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When we are asked to name a few industry sectors that thrive at a tremendous pace, the real estate will certainly remain one of them. This is a major reason why investors have poured millions of billions of dollars in this sector in recent years.

But then, the consistent growth over the period has brought a paradigm shift in the role of homebuyers and real estate agents. Simply put, growth has made the real estate sector highly competitive and tech-savvy homebuyers prefer to check every aspect of the property online before making a decision.

Enter real estate mobile app development. On one hand, real estate apps can assist you to connect your real estate business with customers, and on the other hand, you can expand your business while streamlining processes.

In other words, your investment in the real estate app development can make the entire process customer-centric and convenient. In today’s competitive scenario, you just cannot avoid the thriving mobile platform.

Here are some noteworthy aspects of real estate app development that can transform your business digitally and give you a high return on your investment in a relatively short time.

Connect directly with customers

A real estate app acts as a bridge between customers and agents. It connects both buyers and sellers. You can also eliminate the middlemen for online deals of property for rent or purchase. You can also give your customers or app users an opportunity to hire the agent with higher ratings.

On-demand advantage

The on-demand technology is expanding across various industry sectors and the real estate sector is no exception! You can avail the advantage of thriving on-demand services by having a real estate app. Let’s take an example to understand how the real estate app can assist you.

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In the real estate sector, the standard practice is that the homebuyers want to visit the property along with real estate agents. Now, the agents show them various nearby units during a single visit.

The real estate app enables the app users to schedule an appointment with the agents as per convenient time and visit the property accordingly. This is a kind of on-demand feature that facilitates both agents and homebuyers to meet and visit the property together.

Virtual Tour and Walkthroughs

Using the advanced VR and AR technology, it is possible to have a virtual tour and digital walkthroughs of the property in the real estate mobile app. This is particularly beneficial for customers who reside in remote places.

Walkthroughs or short videos can help them to make decisions without physically visiting the property. Advanced real estate apps can also integrate the AR feature to show additional information about the property at the time of physical visits.

Real-time communication

This is one of the biggest benefits of a customized mobile app. Your customers can contact agents and your company anytime and from anywhere. In other words, they can connect with your business on a 24/7 basis through a real estate app.

Whether it is for scheduling a meeting or arranging a physical tour of the property, the app users can communicate easily with the agents through your app.

Feedback and other features

Features like real-time chat and feedback can give your app a few more reasons to become popular among people. Your customers can leave feedback for agents or your real estate company that can remain helpful for growing your business while eliminating the flaws.

You can also improve customer services on the basis of your customers’ suggestions. Also, feedback and instant chat features can give your customers more confidence in your business while assisting you to gain trust.

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You can also convert the app users into loyal customers by sending them notification regarding your company’s activities, new schemes, and discount offers.

It is fair to mention that the real estate mobile app development offers you a plethora of benefits to ascertain the growth of your business. Like other mobile apps, the real estate apps also have two panels- Customer Panel and Admin Panel.

Both of these panels have different features. You can also opt for adding advanced features to stay ahead of the curve and attract more people toward your real estate app

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Here we give a list of necessary features and additional features of your real estate app.

Main Features

For Customer Panel

Login or Register– This feature enables your app users to register in your app. It provides you valuable information of the app users like their contact details.

Search– Property search feature is one of the most important features of a real estate mobile app. Users can find the property for buying or renting. You can give filters for recent and popular searches.

Map– The listed property’s direction can be shown through maps. The app users can easily find the location of the property with the help of maps.

Property Details– This is another major feature that enables users to get necessary information about the property like project size, year of construction, etc.

Property Addition– This feature facilitates agents or stakeholders to post a property for sale or rent in your app. You can also extend this feature for the app users by asking for the subscription of a premium version.

For Admin Panel

Property Management– It is the most important feature of the admin panel. You can add or remove a property, edit property details, and manage property-related information with the help of this feature.

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User Management– It shows the user’s information and real-time data regarding their activities. The user management feature also enables you to remove suspicious users from the app as well.

Currency Converter– This feature is particularly useful if your real estate business is spanned across various countries. Your app users can readily convert the price of property into their local currency by using this feature.

Customer Support– You can respond to the customer’s queries or questions swiftly with the help of this feature. It is easy to manage feedback, suggestions, and problems related to customer services with this feature.

Subscription Management– As mentioned above, the subscription option can generate revenue for your company. You can manage the subscription plans through this feature.

Additional Features

You can add these features to the premium or subscription-based app version.

• Image Gallery
• Testimonials
• Blog
• Social Media Integration

Advanced App Features

The advanced version of the app can have these features, which are capable of taking your business to the next level. Also, these features can give your business an edge over peers.

• Mortgage and Interest Calculator
• Geolocation
• VR Integration
• Personalized Notifications
• ERP Solution

The cost of real estate app has a direct relation with the number of features and complexity of the app. You can, therefore, think of bringing an app with basic features and update it with advanced features gradually.

Also, It is better to consult a reputed mobile app development company to get a quote of necessary app features in line with your business needs.

Wrapping Up

Real estate apps can digitalize processes and benefit your business. When you build a real estate app, you certainly get an edge over your competitors who are yet to come up with it. All you need to contact a real estate app development company to overcome challenges in building an app and leverage all the benefits.

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