work flawlessly, then it can deeply hurt the growth and revenue of your business. Therefore, it is necessary to know the objectives behind bringing a grocery app and the challenges you need to address through this app.

Let’s go through the major goals of the on-demand grocery app development first.

Key Objectives of Grocery App Development for Your Business

Whether you develop a grocery app for Android or iOS, it should meet the following objectives while boosting your business.

Brand Building

Brand building is critical for any business to survive and thrive. The on-demand grocery app development can enable you to break the barriers and expand your business globally. As a result, your grocery business can emerge as a reliable brand. Trust building is very important for your business, and the on-demand grocery app can enhance the customer’s trust.

The on-demand mobile app can have a lasting impression on your customers’ minds. 24/7 availability, in-app notifications, and reviews are some of the key characteristics of the on-demand grocery app that enable you to build rapport. The app can enable your store to differentiate from others and enhance customer engagement.

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Data Collecting

This is one of the biggest benefits of on-demand grocery delivery apps. You can get to know your customers’ shopping behaviors and changing expectations with the help of the user’s data fetched by the app. It further helps you increase sales and improves services. Many people prefer mobile shopping these days, and therefore, the importance of a grocery delivery app keeps on increasing.

The grocery delivery app can fetch the customer’s data including the most sought-after products among users, most-used payment methods, and the like. You can have an idea of the user’s expectations and preferences through such data and you can make an informed decision.


Attracting People

As per the Kantar Retail forecast given in Statista, the online grocery sales will reach $55b in the year 2021. This target may be achieved soon in this corona age. Simply put, if you want to leverage the benefits of the trend of online grocery shopping, you need to build a grocery app with desired features. It offers your customers convenience and security with an excellent shopping experience.

It also facilitates your customers to get rid of visiting your store and waiting for a long time in the checkout queue. The on-demand grocery delivery app can also deliver food at the user’s doorstep, and people just love to give orders on the move.

It results in increased sales for your grocery store.

Managing Loyalty Program

Another big benefit of an on-demand grocery delivery app is a loyalty program. Your customers certainly like this program and you can earn loyal customers as a valuable asset to your business. In contrast to the brick-and-mortar grocery store, your customers can frequently visit your app because of a loyalty program.

The app also sends push notifications regarding reward points and other promotional schemes to maintain people’s interest in your business. In a way, you can easily manage the loyalty program through an app.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that the on-demand grocery delivery app development can make your business ready to withstand many challenges and intensifying competition.

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Here are some of the major challenges that your grocery store can address through a customized grocery delivery app.

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How On-demand Grocery Apps Mitigate Challenges of Grocery Store?

The biggest challenge for your grocery store is storing perishable items like fruits, milk, and vegetables. You need a huge space and specific infrastructure with necessary conditions for it. For some reason, if the demand for any of these items is reduced, then the overhead will be increased significantly. In such a situation, the on-demand grocery delivery app can come to your rescue. You can focus on timely delivery while providing customer-friendly services online.

When your customers get fresh products at their doorsteps, they tend to give orders frequently. It can increase the turnover of your business and you can maintain the supply chain with ease. What’s more, the on-demand grocery apps can reduce the chances of the delivery of wrong products, which further boosts the trust of your customers.

Another challenge is thin profit margins. Today, people want the best deal on mobile shopping for almost every product, and groceries are no exception. It is difficult for any retailer to do business in such a situation. But, the on-demand grocery app enables the retailer to sell more products on a single platform.

It is possible to sell food items and even medicines through your on-demand grocery delivery app. You can easily cope up with thin profit margins by increasing online sales, and the grocery delivery app solutions help you achieve this objective.

Finally, come to the ever-changing expectations and habits of your customers. It is one of the biggest challenges for grocery store owners. As a shop owner, you have no way to identify your customers’ shopping behavior and individual habits. Also, the user’s preferences keep on changing, and at times, grocers may not cope with the changing demand.

It leads to either overstock or no-stock situation. As a result, grocers may have to suffer a huge monetary loss. The grocery delivery app can enable you to get rid of this issue by fetching the user’s behavioral data. You can make informed decisions by analyzing the app’s reports to maintain the demand and supply chain.

The grocery delivery app development company can assist you to build a brand on the mobile platform by developing a seamlessly-performing, feature-rich app. Brand-conscious people will also purchase groceries and other items over the period if your store has such an app. The app development company can also integrate advanced features like voice search and social media sharing to make your app more appealing than your peers.

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There is no exaggeration in mentioning that you can get a high ROI over the period through the on-demand grocery delivery app.

Cost of Grocery Delivery App

On-demand delivery apps can take services to a new level. You can hire app developers from a reputed and reliable mobile app development company to build a grocery delivery app in a cost-effective way. The development cost of the grocery delivery app depends on four major factors- features, complexity, development duration, and hourly rates of developers.

Here we give an estimate for a basic on-demand grocery delivery app from the perspective of an hourly rate of $25-$30. The entire grocery app development process consists of four phases-

Documentation- $1000 to $2000
Design- $1500 to $3500
Development (Front-end and Back-end)- $10000 to $20000
QA and App Testing- $2500 to $4500

Considering all these phases, the average development cost of a grocery delivery app will remain around $15000 to $30000. If you want to develop a grocery app for Android, it is a bit more expensive than the grocery app for iOS. Also, if you want to add more features to the app, the development cost will increase significantly.

Wrapping Up

The on-demand grocery delivery app can give a huge boost to your brick-and-mortar grocery shop. These days, as we combat against the coronavirus outbreak, the grocery app with excellent functionality and user-friendly features can make all the difference to expand your business and increase sales. It is fair to mention that the grocery app fits easily in today’s market scenario and helps your business withstand the challenges.

It’s time to become an early bird to leverage the benefits of an on-demand grocery app development.

At Solution Analysts, our dedicated app developers have hands-on experience in developing on-demand delivery apps for the hospitality and retail sector. We integrate advanced features in the app to come up with user-friendly solutions for our corporate clients.

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