In this episode of InApps Makers podcast, we spoke with Phillip Rathle, Vice President of Products at Neo Technology. Last year, the Neo4J graph database helped the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism make sense of the now-infamous Panama Papers, allowing the organization to link the illicit activities of  320,000 offshore accounts, work that led to the resignation of Iceland’s Prime Minister.

For this podcast, we set out to explore how graph databases differ from one another, learn more about Neo4J’s role in deciphering the Panama Papers, and to discover what’s next on the calendar for Neo Technology heading into 2017.

How the Neo4J Graph Database Helped Decipher the Panama Papers

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0:25: An introduction to Neo Technology and Neo4J.
4:04: Common Neo4J use cases.
11:10: How the Neo4J graph databases differ from other graph databases.
16:42: Some of the challenges that Neo4J users have seen resolved as a result of using that technology.
21:35: How the open source ecosystem shapes database technology.
26:32: What else coming down the pipeline at Neo Technology.

Feature image via Pexels.