It is really important to choose the right platform where you should develop your web applications. ReactJS or AngularJS which framework is more important to build the application. Before talking about the contrasts that both have here is the brief introduction given below to simplify the concept of ReactJS and AngularJS. They both are well-known program developing languages that help coders or developers to build an application or websites.

ReactJS vs AngularJS

reactjs vs angularjs

Although, there are a lot of frameworks that help you in building the website. And each framework has its own strengths and qualities which could be used for a particular web application. AngularJS and ReactJS are the most popular frameworks for building a web application. And the difference between these two topics is really interesting. And they also make it hard for the web app developers and entrepreneurs to choose one for their project. There are many JavaScript frameworks available that developers or programmers can choose from, to build an amazing and innovative web application.



AngularJS is a JavaScript Web application framework originally created by Google, and it is actively supported by Google and a wide community of developers. These two factors makes Angular a great platform for web applications.

AngularJS is comprehensive, which directly means that it is so familiar with MVC or knockout or cappuccino, even the developers have no trouble learning Angular testing API. As well as, it is a complete solution for rapid front-end development, so the developer doesn’t need a plug-in to build or create any data-driven web application.

◾ The interesting facts behind AngularJS:

  • The AngularJS is best because developing web applications with AngularJS is fast. And developers can easily use the AngularJS framework.
  • There are so many developers who use Angular to build their web applications. Besides that, Angular makes use of many ideas including, balancing modularity and complexity, being a few.
  • Angular is also updated with the latest versions too, where Angular8 being the current version, which is very powerful. It just the same, how we update our mobile applications with better and advanced features.



ReactJS is one of the most popular frameworks for developing web applications, which attracted a large and active community. React consist of reusable components that will save the time of developers, while coding, helping the developers in writing modular codes. As we all know that Facebook created React, and chooses a design different from AngularJS but implements MVC in a different way than AngularJS.

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ReactJS is cooler than Angular because there is no particular structure for applications built with ReactJS. React is used from website development to mobile application development using React-Native, based entirely on React. Making it an allrounder in the development field.

◾ The impressive facts behind ReactJS:

  • With React JS, developers can build the application around discrete components, with each handling its own rendering as well as their state.
  • React is fast and easy to develop UI/UX because it minimizes the number of writes to DOM(the slowest part of any client-side application) on each update, switching Browser DOM with Virtual DOM.
  • In order to implement less data flow to React, Facebook designed its own application architecture called flux. But other libraries like Redux, etc. are also quite popular.
  • Flux controls the flow of data to react component through one control point which is the dispatcher. So, flux dispatcher receives an object which is called action and allows it to an appropriate store, which then updates the global state.
  • Secondly, there are three ways of using ReactJS, which developers use to design different platform application i.e. – First, React
    – Second, React Native and
    – Third, React Native Web
  • Although it is recommended to write the react code using JSX – (an extension to JavaScript which directly donates components as HTML elements), but other alternative approaches are also available.

Difference between ReactJS and AngularJS.

It is quite difficult to relate the most compatible programming frameworks to each other. There are many aspects where both are equally good. Sometimes it is impossible for the developers to choose which one is better, so they try to learn both the framework. Although there are some major and impactful differences between ReactJS and AngularJS, which will help you to choose the right one according to your needs.

The different Scalability:

  • The first difference between AngularJS and ReactJS is AngularJS as a framework is easier to scale. It has its own limits and checks on how things are done which is the plus point of the AngularJS.
  • With its clearly-defined boundaries, it is easier to understand the right way of doing things in AngularJS, as it closely implements MVC. Also following the best practices in Angular is easier, compared to the React.
  • As well as, in React, there are a lot of ways to do the same thing that makes it confusing and hard to follow best practices. There are a lot of parts that you need to figure out yourself when using React, parts which are easily clear in Angular.
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Let’s talk about their Compatibility:

  • Compatibility is the second major difference between them. With AngularJS if developers or coders have an existing code with a lot of 3rd party libraries. You as a developer may have to rebuild each and everything, whereas React is really very flexible. React can be used wherever you need it.
  • Also, it is essential to note that the AngularJS takes JavaScript into HTML projects with the help of a real DOM client-side version. On the other hand, the React JS framework does the same by including the use of a virtual DOM client-side version.
  • Another thing that should be noted is that the data binding in the Angular JS is two-way, while the type of data binding in React is one-way binding.

Know the Community Support

  • The third difference of this is, React is easier to use than AngularJS as we are saying from the beginning.
  • And is just because React makes it easier or the developers to pass data chunks to different parts of the application. But these things are not possible in Angular.
  • React is one of the most popular frameworks on the web to design, to create, to develop the applications. Whereas Angular is trying to catch up. But it is simpler to find the reusable code for the React than for Angular.

Think Beyond the Web:

  • The fourth difference is React has React Native and Angular has Ionic for structure Native apps for mobile devices. There always debate which is better than the other, but they are relatively equal.
  • React Native is still considered faster and more constant. If needed an all-in-one solution, go with Angular, but if you want to incrementally improve your application existing codebase, developers sometimes go with React.

The simplicity of Code:

  • The fifth most important difference is AngularJS drives with the template approach with HTML, which creates the code shorter and easier to recognize in the program.
  • React, on the other hand, has the “HTML written in JavaScript”, which can be complicated sometimes. Both AngularJS and ReactJS are great with their component structure and the problem they are trying to solve.
  • The choice between both can be based on your existing code, which is in need according to the developer’s preference.

Know the Development Time:

  • The sixth difference is the development time in AngularJS is relatively fast, mostly because of the way it is organized. There is less confusion about the best approach to do assure things, whereas in React this can be boring sometimes.
  • Setting up a new project is quicker in Angular with its boilerplate and CLI. Whereas, In ReactJS you can find many resources and projects that can help you do it faster. But still, require a lot of experiments. If you are planning to set up everything from scratch in either of the technologies.
  • The size of the React core file is smaller than Angular and Angular contains a lot of code out of the box that you might not even use. React is a library, so optimizing the code is more flexible than Angular.
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Fixing the Code:

  • Last difference but not least, Debugging the code in React is much more effective. Because it catches errors with line numbers while compilation and Angular only break while it runs on the browser, which can be difficult to debug.
  • Angular has two-way data binding, which can be helpful as you can send data from children to its parents and vice versa. But it can give a lot of headaches while fixing.
  • In React, the data flows just one way, making it easier to catch the break with ease with the loss of two-way data flow at the same time.


The ReactJS and the AngularJS both are strong and comparative excellent in their own framework and library. There is no doubt between their compatibility that the developers of both programming language have demand in the market.

Future of AngularJS and ReactJS is– now Angular 8 is the latest version for Angular. This is a huge step up from AngularJS. Most of the changes are behind the scenes. The update from AngularJS to Angular 8 did not change how the coder code. Now Google introducing Angular8 in the market which is the advanced version of Angular. These show how the Angular improve itself from time to time.

And Facebook is working on React Fiber, which is an update to its core system. This will increase the performance of React, add more support for animation, layout, and gestures by adding a lot of new functionalities for developers.

There are many companies where demand for ReactJS and AngularJS is still on high. As they both are really good in their working space. Also, you can read the interview questions on Angular, which is helpful to crack the major interviews of Angular. Also, the new technology named React-Native-Web.
Here you can read all the top questions on React-Native-Web interview questions, the developers are also in demand in the companies.

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