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xCode 7 with Swift 2 is available for update on the App Store and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is going to greatly aid developers worldwide in iPhone app development by allowing them to build apps and deploy them directly on the Apple devices.

All that needs to be done is to sign in with the Apple ID, create an app out of the idea and use it on the iPhone, iWatch or iPad.

What’s with xCode 7:

You will find more xCode development tools that will extend support to Watch OS 2, iOS 9, and OS x El Capitan. These will support testing, debugging, development and deployment. You can even detect memory corruption and test the app UI to ensure it does not consume too many resources.

The prominent features for Swift 2 include interface testing and updated playgrounds.

Features of xCode 7:

Better UI testing with auto-generated tests that can be run as part of the test suite

Includes migration tools and support features for Watch OS2

StackViews are added to the Interface Builder for simplification of Auto layout UI construction

There is an address sanitizer to pick up codes that are likely to crash at runtime

Animation design timeline with 2D and 3D support added for gaming editors

Better crash logs managements for OS X and app extensions

All assets are uploaded to the App Store by app thinning for optimized UX

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Benefits Galore for Developers and Users:

All Apple device users can now run and test their own app on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or the Apple watch without any additional fees or programs! With your Apple ID and some training from the Apple Developer Program, you are set to create your own original application

There’s an all new language support for Swift 2, which brings with it features such as-

New error handling methods to try and catch syntax that wraps NSErrors transparently.

Natural syntax chaining of function calls can be done with Protocol extensions.

There are tools for converting Swift 2 source code.

Markdown syntax is supported by .swift file and its comments in playgrounds so that rich texts and perfect curriculum documents are rendered.

It allows Sideloading so that users can install apps without official license. So, beta testing, coding and testing can be done without fears of piracy and better user experience can be delivered.

Storyboard offers better, streamlined app development experience with Storyboard reference for easier development.

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Our iOS swift app developer’s team is very excited to start working with the new xCode 7 and Swift 2 and we have a few in-house projects underway to test the new updates. If you are interested in finding out more about how the new update can benefit your application, get in touch with us.

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