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With the advent of iOS 12, the Cupertino Company Apple has made one thing clear that the apps are going to be more responsive and run at a faster pace. Though the latest version has a few groundbreaking features, its core focus remains on developing seamlessly-performing, futuristic apps with enterprise-friendly functionality. Along with iOS 12, there are other trends that can influence the iOS app development process in the future.

In this post, we will go through the most noteworthy iOS app development trends from the perspective of an iOS app development company:

#1  Arrival of Swift 4

Since reaching the 1.0 milestone in September 2014, Swift has transformed the iOS app development process along with TVOS and MacOS application development. The latest version Swift 4 is designed to simplify the app development processes for all operating systems created by Apple, and its update Swift 4.1 has more support for generics.

The iOS app developer’s life is going to become easier with the availability of the latest codable protocol. It is easy for the developers to serialize or deserialize the entire data to  JavaScript Object Notation (aka JSON) without writing any special code. New features in Swift 4 will help iOS app development companies to focus more on features without concerning about the memory storage.   

#2  AI is mainstreamed

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has strengthened its footprints in every industry irrespective of business model. In the iOS world, both AI and machine learning have marked their presence. Apple has recently launched a machine learning framework CoreML that eliminates the need for extensive coding from the iOS app development process. What’s more, the CoreML comes with innovative features like face recognition, security improvements, and object tracking. It offers endless possibilities while providing access to app features from the cloud to device.

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In the future, we will have more intelligent apps integrated with IoT (Internet of Things) as AI has mainstreamed in the iOS app development domain.

#3  More Advanced ARKit

Since the arrival of iOS 11, the Augmented Reality (AR) concept has strengthened its presence in the iOS app domain thanks to Apple ARKit. It facilitates the development of AR-based apps for offering an immersive experience to the users. The iOS 12 is going to make the ARKit more advanced by enhancing performance-related functionality. As various industry sectors have started leveraging the benefits of the futuristic AR technology, the advanced ARKit will help iOS app developers build more robust and feature-rich applications. Industries can serve different purposes with AR-based apps, and the improved ARKit remains a handy tool for the app developers to build customized app solutions.

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  • #4  HomeKit combines with Siri

    HomeKit has transformed the iOS app development process, particularly for home automation app development. We can expect the advent of apps that enable homeowners to control various devices at home by using iPhone or iPad. What’s more, Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, is now integrated with the HomeKit. It will facilitate the app users to control everything without tapping on any button. Siri will do the job on receiving the voice command and control the devices effectively.

    The focus of mobile app development companies is expected to remain on IoT and AI. The advanced HomeKit with a built-in Siri can help companies to develop apps that allow the users to control everything in a smarter way.

    #5  Wearable apps are on the rise

    The fame gained by Apple Watch is faded away gradually. But, Apple continuously strives to make this product more user-friendly. In coming days, we can expect that newer versions of Watch will help Apple gain traction worldwide. With this, we cannot rule out the use of wearable apps. Though the Watch works on a standalone basis, apps can be developed to integrate the Watch with different devices like iPhones and iPads. Also, the emergence of AR can make the wearable apps more powerful with a richer user experience.

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    It is advisable to hire iPhone app developers to develop feature-rich wearable apps in a cost-effective way.

    #6  Instant Apps are emerging

    Instant Apps are not limited to the Android platform. The app users do not like to download apps that are of no use to them. This approach leads to the rise of instant apps on iOS platform. The instant app concept enables the users to run the app to find out whether it suits their requirements. They can download it if necessary in the future. This trend will also impact iOS app development as the iOS app developers would focus on developing apps that can suit the requirements of their app users.

    The development of instant app will also bring out the creativity and capability of the developers because it will compel the developers to make excellent apps that the users willingly download.

    With these trends, we can certainly expect that the iOS app development in USA and India will reach the next level with a higher user-friendliness and excellent functionalities.

    Concluding Remarks

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