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Leveraging the potential of iBeacon Technology for delivering highest business performance

Solution Analysts has launched three new iBeacon apps with the aim of facilitating productivity and delivering enhanced user experience. These apps have industry-wide applications and can be used for better customer interaction, employee management and store management.

It has been designed by the new iBeacon app development team at the Solution Analysts team to leverage the many benefits of beacon application in business.

iBeacon app for exhibitions and events

This app can be used to facilitate a personalized visitor experience my pushing information relevant to the visitor’s interest to their device. For instance, in an art exhibition, if the visitor is interested in certain kinds of painting, they can be given information on its location.

Artist biography and brief on the painting can be beaconed to the viewer. Users can store references of painting that they like, including its location in the exhibition for later reference.

iBeacon app for your Enterprises activities

This app can be used for tracking employee attendance, work efficiency and task allocation. Personalized messages can be sent to individual employees and priority notifications can be made to teams.

It can be used for consolidating a host of communications from a single device and improving overall productivity within the company.

iBeacon app for eCommerce Store

This app can be used by retail stores for beaming special offers and creating personalized shopper experience. Employees can spend time on better store management than address customer queries as the app will manage arrangements and address customer queries automatically.

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Customers can view special offers that are relevant to them, use multiple payment modes, track product availability and alternatives to brands.

The applications are available for purchase on the Apple store and can be customized to meet the specific business requirements of the company. Solution Analysts iBeacon app team is now concentrating on iBeacon app development for individual sectors such as Travel, Healthcare and Automobile industry.

In the new year, the company hopes to extend its capabilities in beacon app development and further delve in the Internet of Things technologies.

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