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Extreme competition becomes a norm in the fast-paced service sector. From healthcare to restaurant and travel to logistics- the services-related business has to take the competition in stride. Thankfully, technological advancements remain useful in this endeavor, and in line with the mobile-driven trend, the on-demand apps come in handy for entrepreneurs.

  • What is On-demand Mobile App?

When it comes to targeting a specific audience, the businesses need to come up with customized mobile app solutions that can meet people’s demands. For example, a taxi booking service provider requires a tailored taxi mobile app to address a huge audience who want to book cabs. Such an app is called on-demand mobile app.

As people tend to depend on their smartphones to accomplish various activities and tasks, you can help them through an on-demand app while developing your service business. The major benefit of the on-demand application is- it is an affordable way to promote the business irrespective of its scale and size.

  • Why does on-demand app development in vogue?

The on-demand economy is thriving with the proliferation of mobile apps. As per a BIA/Kelsey survey, the on-demand economy is expected to reach $57 billion by the end of the year 2018. Apart from eCommerce and retail business, many B2C businesses tend to leverage the benefits of growing on-demand economy. These include healthcare, hospitality, logistics, etc.

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The on-demand app development is necessary to build a customized app solution to address the growing competition in the service sector. You can improve the customer services by increasing the efficiency, productivity, and flexibility of your business with the help of a bespoke on-demand app. It directly reflects the sales growth and a higher RoI.

  • Which are the business benefits of on-demand mobile applications?

Custom on-demand mobile apps offer many business benefits. Before going through these benefits, let us find out a few sectors that are the bigger beneficiaries of on-demand app development. Also, we will go through how the app can transform these sectors and related businesses.

1. Transportation and Logistics
Uber and Ola are the biggest epitomes of what on-demand app can do in the private transportation. Apart from this, the courier and logistics companies can also get the benefits of on-demand apps in the form of informing their customers about the real-time status of their orders.

2. Grocery Delivery
How can we forget Walmart Grocery and Instacart? During this corona age, these apps have recorded a surge in the number of daily downloads. The grocery delivery app developmentconcept is not new, but these days, its importance is at the peak.


Customized grocery apps can enable users to buy groceries online from the comfort of their home and get the delivery at their doorsteps. The grocery delivery app saves a lot of time, money, and effort of users.

3. Hospitality
Food ordering app and table-booking apps have become a game changer in the ever-growing hospitality sector. Whether you are an aggregator or a restaurant owner, the on-demand food delivery app can certainly boost your business. Swiggy is an excellent example of an aggregator on-demand app.

4. Food Delivery
A customized food delivery app is a technological boon for restaurant owners, startups, and takeaway restaurants. Many restaurant owners have opted for on-demand food delivery app development to expand their businesses while improving services. 


The food delivery app enables the users to order food from their favorite restaurant conveniently. After getting the order, the restaurant starts preparing food, and meanwhile, the delivery person reaches the restaurant. The delivery person then picks up the food package from the restaurant and delivers it to the user’s address.

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Popular on-demand food delivery apps like UberEats and Swiggy have written success stories through excellent performance and user-friendly features.

5. Housekeeping
While coping with a hectic schedule, the gold collars and white collars are often in search of individuals for chores. In a way, housekeeping services is a type of on-demand services. House cleaning, dishwashing, and other house-related services can be provided in a better way using the on-demand mobile app.

6. Beauty
On-demand beauty apps play a vital role in expanding beauty and cosmetics services. Beauticians, hair stylists, makeup artists can grab the opportunity by associating with on-demand beauty service providers. Users can call a beautician or a makeup artist with ease by using their fingertips thanks to the on-demand beauty app.

7. Healthcare
In the age when telemedicine and on-demand doctor services have started gaining ground, the on-demand apps can help patients who reside in distant places. The app can also enable the users to store their medical tests for a quick and easy access. The on-demand app can also provide other benefits.

8. E-Commerce and Retail
Finally comes the eCommerce and retail business. The on-demand app can work wonders for this business. The customers can give orders, track and receive them on time with the help of an on-demand application. The eCommerce business owners can also simplify the process through an app.

On-demand app development-CTA-2

  • Top Business Benefits of On-demand Applications

– Unleash the potential
When it comes to enhancing the value of your business the mobile platform should be your choice. As over seventy percent of people use mobiles globally, the on-demand apps can help your business unleash the potential and you can get a huge customer base

– Efficiency
The on-demand app can make many complex business operations simple and increase the overall efficiency. The business on-demand apps also make the jobs of your employees easier and increase their productivity. Altogether, your business can go to the next level thanks to the on-demand apps

– Security and Scalability
Let us understand it in this way: A restaurant owner deals in home delivery of food items. Now, during the rush hour, it is difficult to manage the long queue and serve all the customers with the packed food rapidly. The app can enable the owner to get rid of every hurdle through a secure payment and improved scalability.

– Newer Opportunities
Like other customized mobile apps, the on-demand apps also offer a few monetization options. You can grab the new business opportunities through an app while generating the revenue. You will also have the customer’s details that can be used to promote your business further.

Today, over 80 percent business persons, who own B2C businesses, count on the on-demand app development services. With the right blend of features and a seamless functionality, an on-demand app can address all your business objectives and help you serve your customers in a better way.

  • How to classify the important features of customized on-demand apps?

You need to identify the target audience and a common problem before making an app plan. Usually, the millennials, college goers, and rich kids are the most frequent users of an on-demand app. You need to find out their problems that your business model can solve through an app.

Every on-demand app is nothing but the solution to the common problem of hundreds of thousands of existing and prospective users. Think of lazy teenagers who just hate to dine out. You can come up with an order-booking and delivery app that can enable them to give an order online for their favorite dishes.

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Talking about the classification, the on-demand app solution has three parts: One, the customer-side, Two, the service provider side, and Three, the Admin side. All these parts are interrelated and work together to get an optimum outcome. Here we give the list of the most basic features for each of these parts:

1. Customer App

Registration- Simple and easy registration using the social media account or an email is a necessary feature in the customer-side on-demand app. Also, the phone number-based registration (OTP) is a good option for a private transportation and healthcare services-related apps

Real-time Tracking- One of the most useful features of the on-demand app is a real-time tracking. Users can readily track their orders and get approximate time of delivery.

Real-time tracking

This feature makes your on-demand services more reliable and the app users can find it helpful for knowing the status of their orders or services as and when they want.

Push notification- It is difficult to imagine an on-demand app without this feature. You can spread awareness about promotional offers, launching of new services, and the like with the help of push notifications. However, you need to define the proper strategy for it

Integrated payment gateways- Swift and secure online payment is another big benefit of the on-demand app. The on-demand app development company integrates the payment gateway in your app to enable the app users to pay seamlessly across different payment channels.

Payment system

App users can make payment through credit/debit cards, netbanking, eWallet, and UPIs. Multiple payment options are highly convenient for your customers and make the entire payment process reliable.

Help Center– Customers or app users can ask questions or inform the company about app or service-related issues. The company can resolve the issues as soon as possible and answer the user’s questions. This feature helps the company to improve customer services by giving a prompt response to their queries.

Reviews and Ratings- The customer or the user’s feedback is important from the user’s viewpoint. It enables your customers to share their experiences and you can get their valuable feedback. What’s more, your business can get noticed by the search engines through these reviews

2. Delivery App

Request acceptance or rejection- Service providers like drivers, delivery people, etc. are provided the choice for accepting or rejecting the request through this features. If they feel that they are unable to complete the request in a given time, they can freely reject it and accept the other one

Service log- It includes the starting point and end point of the service. It is necessary to calculate the amount they earn by providing the particular service to people. They can manually start and end the service with the help of this feature and their completed requests are recorded

Track Earnings– This is the most important feature for the delivery person’s app. Service providers or delivery persons can track their earnings with ease through this feature. An advanced tracking feature can enable them to track earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Track earnings

Tracking of earnings can motivate service providers and they can schedule their daily activities more efficiently. It further translates into more productivity and your company can get its benefit.

Scheduling- The service providers need a flexibility. This feature enables them to make a schedule of their work and they can complete their tasks accordingly. Though this feature is not mandatory, it can bring more precision in the services business as the providers can accomplish their tasks on time

Availability- This feature enables the service providers to select their availability. They can choose their convenient time to complete the request. Also, this feature enables them to decide the time of their online appearance. If they are offline, the app users or the admin can select the other service provider

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3. Admin Panel

This part is the most complex and robust. The entire on-demand app’s function is visible in the admin’s portion. Also, you can control all the operations through this portion. Therefore, major and important features are included in the admin app. Let’s have a look on a few of these features:

Dashboard- An interactive and customizable dashboard is essential for any on-demand apps. The admin can readily go through different sections through the dashboard and monitor every activity with ease.


The admin dashboard is a single-point control for on-demand services. Be it user management or service provider management, the admin can accomplish every task easily through a dashboard. Our experienced app developers can build a robust dashboard with a user-friendly interface for the on-demand app.

Algorithm- How would you match a service provider with a new request by the customer? Well, if you come across many service requests in a day, it is impossible to assign the suitable service provider to every request manually. Therefore, an algorithm is integrated to facilitate an automatic matching

Real-time Analytics- It is indeed necessary to get the data regarding the outcome of your app-based services and how many people use them. The analytics can do this job for you. It gives the real-time reports on various sections of your business, so that you can find the struggling section

User Management- From service request to completion of order and from cancellation to payment receipt- the user management feature can take care of every aspect. The admin can also resolve any queries soon with the help of this feature.

Manage users

It is a must-have feature for the admin panel. Irrespective of type of on-demand services, this feature enables the admin to address any issues related to the customers speedily and effectively. It helps the on-demand service provider company manage the customer-related activities.

Management of service providers- You can manage pricing, commissions, or incentives for the service providers with this feature. What’s more, the service provider’s earning and penalties can be also managed. It ensures smooth profit sharing and seamless services that ultimately results in the customer’s satisfaction

Here we have included only the basic features. Your on-demand app should have all these features to attract and retain the customers. These features are also necessary to get the optimum performance from the application. But then, depending on the size of your business, you should consider integrating a few advanced features also.

A reputed on-demand app development company can integrate the advanced features like social media integration as per your business needs. You can also get a no-obligation quote and compare the prices. It is better to discuss every development aspect and factors that decide your app’s cost before you hire on-demand mobile app developers.

It is fair to mention that on-demand app development services enable any B2C businesses to unlock the potential. You can take your on-demand services to the next level while keeping the customer in the center. The on-demand app developer can integrate the necessary features in your on-demand app as per your business model and the user’s needs.

As an eminent mobile app development company, we offer end-to-end on-demand app development solutions. Your services-based business can make the most from the booming on-demand app domain through our robust and cost-effective solutions.


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