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AngularJS has earned a great degree of fame since its market foray in 2009. It is an open source framework that is extremely efficient for building single page applications and has become the leading JavaScript framework worldwide.

We give 5 factors that make AngularJS the ideal framework for web application development.

AngularJS background

AngularJS is a product of Google and is developed and maintained by Google experts. So, certified AngularJS experts are trained under the best developers in the tech world. And all issues are resolved professionally by community members.

This takes us to the large and active AngularJS community on Reddit and Google+ that comprises of the members of the core development team and AngularJS developers who are contributors to the forum. Regular conferences are held globally and there is an ocean of free books and other online resources.

Using MVC, Directives and Two-way data binding

The MVC architecture of AngularJS for web application development and it does it most efficiently. With this architecture, the developer has to split the app into various components and then write code to string them together. With Angular, the developer has to split the app and the rest is taken care of by the framework.

The directives on Angular bring additional functionality to HTML and eliminate the need to manipulate DOM to simulate them. The app simply assigns attributes to elements and gets the functionality it needs by letting the developer invent their own HTML elements.

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Two-way data binding feature on Angular eliminates the need to write boilerplate code and to manipulate the DOM elements and attributes manually. Further, it synchronises data between model and view, thus, any change in the model will update the view and vice versa.

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Declarative User Interface

App interface on Angular is defined by HTML, which is a declarative language and more intuitive and less complex in defining the interface on JavaScript.

It is easy to reorganize and the special attributed of HTML make it easy to define which controllers to use for each element. The developer has to simply define the program flow and Angular will manage the dependencies.

POJO Data Models

Angular uses Plain old JavaScript (POJO) data models that don’t require any additional setter functions. Any properties can be added or changed directly on it and looped over objects and arrays.

All properties in scope object are automatically bound to view by Angular and are quietly changed or updated in the background. The scope relies on the controller to feed it with data.

Unit Testing

Angular is completely linked together by Dependency Injection (DI) and this is used to manage controllers and scopes. Since all controllers rely on DI to pass information, Angular’s unit tests can manipulate DI to perform testing by injecting mock data into the controller to measure output and behaviour.

At Solution Analysts, we use AngularJS extensively for web app development and rely on it for large projects especially due to its well-maintained framework. To know more about our Angular projects and discuss your project, contact us.

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