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Every passing day increases our dependence on mobile apps as we spend 90% of mobile time on apps. Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store have over 4.41 million apps available in total for downloads, and this number keeps on increasing every day. But, if you want to build an app from scratch, you need to make a strategy and ensure its proper implementation to solve the purpose of end-users effectively.


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A seamlessly-performing app can take your enterprise to a new level and help you build a brand online. Also, you invest a significant amount of money and time in developing a mobile app for your business. All together, developing an enterprise mobile app is nothing short of one of the major projects, and therefore, you need to consider the following points before building a customized mobile app.

Eight Things to Keep in Mind Before Building a Mobile App

Do Extensive Research

Proper R&D is necessary to make your app popular in terms of number of downloads and average time spent, is there a me-too product in the market, what would be your apps distinctive feature. Like your other ambitious and critical business processes, building an app also needs extensive research to get valuable insights about market trends and expectations of the target audience.

Research enables you to find out flaws of the competitor’s apps and you can come up with a better app solution. It is also better to involve the early users of your app in research and consider the needs of a target audience.

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Select Right Platform

Next comes the selection of the right platform. Based on your target audience, budget, and other factors, you can select the app development platform. For example, if your target audience is based in the US, Canada, or Europe, it is better to choose the iOS platform, else Android OS should be your choice. The mobile app development company can also help you find the right platform for your app project.

If you want to become a global brand, you need an app that can run seamlessly across iOS and Android platforms without spending a small fortune then cross-platform app development is ideal for you. All you need to think of the scope and flexibility of your app while selecting the development platform.

Understand Target Audience

When it comes to developing an app, there is no room for guesstimates! You need to know all the needs and expectations of your target audience to ensure the success of your app. It is better to remember that your app will find the place in the prospective customer’s smartphone, and therefore, it should solve their problems effectively.

What’s more, expectations of people change rapidly and your app should be capable to address these changing expectations. Once you understand the demands of the audience, you can easily align business objectives with these demands through an app.

Choose Right Developer

Even if you have made an excellent strategy for app development and marketing, poor execution of the strategy can impair the core objective of developing an app. The mobile app development company plays a vital role in making your app user-friendly, feature-ready, and aesthetically appealing.

Here are some of the key points to consider before selecting the most suitable development company for your app project-

• Check the past projects
• Ask for companies that have assigned them projects in the past
• Check out the time-zone and communication ability
• Go through the portfolio and case studies

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If you want to develop an iPhone app, you can go through these tips to find the right iPhone app development company.

Justify Reason

When you consult the app development company to build an app, you need to have your homework done. A strategic clarity between the website and offerings of the app is highly important before initiating the app development process.

Your goals or objectives behind developing an app should also be well-defined and all app-related goals should be aligned with your core business activities.

Simply put, it is imperative to define the goals you want to achieve through a dedicated mobile app.

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Start With MVP

In the highly competitive app market, it is essential for you to test your app before entering. There, MVP or Minimum Viable Product comes into the picture. The MVP version of your app has the most basic and necessary features.

It can give answers to questions related to the necessary features, pain points of the users, and the possible solution to address these pain points. In other words, MVP enables you to introspect the app and its possible impact on the market. Also, you can get a precise idea of what your app can do through an MVP version.

Think of Monetization

This is also an important consideration before building a mobile app. In-app purchase, ad-free version, private advertisements, and feature-rich pro version of the app, etc. are some of the noteworthy monetization methods.

You can come up with a freemium option initially and make the in-app strategy for app users. Affiliate advertising by including the advertisement code into the app is also an important way to earn revenue from your app.

Find Out the Development Cost

Now comes the cost of app development. Though many factors contribute to determining the app development cost, here we will include only a few of them.

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Number of features, app complexity, hourly rate of developers, and development duration are the most important and interrelated factors that impact a lot on the app development cost.

Finally, your app is ready to launch. But, here, you need to promote it properly to get early downloads and valuable feedback. Promoting your app among the target audience can help it get the necessary start amid intensifying competition. App promotion can also enable your app to increase the conversion rate and a number of downloads. Most companies keep aside a specific budget for app marketing even before the development phase for this reason.

Concluding Lines

Here we have covered all necessary aspects you should keep in mind while opting for mobile app development. These factors will help you come up with a robust mobile app with a flawless performance. It is fair to mention that developing a mobile app is more a strategic call than a technical call. You need to build a mobile app in line with your company’s values and core objectives.

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