Bart Farrell
Bart is a CNCF Ambassador and is the Data on Kubernetes Community Dynamizer. He has been organizing and leading tech communities for the last six years and is now happily making the DoKC a welcoming home for all.

Last year in a special Meetup series hosted by the Data on Kubernetes Community, Patrick McFadin of DataStax broke open the long-debated topic, “Is Kubernetes even ready for data?”

McFadin leveraged his unique expertise to talk about the state of stateful workloads on Kubernetes — which, at the time, took many by surprise. Now almost a year later, any doubts about K8s being ready to take on data will be put to rest by McFadin himself on May 3, at 10 a.m. CEST, during a special event called Data on Kubernetes Day, a co-located event forming part of the upcoming KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 – Virtual conference.

This special day will be hosted by the Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC), a rapidly growing group of inclusive tech professionals with special interests in Data, Kubernetes, and Art. Since its inaugural meetup session last July, the DoK Community has grown exponentially in membership and has coordinated and welcomed over 50 guests from over a dozen countries to its unique Meetup sessions, which are hosted in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese (to name a few).

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The DoKC is fully committed to its mission of stirring up conversations about tech, tooling, and the mindset necessary to tackle the challenges of running state on Kubernetes. In addition to being an inclusive space for people and professionals of all levels of expertise, it’s only fitting that McFadin has been slated once more to kick off the packed agenda for the KubeCon EU special event. McFadin will explain the journey from DBA to SRE, which is one of the central focuses of the DoK Community.

McFadin won’t be going at it alone though. He will be joined by fellow DataStax engineers Chris Bradford and Jeffrey Carpenter, who will share practical know-how and best practices for using data services, Stargate and Cassandra in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Other industry leaders have also been confirmed for the day, rounding out a diverse agenda of talks.

Feyanman Zhou of KubeSphere will be discussing ways to leverage the KubeSphere open source community, as well as the KubeSphere multitenant, enterprise-grade container platform. A demo of this developer-friendly stack will be shown, allowing attendees to grasp how its full-stack automated IT operation and streamlined DevOps workflows function — ultimately helping companies around the globe to implement Kubernetes in production with more ease, while creating better overall observability.

Also in the day’s lineup, Sergey Pronin of Percona will discuss how the XtraDB Cluster Operator is disrupting the market as a drop-in replacement for MySQL Enterprise, due to sync replication running on K8s. He will give insight on how decisions about architecture were made while building the PXC Operator; and the differences between running it on regular VMs versus in K8s, with specific emphasis on PITR implementation, auto-recovery, retention policies, haproxy/proxysql protocols and how all of this can be used as a replica set or to scale an existing environment.

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Neeraj Bisht and Praveen Kumar from the e-commerce giant Flipkart will join the conversation. This dynamic duo will discuss the ongoing work being done to support Flipkart’s stateful applications on Kubernetes from an end-user perspective. They will describe and explain how and why they’ve chosen to leverage OpenEBS to build their K8s stateful story; and they will share details about where they are in their journey of shifting petabytes of data and dozens of stateful workloads (including many NoSql, SQL, logging, machine learning, and other workloads) onto Kubernetes in collaboration with OpenEBS and Mayadata.

The event will continue along the storage line, with Head of Developer Relations at MayaData and DoKC ambassador Eric Zietlow, who will discuss how to get the right fit with persistent data storage using OpenEBS. Later in the day, Zietlow will participate in another session alongside Aleks Volochnev from DataStax, where they will give tips and tricks on how to get the most out of K8ssandra and troubleshoot common issues that have simple solutions.

As with all events coordinated by the Data on Kubernetes Community, the tech talks will be accompanied by philanthropy, music, art and overall entertainment. The DoKC is well known within the tech community bubble for inclusivity, generosity, and a unique way of incorporating art and music into everything surrounding it. As the original creators of the “Rap up” beatbox and rap post Meetup jam sessions, this event is sure to entertain.

In true DoKC fashion, this special day will include collaboration with The Last Mile, a non-profit organization that helps incarcerated folks and formerly incarcerated folks learn programming skills to help them reincorporate into society and join the workforce successfully. The DoK Community has been working alongside this organization, donating funds and knowledge in the name of each professional who has graciously offered time and expertise to the Community’s monthly Meetup agenda.

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Art will also be celebrated with an unveiling of a special edition, themed coloring book, along with scheduled and visual recordings of speakers and presentations being created in real-time as each session unfolds.

For more information on registering for Data on Kubernetes Day, or if you are interested in forming part of the dynamic DoK Community, join the Data on Kubernetes Community CNCF Group or jump right into the conversation in the DoKC Slack channel and Meetup group.