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Remote Woman- Work as a female remote developer – is an article many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn Remote Woman- Work as a female remote developer – in today’s post !

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A developer or programmer is not all about male or female. It is the choice of the person, which profession he/she wants. Do you guys ever think why the ratio of female developers is always less than the male developer?

In every organization, there is only 10 percent of female developers working. And more than 50% of women love to work from home as remote developers.


I gone met someone really amazing person, Miss Jenny Walter.

She worked as a remote developer in many companies. In the starting of her career as a developer, she faced difficulties, as her father was a senior developer. So, she builds herself. She aimed that she will be a developer like her father and he also supports her and teach her the different programming languages. The most difficult time she faced was her first interview, but she cleared it.

Girls in tech ?‍♀️

Sounds cool right? Let me tell the current position of the female remote developer. Nowadays there is increasing the number of remote female developers in the companies. According to a study, women now make up more than half of new computer science graduates and junior developers entering is the workforce.

Codersera’s online survey, which was conducted in the fall, involved more than 15,000 professional software developers, and nearly 3,000 of them are women. This despite the fact that the number of female software developers is growing, but still face major setbacks. Like they are at small positions, those who are over 30 are holding junior positions, which are equally capable as their male colleagues.

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Although, they’re expert in JAVA, JavaScript, Python, etc. programming languages as well as in back-end, front-end, and stack developers. You can see that the trends are now that more women are getting into CS programs.

No doubt this will increase more by time with the same salary package of male and female developers. As well as it’s showing the sign of improvement in the diversity problem when it comes to the number of female software developers. But still a long journey ahead.

The most compatible area where females are also progressing and work according to terms is remote working, and now there are more and more female remote developers who work from home in any company without their location.

Female Remote developers

Remote working is like a key to living the dreams again for women. There are many women who left their dreams of developer for some family or other problems. There are many companies like Codersera who takes the step and hire female developers.

Dreams are not stopped for any reason, it can be live if we are passionate towards it.

Remote Developers

I have started my career as a developer at the 25 in the company but after a few months I left the job and start do remote working for the better experience, where I work with different companies, but I found something, that there are many companies who are demanding male developers rather than female developers. Yet there are some companies who provide female developer jobs. In this journey of coding, I have met many female developers who are on the top, but the rank is still down.

So I suppose to build my own team of only female remote developer. I started to take the projects and hire the top female candidates in my team with the help of Codersera, and I really found a large number of female developers.

Jenny Walter

The gender gap in the tech industry

The gender gap in tech is a much-discussed topic and also an important one. The different surveys show that 80% of IT patents were filed by the only male engineering teams, contrasting with only 20% by the female candidate.

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Working as female remote developers, women prove that female developers were rated as having consistently better coder as male.

However, there is a positive increase in female developers ratio who learn to code and be a successful developer. Women nowadays are setting up startup companies to present themselves to the world of technology especially for women who code. Some tech companies had gender issues regarding developers like women are not so flexible with working hours and this happens with almost every company because female have to take care of their families and loved one.

For a mother, it is to work in the office and sometimes it like they have to quit their career for their families. But in the era of remote working there so many professions as well as the profession like a developer. There are many females who continue their career as a remote developer and work from home by taking care of their child and family.

Codersera provides such a platform to the females who are passionate and work to develop themselves. You can apply as a coder also if you what to start your startup company and hire some top coders you can do that.

The gender inequality in Organizations

Many companies have discrimination with female employees like:

Having the same potential but different salary package! don’t you think it is the discrimination between gender as well as talent? Females are paid less than male candidates in some companies but the working hour and workload are the same as men.

Discrimination with project work, not all but few companies are still there who believe that male candidates are much better to handle the project than women candidates, who are just assigned as helping hand in the projects.

Promotion is based on the working abilities of the candidate, but some organization promotes men to higher position and women under them.

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Benefits of Working Remotely

Be your own boss!

Remote working benefits women who want to be at home and work as well as take care of their families can start their career by remote working in any profession. Sometimes female love to work from home because of harassment, be a mother, or to explore the world by working in different companies in different countries.

In the survey, it comes that:

  • 55% of women in the tech industry leave their jobs in mid.
  • 50% of females say being a working mother made it difficult for them to work.
  • and 30% of women left the tech industry because of health issue and office atmosphere.
Female Developers

There are so many girls from tech background who want to be a developer, and in this era of freelancing and remote working, it is a really good direction for them.

  • work anywhere without relocating:

    Remote working gives a big opportunity to the girls who are from small cities to work. It is also very beneficial for the female candidates to grab such a job without relocating themselves as well as for the organization to work with such talent.
  • To start your career:

    Remote working gives a chance to start or restart your career as a developer. There are many females who are not able working after marriage or being a mother it is difficult to leave her child alone, so how could you start your career again? The best answer is, with remote working, it is possible to work from home and take care of your loved ones.
  • Enhance their career with the most reputable companies:

    Work as a remote developer give the female candidates the opportunity to boost their career in the tech industry. They get the chance to work in the best companies where they want.
  • Flexible work hours

    Remote working provides flexible working hours. As well as they give the freedom to work from anywhere like a park, coffee shop, etc.

And reports say, that female developer and male developers both are comparatively best in their own working areas.

Source: InApps.net

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