Data backup and recovery used to be a chore at best, but that may finally be changing. In this episode of InApps Makers podcast, we spoke to Chris Wahl, chief technical evangelist at storage software vendor Rubrik.

Rubrik is trying to bring a greater focus to backup and cloud data management while also making it easier to enable other parts of the business. Wahl told us about his experience in the past with data backup and recovery, and how it wasn’t always an area he looked forward to handling. We talked about how data backup affects data center decisions, the necessity of using APIs, and how new users bring Rubrik into their organizations. We also learned more about the recent Rubrik 3.1 release and their future product roadmap.

Making Data Recovery Useful Enables the Rest of the Business

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1:42: About Rubrik.
6:12: Policy driven-backups.
10:18: Improvements from Rubrik.
16:18: Deploying Rubrik.
18:38: The roadmap forward for Rubrik.
23:30: Visualization.
27:34: The API ecosystem.

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