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Internet of Things (IoT) will no doubt integrate the world and its workings in a virtual space, but developers need the breadth to completely exert them to make this possible.

A lot of IoT developers are rooting for open source platforms for new technological development, but again the burning question of security, which is the elephant in the room, looms up.

Some Trends

91% IoT developers use open source technologies and consider it to be a major aspect of developing IoT technologies.

Further, in the same report by 10th edition Developer Economics survey (Q4 2015) where they surveyed 3700 developers worldwide, it was stated that 9 out of 10 developers use open source resources in at least one aspect of the development stack and 6 out of 10 developers contribute to open source projects in one part of the stack.

For most of the IoT developers, using open source aspects is more an ideological matter to promote better business practices. Finally, the most successful open source companies have products that are simultaneously both open and closed.

Significance of Open Source in IoT

The primary benefit of open source technologies is the huge developers’ forum that contributes towards the betterment of the technology.

Thus, not only is the technology always updated, but any problems or loopholes are addressed faster and new methodologies, which are either simpler, advanced or both occur faster. This enables developers to learn new skills faster and through their contributions hone their expertise and market themselves better.

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IoT Configuration and Convenience of Open Source

In a presentation on the Smart Home application on iOS 10, it was revealed that the platform will be compatible with only select third party electronic appliances. Thus, if suppose the lighting system or music system in the user’s house is from a non-compatible manufacturer then they will not be able to enjoy the Smart Home app on their iPhone or iPad.

A general agreement is that interconnectivity via basic on/off and access command is essential. Also, the largest number of devices available in the market should fall under the purview of accessible devices. One suggestion is to have a common gateway with all sensors and other devices being connected so that they run on the same protocol.

The Issue of Security

A common remark is that development should happen in a secure environment with on-going safety updates being pushed to the technology. Regulators are already working with the single-minded effort towards creating new rules for the new system that arises with IoT.

Some rules pertain to effectively locking down firmware on IoT devices so that they cannot be altered; this is however not considered full proof. Yet, there will be regulations to ensure impose software controls to make them safe.

Using security-by-separation guidelines and other methods with hardware-based virtualization, paravirtualization, Linux containers and hybrid virtualization, a compromise can be reached between innovation and security.

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