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How can we prove that we live in a mobile-driven age? Well, both iTunes and Google Play are flooding with apps across various genres, and the number of app downloads is surging consistently. This shows the increasing dominance of mobile applications in our daily routine. But then, entrepreneurs, who want to offer tailored apps to their customers, may get baffled about selecting the right platform.


Over 3.6 million apps and counting- Android OS enjoys a lion’s share in the app market thanks to enterprise-friendly features and excellent performance. Today, we can find an app for everything on Google Play as companies have started coming forward with customized and feature-rich applications.

Rise of On-demand Apps

As the mobile technology advances, the on-demand apps gain popularity while making our life easier and offering a lot of benefits to the business irrespective of the industry sector. As the service sector remains the biggest beneficiary of on-demand apps, domains like hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, and online marketplaces can get the most from an on-demand app concept. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that on-demand apps have brought revolutionary changes in the app’s world.

Netflix, Uber, Doctor on Demand, SBS on Demand, Tinder, etc. are a few examples of on-demand apps that have set new milestones in terms of a number of downloads on Google Play. Today, Android application development services move around the on-demand apps as companies tend to offer services to their customers through Android apps.

Here we discuss a few strong reasons why Android is a preferred choice for on-demand app development:

#1.  Whopping market share- When it comes to market share, Android outpaces its Apple counterpart with a wide margin. Today, with over 88 percent market share, Android OS empowers most of the smartphones in the world. Therefore, it is always wise to have an on-demand app on Google Play to address a huge audience.

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#2.  Easy Customization- On-demand apps need regular updates to meet ever-changing customer requirements. As compared to iOS, Android apps have a higher customizability. Entrepreneurs can readily modify apps to meet customer requirements and grab new opportunities for boosting their business.

#3.  Features- Maps, GPS functionality, easy navigation, etc. are a few of the most important features for the on-demand applications. Android OS has an edge over iOS when it comes to these features. On-demand apps can facilitate users to find the real-time location with the help of inbuilt Google Maps. What’s more, apps like Gmail can enhance the communication between companies and customers.

#4.  Data Storage- Android has a clear whip hand when it comes to cloud storage. With 15GB storage capacity for free and cross-platform support, Google Drive is the best platform to save valuable data. Also, Android’s cloud storage is easier to access and more effective as compared to iCloud. The on-demand app deals with the customer’s data and companies can serve this purpose through Google Drive integration in an app.

#5.  Voice Assistance- Google Assistant is backed by the search engine giant Google, and therefore, it has an access to zillions of data points. It makes Google Assistant more powerful and versatile as compared to Siri or any other voice assistant. Users of on-demand apps can easily search and stay updated with contextual information with the help of Google Assistant. It has a conversational approach and it can offer customized suggestions to the app users.

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  • #6.  Notifications- Every on-demand app needs to send notifications to keep its users updated with the useful information. Be it promotional offers or company activities, notifications can play a vital role in spreading awareness and boosting business. Android OS can handle multiple notifications from a single app very well. The app users can also respond to the notification without opening an app. Android has a persistent notification feature which is yet to be adopted by Apple.

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    #7.  Multi-language Support- Most of the on-demand apps are of B2C type, and therefore, it is of utmost importance that they are available in all the languages understood by the target audience. When it comes to multiple languages, Android OS supports over 100 languages whereas iOS supports just over 34 languages. Android OS is therefore suitable for developing apps for eCommerce, health, and other people-oriented sectors.

    #8.  Cost-effectiveness- How about getting an app that can seamlessly work on millions of devices globally? Startups or established companies can leverage the benefits of the ubiquitousness of Android devices. They can address a huge smartphone-using audience irrespective of display size and device type in a cost-effective way. All they need to find a top Android app development company.

    #9.  Technologically advanced- Most of the Android devices offer expandable memory. Even if the on-demand app is of a large size, it is manageable in the Android device with a micro SD card. Also, Android mobile manufacturers are spread across the world, and they can come forward with innovative features using technological advancements. In other words, the Android community is thriving with technologically advanced features and companies can utilize these features to make apps more attractive and user-friendly.

    These are primary reasons for selecting Android OS for building feature-rich on-demand applications. Business owners can get other reasons also for choosing Android from a reliable Android app development services provider.

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