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The future of business is dependent on DevOps, to put it frankly. In today’s competitive environment, Development and Operations have emerged as a critical solution helping firms face changes in the industry.

At InApps Technology, we understand that sometimes it can get tricky for companies to put an idea to life with limited or no technical knowledge. But, fear not! This is where we come in. We’ll be your guide every step of the way and inform you of as much knowledge as possible!

This article aims to give readers:

  • Importance of DevOps and its common misconception
  • The Role of Cloud Computing in DevOps
  • Comparing the Top three DevOps tools for storage and cloud computing: GCP VS AWS VS AZURE

Sounds good? Alright, let’s dive in!

DevOps Introduction 

While there are many good explanations of DevOps on the net, we’ll quickly summarize them. DevOps is a movement, a practice that focuses on communication between software developers, QA, and other IT (operations) professionals, at the same time, automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

The focus of DevOps is to get more work done without burning out your teams. Transparency and automation can go a long way for this type of goal. In addition, this approach allows teams to focus on things they excel at.

To the extent of this blog, we’ll not go into details of the origin or process of DevOps but focus on Cloud Computing tools you can leverage. If you’d like to read more, we’ve put in some recommendations at the end of this blog.

Before we go any further, we’d like to be clear about what DevOps isn’t.

Misconceptions of DevOps

DevOps isn’t a combination of Dev and Ops. Thus it is not a department in your organization like Marketing or Sales.

There are no DevOps certifications; therefore, it’s not compliant.

DevOps isn’t a product, so you can’t download or buy it.

Last but not least, DevOps isn’t a tool. However, there are many valuable tools you can leverage to enhance your DevOps journey.

The Eight Steps of DevOps

aws azure google comparison


The following shows the eight steps of the DevOps cycle. In addition, we provide some useful tools for each step to help you get started!

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DevOps and Cloud Computing

As businesses are shifting from a piece-meal approach to a comprehensive end-to-end digital transformation, Cloud is becoming a top agenda for C-suites worldwide. The winners of tomorrow will be the ones maneuvering these changes rapidly, making the right choices, and working with suitable partners to elevate their capabilities.

At this moment, more than ever, the Cloud is essential in helping businesses reopen, reinvent, and above all, overcome uncertainty. As we’ve said earlier, while DevOps isn’t a piece of technology you can install into your company’s hardware, some supporting tools can help smoothen the entire operation. It’s like putting good oil into a rusty machine!

An outstanding example of this technology piece is the Cloud.

comparison of aws google cloud and azure

DevOps and cloud computing

In the old days, we had to use a physical data center for storing digital assets. Due to these characteristics, scalability and elasticity are almost impossible. In addition, maintaining traditional computing requires a lot of time and effort.

Not only that but users also can access data only on the system where those data are stored. In other words, working from home is very unlikely. We’re just listing a few of the disadvantages of traditional computing go on.

With the increasing demand for storage services and remote working, especially in international teams, cloud computing is born.

The Role of the Cloud in DevOps

Cloud computing eases the development process. Why is that?

Because it helps to implement DevOps much simpler and more accessible by empowering every single step of the development cycle, particularly with:

  • Source code management
  • Knowledge management
  • Workflow automation

In other words, cloud computing:

  • Provides means collaboration: teams from across the globe can easily communicate and collaborate without being there when a change needs to be made physically. This comes in handy, especially when having contract professionals working from across the globe.
  • Enables automated testing: the app can be built and tested in many different environments.
  • Provides secure cloud gateways: this feature allows granted users to access enterprise resources from any location and any device. The best part is without compromising the security of the network itself.
  • Removes the need for physical machine tests: this helps increase time savings and reduce costs thanks to the on-demand nature of cloud technology.

aws azure google comparison

Top 3 DevOps Tools for Storage and Cloud Computing: GCP VS AWS VS AZURE


Amazon vs Azure for mobile app

Amazon Web Services 


Publicly launched: 2006

Pioneering in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is widely trusted by large enterprises and the hottest startups worldwide. It helps firms expand and increase competitiveness by offering on-demand Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). This can be categorized into database, computing, content delivery and storage, and networking. You can use them in separation or tandem, depending on your needs.

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Who uses AWS? 

Being the oldest player in the cloud computing market, Amazon has a much bigger community support and userbase. Therefore, AWS serves multiple high-end clienteles like Airbnb, Unilever, BMW, Samsung, Netflix, etc.

GCP vs AWS vs Azure

Amazon vs Azure for mobile app

Google Cloud Platform 


Publicly launched: 2011

Google introduced cloud platform services to help clients store data more intelligently. At the same time, it helps developers reduce the time to build, test, and deploy apps.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers extensive services, namely application, storage, and cloud computing services for backend, mobile, and web solutions.

Since its introduction, GCP has been helping coders and programmers create a serverless execution environment, thus making the development cycle more efficient.

Who uses GCP? 

Naturally, as part of the Google ecosystem, GCP has the same top-notch infrastructure as that of Google Search or YouTube.

As a result, many prestigious firms have laid their faith in GCP. The major clientele of Google Cloud Platform includes HSBC, PayPal, Evernote, eBay, Spotify, HTC, Coca Cola, Sony Music, Bloomberg, Ubisoft, Snapchat, 20th Century Fox, Domino’s, and the list continues.

GCP vs AWS vs Azure

AWS DevOps outsourcing

Microsoft Azure 


Publicly launched: 2010

Similar to its counterpart, Microsoft created Azure to help to build, develop, deploy, as well as manage web apps and mobile apps more efficiently. As part of the Microsoft ecosystem, Azure provides a wide range of features and functionalities. By leveraging these, IT professionals can improve productivity when managing enterprise-level applications.

It is an ideal application that goes well with businesses having standardized Windows and Linux users.

Who uses Azure?

Since its first public release, Microsoft’s brainchild – Azure, has become a household name among high-profile clients from time to time.

Up to this point, Microsoft Azure has almost 80% of Fortune 500 companies as its clients. Here are some big names: Apple, HP, Fujifilm, BMW, Pearson, EY, Maersk, AT&T, Rolls-Royce, FedEx, ASOS, and more.

GCP vs AWS vs Azure

Amazon vs Azure for mobile app

AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure: When to use what?

The best public cloud service provider for you will depend mainly on your needs and workloads. In reality, the best vendor for your project A might not be the best for your project B.

AWS Azure Google price comparison

When it comes to choosing a cloud service provider, pricing options can be the biggest factor affecting the decision-making of IT leaders. The graph shown below indicates the comparison between AWS, Azure, and GCP in terms of price:

aws azure google price comparison


In addition to these pricing models, there is one outstanding model worth mentioning. While AWS and Azure offer pay-per-minute billing options, GCP takes it to a whole new level. They stay ahead by offering a pay-per-second billing option!

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Furthermore, GCP offers many discounts and gives clients more flexibility in contracts to achieve maximum demand influx.

GCP VS AWS VS AZURE: A Three-way Dilemma

According to our research, many experts believe that most enterprises will invest heavily in multi-cloud.

Therefore, adopting a multi-cloud strategy might help lessen vendor lock-in and match your workloads with the most convenient service.

  • The AWS Choice: thanks to its rich collection of tools, services, and massive scale, AWS DevOps outsourcing is ideal for big players. At its size, it’s difficult for Amazon to build a close relationship with every single customer. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more personal relationship, AWS might not be for you. However, there are managed service providers that can offer that exact type of focus.
  • The Azure Choice: All of your existing .Net code will work seamlessly on Azure, your Server environment will connect to Azure, and you will find it very easy to migrate on-premises apps. In addition, Azure’s deep focus on the hybrid Cloud will help you connect the legacy data center environment with the rapidly scalable Microsoft cloud.
  • The Google Choice: Google is growing rapidly. However, it’s a work in progress. Previously, the search giant didn’t have an extensive background in working with enterprises. However, these couple of years have proven the opposite. Google has built a robust cloud computing service, leveraging its core strength in scalability and machine learning technology. It’s worth a look.

The bottom line on GCP VS AWS VS AZURE 

Certain types of companies will be attracted to specific cloud providers than others.

If your firm works on Windows and with a lot of Microsoft-based software, your compatibility probably will be Azure.

If you’re a relatively small, web-based startup looking for ways to scale quickly, take a look at Google Cloud Platform.

Last but not least, if you’re searching for a provider with the widest range of services and worldwide reach, consider AWS.

GCP vs AWS vs Azure

GCP vs AWS vs Azure


I hope you find this article on GCP VS AWS VS AZURE comparison useful.  At InApps Technology, we understand that bringing a brilliant idea to life without much technical knowledge can sometimes be intimidating. That’s why we keep on creating pieces of content similar to this to help you gain more knowledge and more confidence to start your digital journey.

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Why choose InApps?

Throughout the years, we’ve cultivated valuable insights from the industry and are proud to say we’re masters of what we’re doing. From mobile app development to cloud migration services, InApps Technology is here to lend you a supportive hand. 

With a long-term vision, we set out to become a reliable technology companion rather than just an ordinary outsourcing vendor. Now, more than ever, the cloud is vital to help businesses become more resilient towards market changes. If you haven’t go cloud yet, drop us a line to get you started!

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