Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have changed our perceptions of looking at things. As both these technologies are getting matured with time, we realize that they have a great potential to bring a radical change in the way we do business and of course, the way we develop mobile apps. Let’s consider VR for example. This emerging approach has drawn the attention of entrepreneurs, mobile app developers, and investors for a good reason.

Today, virtual reality mobile app development gains ground for providing a completely immersive experience to the app users. Businesses can offer a rich and interactive experience through advanced simulations that work collaboratively with sensory responses. Various industry sectors including media & entertainment, fashion, retail, manufacturing, and automotive have already started leveraging the benefits of VR-based apps.

Global Forecast report has revealed that the market demand for VR integration in mobile apps will reach up to $44.7 billion by 2024. Simply put, the penetration of VR technology in mobile app development services is going to increase over the period and mobile app developers tend to explore this technology for developing innovative features. Here we are going to discuss how VR is going to reshape the mobile app domain in 2019 and beyond.

Prevalence of VR apps in the corporate sectors confirms that the VR technology has gone beyond just gaming. As an interactive tool, a VR-based business app can bridge the gap between your company and consumers. Some top brands including eBay and Walmart have started counting upon virtual reality mobile app development services for taking advantage of this technology to attract more customers, and as a result, we witness a surge in a number of VR apps available on the market.

We can certainly expect that this trend will continue over the period as various industry sectors will embrace VR technology to serve various business objectives.

  • Immersive User Experience
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As mentioned above, the popularity of VR apps is growing among enterprises and customers alike. The reason is simple- VR-based custom mobile app solution can provide an immersive and interactive user experience. It certainly assists entrepreneurs to meet business goals by increasing revenue and growing sales. The virtual world is free from various limitations of the physical or real world. The VR technology enables the mobile app developers to make the most of the virtual or imaginary world.

You can hire mobile app developers to make your app more interactive by integrating VR features. What’s more, if you want to use your enterprise app for training and awareness, VR can lend a helping hand. You can keep your employees, stakeholders, and customers engaged through a VR app.

In today’s challenging business scenario, a mobile app can act as an online representative of your company. You can build a brand reputation by promoting your services or products and sending personalized alerts to your loyal customers about promotional offers, coupons, and discounts through an app.

The VR concept is going to make these activities more interesting, interactive, and engaging by providing a rich experience to your app users. From spreading brand awareness to running a marketing campaign on the mobile platform, the VR app stays one step ahead of its traditional native counterpart.

What’s more, VR enables companies to host virtual events on the web or mobile apps. The New York Times has initiated this activity. Its VR unit provides the first-hand experience of a few reporters’ live stories to the users. Mobile app development companies need to focus on it as companies may demand this functionality in the near future.

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Graphics or animation and VR tech combination can work wonders in the next-gen marketing campaigns through mobile apps. It enables companies to launch an interactive marketing campaign to draw the attention of a targeted audience.

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Effective communication can play a significant role in increasing efficiency. Rise of VR has started increasing efficiency through effective communication and efficient collaboration. For example, Facebook is known for arranging VR-based conferences and workshops for various classes in recent years. Audiences consist of people associated with the company can utilize these interactive sessions for boosting efficiency and productivity.

Enterprises can save a lot of bucks in travel expenses by switching to VR apps. It can save a lot of time of executives while eliminating the geographical distance. It further reflects in improved collaboration and higher efficiency of the workforce.

Today, VR-powered conference apps provide a plethora of interactive features like emoticons, instant messaging, voice chat, etc. to ensure a real-time collaboration. Top mobile app development companies can come up with innovative app solutions depending on your business model and project requirements. In brief, the VR concept seems ready to help companies organize training sessions and conferences in a cost-effective way.

UI and UX designs can make any app a big hit or a miss. A flawless UI and UX designs can connect the customers with your business and they retain with your brands for a long time. Apart from providing high-quality products and services, customer experience is necessary to ensure success in the growing competition.

If we apply this to websites and apps, they should be quick to open and easy-to-navigate. Now, VR apps can readily match these requirements. At times, even if your app contains any unnecessary or additional information, then also this technology can make it interesting for the users. Customized VR-based features can provide continuous simulations and seamless interactions to give your app users a pleasant experience.

A VR-based app requires technical knowledge, creativity, and dedicated approach. When experienced mobile app developers with the domain expertise in VR build a customized app for your business, all you get is a feature-rich and engaging app. Such an app can keep your customers joined with your business. In a way, you can get an edge over competitors.

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In other words, when you come up with a VR app for your business, you get the advantage of being first adopters of this technology.

Wrapping Up
VR is here to stay. Whether we talk on technology trends or a custom mobile app solution, VR technology appears as a future. Technology leaders like Microsoft, Google, and Samsung have heavily invested in this technology to unleash its potential for the clients and people. Soon, VR will be mainstreamed across medium and large enterprises. You can hire mobile app developers with VR-related skills to start getting an early advantage.

At InApps our team of dedicated AR and VR experts can integrate VR-based features to come up with innovative business app solutions. Do you want to attract and retain your customers by bringing an interactive and visually rich VR app? Just look no further and drop us a line at Get an experience of what the VR concept can do for your business!

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