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Over 67 percent of people prefer to purchase through their mobile phones and retailers who do not come up with a customized eCommerce app are at risk of losing at least 33 percent of their potential customers. In such a mobile-driven eCommerce ecosystem, a customized eCommerce app can remain handy to the retailers globally.

But, while painting a rosy picture, it is necessary to keep in mind that your eCommerce app should have some necessary features. Such features can help your business stand out from the pack. These features are capable of ensuring the success of your eCommerce app and you can make the most out of the thriving mCommerce sector.

Top Ten Features You Need to Include in eCommerce App

  • Short and Simple Registration

Do you want to have more registered users? The clear funda is- keep the registration process simple! There is no need to make the registration complex by adding irrelevant and unnecessary information about the user. Though you can get a rich data about your customers through such a long registration process, it is fairly possible that people tend to stay away from your app because of their reluctance to give too much personal information.

A short and straightforward registration can attract more users. You can also make the process easier by enabling the app users to use the social media accounts for registration.

Safe and secure online transaction by using multiple payment gateways is the must-have feature of any eCommerce mobile app. Customers prefer an eCommerce app with several payment options including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallet. Also, you need to make sure that the payment gateway provider is accessible on a 24/7 basis to resolve any transaction-related issues quickly.

Remember, your app user cannot wait till Monday if they had a payment issue on Saturday. As a complete digital payment solution, your app should have a robust customer support feature that can collaborate seamlessly with the payment gateway services provider to resolve the client’s issue as soon as possible.

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The eCommerce app development services are designed to offer an excellent user experience with user-friendly functionality and easy navigation. You can arrange your products into various categories to enable your customers to find the things they are looking for. A search function is also helpful to take the customers straight to the desired product. Also, the entire shopping process needs to be smooth to offer the app users a pleasant shopping experience.

Navigation can either make your app or break it, therefore, you need to remain careful like your team of mobile app developers.

Well, this function is necessary for your eCommerce business. It gives you a daily report on your app users’ activities. It can monitor the user’s shopping behavior. You can get the data of their buying patterns and take critical decisions. For example, you can get the number of orders for all the products, and when you find that the number for a particular product decreases, you can come up with a promotional offer for that product.

Analytics can make you aware of the business situation before it is too late. All you get is a real-time report to ensure that your business goes in the right direction.

How about informing your users about promotional offers or discounts through a notification? As a retailer, you know the importance of push notification very well. Your customized eCommerce app must integrate this feature to spread awareness about your business activities and offers without delay. You can give the special and useful tips periodically. Also, notifications can be sent for successful transactions and order booking. It enhances the trust of customers in your business.

But here, you need to think of avoiding the overuse of push notifications because frequent notifications can irritate the users and it may result in the deletion of your app.

When it comes to an eCommerce app, the user-friendly design can work wonders. From finding a product to checking out, every aspect needs to be designed in a way that users can do shopping with ease. Do you know that in a mobile app, the attention span remains for less than 8 seconds? Therefore, you should focus on giving an intuitive design that can make your users comfortable with the app’s interface.

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It is better to remember that a lot of animations and text can make your app design complicated and difficult to understand. A simple and straightforward design can serve your purpose effectively.

The best way to promote your eCommerce business is word of mouth publicity. In today’s social media-dominating age, the social media integration can replace this age-old way smartly. Also, you can make the registration process simple for the users. The social media-based registration can facilitate people who just hate to fill in forms.

When your customers are happy with your services and the app’s performance, they will share their experience on their social media accounts. As a result, you can attract more people to download and use your app.

Just put yourself in the user’s shoes. Do you like a long and complicated checkout process? These days, the eCommerce industry faces a big issue in the form of a high cart abandonment rate. Apart from pricing issues, availability of various options, etc. the checkout process also plays a significant role in increasing the abandonment rate.

It is always better to offer safe, simple, and direct checkout process to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. A few eCommerce retailers also integrate the mobile wallet system to make the process swift and smooth.

Your eCommerce business can gain from a location-based promotion. Whether you want to attract local customers or target a specific audience, the geofencing technology can help you a lot. When you hire eCommerce app developers, they focus on using the GPS, Bluetooth, and iBeacon technology to leverage the benefits of location-based marketing. You can send notifications about promotional offers and coupons as and when the user enters in the preset location.

When people want to buy something, the timing of notification can change the game. You can get a competitive edge by striking at the right time thanks to geofencing.

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How about providing a virtual assistant to your app users on a 24/7 basis? The chatbots can do this job for you. Chatbots can understand the context and provide the most suitable answers to the user’s query. From buying suggestions to resolving issues, chatbots can serve many purposes. Chatbots are capable of leaving an excellent impression in the user’s mind. It further strengthens your brand and helps you gain a loyal customer base.

Apart from these features, you can also consider integrating the reward program. The retail business can get a loyal customer base with the help of this excellent feature. It is also known as Gamification and helps your regular customers earn loyalty points. It increases the chances of your customers to open your eCommerce app frequently. You can also get the benefits of word of mouth publicity with this feature.

Though we have just covered some of the most necessary features to ensure the success of your app, a reliable eCommerce mobile app development company can guide you thoroughly depending on your business requirements. You can hire eCommerce app developers to accomplish your app project in a cost-effective manner.

Solution Analysts offers the best-in-class eCommerce app development services to the retailers worldwide irrespective of the scale and size of their business. If you want to take your eCommerce business to new heights, just contact us with your requirements and get the customized solutions in a cost-effective way.

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