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Web app development services are evolved in line with complex business requirements and ever-changing expectations of customers. Technology has brought many advanced web development frameworks based on PHP and JavaScript. 

Out of them, AngularJS has gained ground among the developer’s community worldwide. Perfect MVC architecture, efficient data binding, less coding requirement, and extensive support from Google are some of the top reasons for the growing popularity of AngularJS development services

As a dominant, open-source, front-end, JavaScript web framework, AngularJS is useful for building robust enterprise-level web applications and solutions for different industry sectors. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the role of AngularJS development services in the thriving banking sector. 

Though the banking industry keeps on resisting technological advancements, AngularJS can reshape the future of this industry effectively. 

But, before discussing the importance of AngularJS in the banking sector, let’s understand AngularJS framework and reasons for its growing popularity. 

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AngularJS- Highly Popular Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

AngularJS is designed to build single-page applications and dynamic web apps. When you hire AngularJS developers, they use HTML as their template language to express all the app’s components in a better way. 

Though HTML is useful for developing static web documents, it is not configured properly for creating applications. 

AngularJS, on the other hand, can enable easy movement of data within a single-page application and AngularJS can update the application’s view dynamically. In other words, AngularJS development services use the framework to improve the functionality of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Angular enables developers to get rid of redrawing a list in the case of a change in data thanks to the DOM (Document Object Model). It reflects any data change as it takes place.

AngularJS is useful for creating complex business apps with a rich presentation with increased interaction for users. Some of the key features of AngularJS include dependency injection, MVC design pattern, modules, routing, reusable components, declarative HTML approach, and two-way data binding. These features have made AngularJS one of the most popular platforms for developing robust and reliable web solutions. 

Even Google has rewritten its front-end using the AngularJS framework. Google maintains AngularJS and uses the framework to write its PS3 app. 

Every year, the search engine giants come up with updates to make this framework more reliable and secure for developers and entrepreneurs alike. HBO, NASA, Virgin America, Netflix, Nike, and some other big names have put trust in AngularJS for their applications. 

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Impact of AngularJS in the Banking Sector

AngularJS development services are aimed at bringing more extensibility and testability in customized business applications. 

As a comprehensive framework, AngularJS is useful for providing excellent front-end development solutions across different industry sectors. Talking about the banking sector, the framework seems capable of bringing transformational changes. 

Some years back, the banking industry embraced agile development by integrating AngularJS into Java programs related to banks. 

It has brought a sparkle of freshness to the traditional banking system. AngularJS development services are capable of taking banking app development to a new level by offering the top benefits like- 

Higher Extensibility 

Banks and the financial sector need a powerful framework that can respond to the needs of customers in a swift and clear way. AngularJS ensures high extensibility for web solutions and makes them highly scalable to handle a lot of online traffic at once. 

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Improved Performance

AngularJS enables web applications to load at a lightning speed. Excellent performance of customized apps is one of the biggest advantages of the AngularJS framework. Banks need to find the right AngularJS development company as a partner to leverage the benefits of this robust framework. 

MIT License

AngularJS uses the MIT software license. If we take an example of financial institutions, these institutions tend to stay away from open source projects because of the licensing hurdles. Here, AngularJS keeps the BFSI sector away from license hurdles. 

MIT software license is highly permissive and compatible with GPL. It can be reused as long as it remains within proprietary programs of the sector. Developers find it highly useful for making the most of the code. 

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How AngularJS Takes Banking Sector to the Future?

Web app developers prefer this framework for building highly professional, seamless, and feature-rich web solutions. These solutions are capable of meeting the diverse and ever-changing requirements of financial institutions. Banking and financial industry players can offer their customers all effective services at lightning speeds in a smooth and secure way using AngularJS. 

The banking sector is known as a slow adaptor to new technologies. However, it is not the case with AngularJS development services. 

The framework can change the sector with sophisticated and user-centric websites and applications. AngularJS-based applications are easy-to-use and interactive for users. 

As a result, banks and financial institutions trust AngularJS for building tailored applications for the next decade. 

It is fair to mention that AngularJS is full of possibilities and it can reshape the online presence of banks and financial institutions over the period. 

Concluding Lines

Google’s AngularJS has made the development of complex frontend applications with interrelated features a reality. 

Web development services can make the banking sector ready for the future with this framework. As one of the most preferred JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS has started gaining a lot of popularity in the BFSI sector because of its advanced features and multiple benefits. We can certainly expect that AngularJS will remain highly popular over the period. 

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Solution Analysts is a reputed AngularJS development services provider in USA and India. Our in-house team of experienced AngularJS developers can build single-page web applications and enterprise-level web solutions with desired features.

We assist modern companies to meet complexities and diverse challenges with Angular-powered solutions in a cost-effective way. Even SMEs and startups can leverage the benefits from advanced web app development services and ensure the growth of the business.

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