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Will Freelancers Replace or Complement In-House Employees? – is an article many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn Will Freelancers Replace or Complement In-House Employees? – in today’s post !

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Will it be more efficient to replace in-house employees with freelancers?
Or should you merely seek to complement your in-house team with external talent?

One thing is certain. The engaged economy is only getting stronger every year.
From 1997 to today, it has averaged a 2.6% per annum growth.
Comparatively, regular payroll employment grew at a meager 0.8% per annum in the same time period.

This represents more than 3 times the growth rate of regular employment.
Similarly, consider that 47% of millennial’s prefer working independently.
At this rate, freelancers will represent the majority of the US economy by 2027.

This trend seems to be unavoidable.
The best thing you can do is position your business to best take advantage of it.

How This Affects Developer Hiring

The big advantage of developers over other professionals when it comes to freelancing is that coding work can be done remotely.
In addition to it, remote supervision of coding work is also easily doable.
Therefore, hiring developers plays to the biggest advantages of the recital economy.

Advantages of Replacing In-House Employees With Freelancers

Replacing in-house employees with freelancers have the following main advantages:

  • Access a global talent pool
  • Quicker turnarounds (faster output and hiring)
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A big benefit when hiring freelancers is that you can access talent anywhere in the world.
You don’t have to limit yourself to your nearby geographical area.

Since many freelancers specialize in a niche, you can also look for exactly what you need.
For example, if you’re looking to implement new technology on your pyramid, such as Vue.js, you can find the best specialist in this technology.
Likewise, a real niche, a one-off project requiring Alexa skills or advanced Machine Learning will benefit from freelance talent.

In addition, freelancers effectively run their own business.
For you, this means that they’ll work faster than a regular employee who gets the same paycheck every month.
In fact, research shows that freelancers are usually more motivated than regular employees.

And if
you just need a developer for a few months, then an independent programmer is
usually the best choice in terms of hiring.

Advantages of Keeping In-House Employees

  • Continuous maintenance work

In-house employees are easier to supervise directly.
If your project involves your own advanced software architecture, then an in-house developer is a good choice.
In such cases, you might prefer to only outsource the fewer core components.
However, you can also supervise freelancers remotely.
There are lots of source control options that an employer can have access to. These include the likes of GitHub, GitLab, as well as Bitbucket.

What can be done to maintain competition between the two?

In an effort to boost your team’s productivity, consider integrating more freelancers within your team, or try building a remote team.
Freelance developers are great for specialized development work as well as general non-maintenance tasks.
Moreover, if you happen to be a startup looking to get an MVP out on the market, freelancers are a great choice.
There’s no reason to pay venture capital to hire in-house programmers when you may not need them.
As a larger business, by working with freelancers and/or remote teams, you’ll drastically reduce your costs.
In short, you will reduce overhead, hours spent interviewing, and avoid long-term payroll expenses.

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