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The rise of social networks has significantly increased people’s craving for sharing their eye-catching and exquisite photos with friends and family. As per an ePhotoZine survey, 68 percent of adults worldwide edit their images before sharing them.

As smartphones go an inch closer to a professional camera with an integrated advanced camera function, a few noteworthy photo editing apps like Prisma, Retrica, and PicsArt can help users serve this purpose. But then, the role of photo editing and sharing app can be extended beyond this function, and the photo editing app development can assist you to tap into all its scopes.

Diverse Functions of Photo Editing Apps

A few photo editing apps like Instakeeper enable the users to create and a scrapbook containing memories of their life. Some apps facilitate the users to get a print of edited photos with or without a caption. In other words, several photo editing and sharing apps have innovative features to provide a rich editing experience to their users.



Retail and eCommerce industry can be the biggest beneficiaries of a custom photo editing app because they can share aesthetically relevant and visually appealing images of products. Other customer-focused businesses can also leverage the benefits of picture editing apps. Individual app owners can facilitate the users to make their photos similar to magazine’s photos with such an app.

Looking at ample scopes and opportunities a photo editing app offers, this niche is worthy of investment. In this article, we will cover all the necessary aspects of a photo editing app development from features to cost.

Developing an advanced image correction or photo editing app is quite a task and requires many development hours. Though an app with basic features can be built in a less time, you need to include the high-end features gradually. Let us start with the basics. Before initiating the development process, it is necessary to do a proper research. Without having a complete idea of your user base, app platform, and the like, you may get failed to avail the advantage of even a Retrica clone or a Prisma-like application.

Factors to Consider while Opting for Photo Editing App

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Here we give a checklist of basic aspects when you go for developing a photo editing app:

Just like any commercial project, extensive research is essential before developing a photo editing application. You should know the current user requirements, competitor apps and what they offer. You can also make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of every photo editing app available on the market.

The app strategy can be planned after completing the market research. In other words, strategy planning is the other part of your research. It covers everything related to promoting your app. Here you should make a budget for both the development and marketing of your app. It is better to keep the end users in mind from this point onward to get an optimum result.

Let’s face it! You need to come up with a unique idea with an innovative set of features to face the growing competition in the app stores. You can take a help of a mobile application development company in ideation because they have an insight of market trends and competition. Remember, when you have a creative app idea, which is useful for the potential users, the chances of your app’s success are increased.

Features and complexity play a significant role in deciding the cost of your photo editing app. You can make a list of functions or features you want to include in your photo editor app. You can think of making a more user-friendly app than your competitors. Here, your study of similar apps remains handy. You can find what is missing in the apps available and include it to draw the prospective user’s attention.

Here is a brief list of necessary features in a moderate photo editing app:

– Cropping and rotation of the image
– Custom lighting, brightness, contrast, and shadows
– A customized color adjustment like Saturation, Warmth, Tint, and Fade
– Various modern effects like Haas, Avenue, Sentosa, etc.
– Filters
– Different frames and text addition
– Layer management
– Collage and Doodle creation
– Stickers (useful in Snapchat), Memes, and inscriptions
– Image fixer

Apart from these features, basic features like the elimination of red-eye, sharpness and focus-related controls, overlays for framing, etc. can be included as well. However, here is a word of caution: Never stretch your app development budget for including complex features because you can integrate them in the later versions of your app.

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Here, it is fair to mention that your photo editing app should have the features similar to other apps like signup process, social media integration, and photo storage. If you want to include in-app purchase in the app, you also need a payment gateway integration and ensure a safe transaction.

After deciding the features, you can think of a structure of your app. The app structure can give you an idea of how these features will be integrated. The photo editing app developers can guide you properly on how the complex tasks are divided into small pieces and when you will get your app ready. The photo editing app development is a complicated process and requires advanced tools and technologies.

The selection of platforms matters when it comes to deciding the cost of your photo editing apps. If you have a specific audience to target, you should select the platform accordingly. For example, if Asians and Europeans are your target audience, it is better to start from Android photo editing app.

The cost of a photo editing app depends on hourly rates like other mobile apps. But, the hourly rates are varied as per different geographies. For example, the US and Canada-based app developers take between $160-$250 an hour, whereas their Indian counterparts just charge between $25 to $50 an hour.

Considering hourly charges at a median $30 an hour, the technology used, and other development aspects, you can get a basic photo editing app between $6000-$8000. A complex app with interrelated features can cost you around $30000. An app like Prisma can be developed between $8000-$16000 depending on the integration of filters and development time. However, a mobile app development company can give you an exact quote on the basis of your project requirements.

Picture Editing App Development cost for iOS platform

The iPhone photo editor app development process is somewhat cheaper than Android photo editor app development. The reason is simple: Android OS is widely popular across the world and many manufacturers build devices based on it. Therefore, the testing of an Android photo editing app is more time-consuming than the same for an iPhone counterpart.

An iOS app is developed using Xcode and requires local database integration, network request, and Dependency Manager.

Picture Editing App Development cost for Android platform

Android OS has a lion’s share in the market as over 77 percent devices run on this OS worldwide. But then, Android app development becomes costlier due to extensive testing. In brief, you may pay a few thousand dollars more for developing an Android picture editing app than for an iOS picture editing application.

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For example, if a basic editing app costs around $7000 for an iPhone, it costs you over $8000 for an Android version.

An Android app can be developed using Android SDK and also requires a local database and a Dependency Manager along with a network request.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Apart from development cost, you should also consider post-release support and maintenance cost. Most mobile app development companies offer technical assistance and maintenance services additionally. You can discuss such services before assigning a project. The support and maintenance services can keep your app updated and compatible with the newer versions of different operating systems.

Finally, you should consider promoting your app before its launch. When you spread awareness about your app’s features and functionality, you can get reasonable initial downloads on your app’s release. It can certainly help your app stand out from the crowd. Though you need to spend extra bucks for promoting the app, its worth if the promotional campaigns like ASO and paid promotion are handled properly and professionally. You can also come up with a beta version prior to launch to get the real-time feedback from early app users and change the app’s functionality accordingly.

Concluding Lines

Photo editing apps can generate high revenue in this social media-driven age. It is possible to get a higher RoI in a short time with a customized photo editing and sharing application. Looking at the current trend, even Google has brought a photo sharing app with inbuilt editing features. All you need is groundbreaking app solutions with dedicated marketing efforts to ensure your app’s success.

At Solution Analysts, we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure with cutting-edge tools to develop customized photo editing and sharing app. Our pool of expert app developers can offer custom photo editing app development services in a cost-effective way. Should you need any assistance to develop an advanced custom photo editing app, just drop us a line at

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