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Almost 80% of employees have said in a research report that mobile devices have improved their ability to doing jobs. And, why not? Customized mobile apps have made lives of individuals and employees easier by bringing automation into various tasks. Talking about enterprise mobile apps, they offer a range of opportunities to modern business and provide advanced ways to share information and stay organized even while performing complex activities.

But then, the road to developing an efficient enterprise mobility solution has many hurdles, and you need to deal with them. In fact, the larger the company, the bigger the challenge you may face for developing a customized app.

Here are ten most common obstacles or challenges for enterprise mobile app development:

1. App security
What is the topmost concern of the app user? Well, everyone wants to save their personal data from any breach. Whether it is a stolen identity or credit card fraud, any security breach or cyber attack costs the company a lot in terms of reputation and monetary loss.

An enterprise or business app contains a lot of sensitive information and handle crucial corporate data. It has account details of clients and company, financial information, and other necessary information. Also, it may contain your employees’ personal information. Any incidence of data loss can pause as a threat to business. Therefore, many entrepreneurs want high-end security features in their app.

Shockingly, the Arxan report revealed that 50% of the participants had not assigned a separate budget for ensuring the security of their apps.

2. Resource selection
Let’s face it! Many mobile app developers are not as experienced or skilled as the complexity of enterprise apps demands. In other words, though enterprise mobile app development services are advancing over the period, the real challenge lies in hiring the right resources for your enterprise app. These days, many development companies with a limited understanding of the app development lifecycle offer enterprise app development at dirt cheap rates. Here, you need to make sure that your mobile app developer is capable of handling the complex development process and ever-changing requirements.

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You should keep the following key aspects while selecting the team of developers for your app project:

• UI UX design for mobile apps
• App security arrangements
• Back-end integration

You can also take a personal interview of developers for a better selection.

3. Features integration
Complexity and interconnectivity of features separate enterprise mobility app solution from traditional app solutions. You need to do proper research on market trends, the prospective user’s requirements, business objectives, and competitors’ moves while making a roadmap for your mobile app project.

On the basis of this roadmap, mobile app developers think of solutions in the form of features. Now, this is challenging as the developers need to understand your business model as well as consider the latest trends of the respective industry sector.

Emerging technologies like AR, AI, IoT, and Blockchain can assist the app developers to come up with unique features. For example, a finance app can be developed by using features based on Blockchain technology to ensure a safe and swift transaction. Here it is fair to mention that the feature’s integration determines the app’s complexity and development duration. Therefore, it plays a significant role in deciding enterprise mobile app development cost.

4. User Interface (UI)
User Interface (UI) plays a significant role in offering a pleasant user experience. It can make or mar the online reputation of your business. The enterprise mobile app development company can take care of all the aspects of UI to represent your vision and business on the mobile platform.

If you want to address a massive audience worldwide, it is imperative that your enterprise mobile app has a simple yet engaging interface. A good UI can answer all the critical questions and assist your employees or users to accomplish their tasks in a timely and effective way. When it comes to retaining customers or employees on your app, an attractive UI plays a pivotal role.

5. Backend Integration
Enterprise mobile app development services are about implementing innovative features and functionality based on emerging technologies like AI, AR, and Blockchain. There, the integration of backend resources comes into the picture. Your business processes require a variety of apps and systems to achieve the desired outcome. When you hire experience mobile app developers, they focus on developing an integrated system, which is controlled by an enterprise app. In a way, they strive for improving efficiency and reducing redundancy.

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The backend integration simplifies the processes and enables you to make the most of available resources and digital infrastructure. You can engage employees with a feature-rich app and increase their productivity.

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6. User Experience (UX)
Almost seventy percent of enterprise mobile apps get failed to deliver the desired outcome just because of employees’ rejection. On the other hand, you can make your app popular in a short time, if customers and employees approve it. In other words, the success of your app largely depends on whether the target audience and your employees get a rich user experience from it.

Most necessary aspects for pleasant user experience
Here are three must-have characteristics for an excellent UX:
• Easy navigation
• Inclusion of necessary features
• Excellent look and feel

7. Changing trends
Any mobile application development company needs to cope with ever-changing trends in the market and the client’s industry domain. What’s more, customized app solutions also need to meet the user’s changing moods and wants. To develop such an app is a challenge for app developers and entrepreneurs alike. Extensive research on the competitor’s moves, users’ wishes, and current market trends can help you deal with this situation.

8. API Strategies
An enterprise-grade mobile app requires a robust API strategy. APIs enable you to provide specific functionalities that are important for meeting business objectives. As an entrepreneur, you should consult a reliable enterprise mobile app development company to discuss a proper API strategy, You can either implement a suggested API or go with the existing API strategy while developing a mobile app.

Now, suggesting a new API strategy is quite a task for mobile app developers because they need to study previous implementations before suggesting a new API strategy. But once the new strategy is implemented, your enterprise mobile app becomes ready to fulfill various objectives and streamline the process.

9. App updates
Regular updates can keep your app fresh and the app users find it relevant with changing needs. However, updates and maintenance charge of your app is additional to enterprise mobile app development cost, and you need to keep some amount aside every year to come up with regular app updates.

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From the app development perspective, regular app updates include bug fixing, performance improvements, and new feature integration. It is, therefore, challenging for app developers. You need to assign your project to a reputed mobile application development company to update your app on a periodic basis.

10. App promotion and adoption
Last but not least! Your app needs marketing efforts to stay ahead in the competition and to spread awareness about the brand and business. App promotion also facilitates its adoption among your employees. What’s more, early users can give you valuable feedback that you can implement to improve the performance and appearance of your app. As a result, you can come up with an app that has a seamless functionality.

App promotion can assist you to ensure the app’s success and get a higher ROI. It is fair to mention that even if your business app is developed by keeping the employees and stakeholders in mind, you should promote it for a better and smooth adoption at the workplace.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Concluding Lines
Unless traditional mobile app design and development, enterprise apps need a more focused approach and attention to business-specific aspects. What’s more, it is quite possible that different and unexpected concerns can rise anytime during the app development phase, that needs to be addressed in line with the business model. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you find a reliable and reputed enterprise mobile application development company.

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