What to look out for for your next front-end web development project? What is the best front end frameworks 2022? The top 3 web javascript frameworks 2022 are here to help you decide.

In today’s digital era, online presence is a must-have for any business. If you don’t have a website, you’re in trouble today. Every business needs a clean, easy to navigate, functional, and appealing website to attract customers and hopefully maintain their interest. 

This is where Front-end development comes in. Seamlessly done can flourish your business, but the opposite not only creates an unpleasant appearance but also drives away business.

If you are asking yourself what front-end frameworks are and why we need them, keep reading to find the answer!


Javascript frameworks 2022 – best frontend framework 2022

Our previous post covered the importance of building a solid foundation – the back-end web.

In this week’s column, you’ll get a hold of four key points:

  • Explanation of front-end web development
  • Comprehensive comparison of the top three JavaScript framework 2022 for front-end web development.
  • Hiring front-end web developers: Options + Rate across regions
  • Why Vietnam is an offshore software development powerhouse?

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into web front-end development.

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Definition of front-end web development

Web developers use front-end frameworks to facilitate their jobs. These software packages generally provide:

  • Pre-written or reusable code modules.
  • Industry-standard front-end technologies.
  • Multiple ready-made interface blocks.

All of these components make it easier for web developers to develop sustainable web applications and UIs without the hassle of coding every section, function, or object from scratch.

Additionally, these frameworks contain specific development instruments such as a grid – making it easier to place and position the UI design components, pre-defined font settings, other standard building blocks (for example, buttons, navigation bars, side panels, forms, etc.).

Up to this point, there are many different front-end frameworks, and most of them use JavaScript as their source language. Finding which is the best to use can be pretty much time-consuming because you have to consider numerous factors and a lot of nuances. 

If you’re searching for a detailed comparison of the most popular and powerful Javascript frameworks 2022, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Top 3 best frontend javascript frameworks for web development in 2022


Front end javascript frameworks – top front end frameworks 2022



Web front end framework

Initial release: 2011

In a nutshell: ReactJS is one the most popular frameworks for web front-end development out there. Developed by Facebook initially in 2011, ReactJS is a JavaScript component-based library featuring JSX syntax. 

However, until 2013, it took a turn to become an open-source library – making it slightly different from the original definition of a web front-end development framework.

When to use ReactJS?

If your web development projects are complex and have various components with different, usually changing states like:

  • active/inactive navigation items
  • accordion sections expanded/collapsed
  • dynamic inputs
  • buttons active/disabled
  • user login 
  • access permissions

Then these types of projects might be suitable for ReactJS. This framework lets you have more control, manage those changing states easier, last but not least, dynamically present different views to the user according to the state information.

Added to that, ReactJS can even perform more power when combined with a patterned flux library like MobX or Redux.

When not to use ReactJS?

The biggest reason for teams not opting for React is if they’re not ready to code on pure JavaScript. You might avoid React for web front-end development if your team:

  • Has front-end developers that are familiar with CSS
  • Has front-end developers that are familiar with HTML but aren’t comfortable coding with JSX

In our experience, JSX can be more intermediate level for some developers. However, it can be learned quickly, but make sure your team is ready.

What are real-life projects developed with React?

Some popular websites that use React.js in production are Netflix, Facebook, Netflix, UberEats, Khan Academy, Pinterest, Airbnb, Reddit, BBC, etc.

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Front end web development company – best js framework 2022



Web front end framework

Initial release: 2014

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In short, VueJS is a simple and straightforward framework for web front-end development. VueJs became a household name for being good at eliminating difficulties that Angular developers encounter.

While it is smaller in size, VueJs is versatile and helps you achieve many tasks. Whether you’re building a web app and mobile app to a more progressive web app, it can carry out both with ease.

This is why Vue is a more beginner-friendly framework that comes with detailed documentation and a well-supported community.

In addition, this web front-end development framework has various choices of tools, namely plugin installation systems, browser debugging tools, end-to-end testing tools, server renderer, state managers, etc.

When to use VueJS?

Vue is used best in cases like building a single-page application from scratch or launching a somewhat small project. It can easily integrate with already-have server pages.

Additionally, Vue supports designers with web-pack integration and a generous range of powerful features, for example, code-splitting, bundling, tree-shaking, etc.

When not to use VueJS?

Due to being relatively new, Vue is not the most ideal choice for large and complex projects. This framework for web front-end development has challenges in ensuring a due level of steadiness, quick problem-solving, and support. 

However, developers are optimistic that changes are being made to improve these features.

What are real-life projects developed with VueJS?

Popular names using Vue include 9gag, Reuters, Xiaomi, etc.

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Frontend frameworks 2022 – best front-end framework for web development



Web front end framework

Initial release: 2009

Angular is a TypeScript and HTML-based, open-source framework for web front-end development. Over 600,000 websites were created with this medium.

Being Google’s brainchild, Angular has quickly gained popularity in the developer community ever since.

Roughly 60% of web developers have specific experience working with the Angular framework. More than half of them believe it efficiently satisfied their needs.

Angular vs. AngularJS

You may wonder, are Angular and AngularJS the same? The short answer is no.

Angular is TypeScript-based, while AngularJS (as the name suggests) is JavaScript-based.

Thanks to a much more advanced algorithm for data binding and component-based architecture, Angular is at least five times faster than AngularJS.

In addition, Angular supports mobile while AngularJS doesn’t.

Not to mention, Angular upgraded to a better structure, therefore improving performance and speed. While AngularJS, a two-way binding feature, can reduce the efforts and time of construction.

Despite these differences, they certainly have their own strengths when carrying out specific tasks.

When to use Angular?

It’s advisable to use Angular as a front-end web development framework when:

  • Building progressive web apps
  • Developing enterprise-level web apps thanks to advanced refactoring, autocompletion, navigation, etc.
  • Creating single-page applications (SPA) having dynamic content like YouTube.

When not to use Angular?

If you’re a small team working on a relatively small project, Angular can be somewhat overwhelming due to its complexity. 

In case you’re prioritizing SEO, it’s recommended to opt for more SEO-friendly alternatives like React, Vue, Rails, or Laravel.

Added to that, if you use Angular to develop small websites with static content, it can only become more complex, thus increasing page loading time. 

What are real-life projects developed with Angular?

Outstanding real-life examples include Gmail, YouTube, Google Cloud, Forbes, Upwork, PayPal, Weather.com, etc.

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best front end framework 2022 – best frontend websites

A foolproof guide to hiring the best front end development 2022

As there are different levels of front-end web developers, we recommend you understand each one before checking the cost to hire one.

Three Levels of Web Developers

In general, there are three levels of front-end web developers based on seniority:

0-2 years of experience2-5 years of experience

5+ years of experience

  • Can work on simple projects like landing pages without many complex features
  • Has decent development experience.
  • Has in-depth knowledge of a variety of technologies and frameworks.
  • Ability to work independently as well as a team player
  • Has proven experience with a good number of completed projects.
  • Has completed many projects in different business areas.
  • Still have particular knowledge and experience gaps that can gather over time.
  • Is good at delivering more complex and essential projects such as company websites, e-shops, etc.
  • Can effectively collect business as well as technical requirements.
  • Ability to estimate work for tasks assigned with clients.
  • Knows software development lifecycle and has taken projects through them.
  • Ability to lead a team with 3 – 5 or more developers.

Standout traits of InApps Technology – one of the best front end development companies

  • Have good people skills, and work well in teams
  • Possess good to fluent English proficiency, thus can communicate well to clients
  • Have well project management skills and high responsibility in their works
  • Remain committed and devoted to client’s success and satisfaction

Two Hiring Options

When looking for a suitable and reliable “front end” or even back-end web developer, many people face the big question of whether to hire a freelancer, more full-time options like an in-house team or go for outsourcing agencies. This is largely dependent on the details of your project. In short:

  • If you have a small or one-off project, a freelancer should alone do the work.
  • If you need constant care of your website (from development to future scale-up and maintenance), a full-time can do you better.
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In other words, working with a freelancer is often a good choice when you both agree on the time frame, price, and delivery. Their sole job is to create the website, and you take over from there. With static websites or web don’t need a lot of maintenance or upkeep, this is a common choice. 


We both know future scale-up is inevitable with today’s need for digital means. Having a full-time team dedicated to your needs is a more recommended choice. Say you’re building a complex blog site because of its nature. It tends to change often, has a lot of different content. After you’ve gained a growing user base, a future scale-up is needed. So, a standby team ready to fix any potential issues is really helpful.

There are two common types of full-time developers – in-house and offshore developers. In comparison, both types are efficient on their own terms and are a part of your team. However, an offshore developer can remove the administrative and hiring hassle for you more efficiently.

From small to large organizations, resource efficiency is important, and we understand that. That’s why let companies like us – InApps Technology take over the hassle so you can focus on what really your core strengths are.

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Website front end framework – frontend technologies 2022

Where to Hire a Web Developer?

With the help of emerging technology, you can now find and hire web developers without much hassle. In previous times, you had to browse through the local classifieds to hire anyone. Whereas today, you have many websites that will work with you on short notice.

Places you can hire freelance front-end web developers:

  • Freelancer.com — having millions of available remote developers. It includes real-time chat, a milestone payment system, and more.
  • Codeable — an outsourcing service specifically designed for WordPress. Draft out what you need and match with the right web developers quickly. 
  • Upwork — relatively easy to use and includes a lot of tools such as time-tracking and automatic payments for achieved milestones.

Here are a few more nice options for you to consider namely LinkedInAuthentic Jobs, RemoteOK.

Places you can hire offshore web developers & cost:

Almost all regions have vendors offering offshore developers recruitment services. While each has its own outstanding points and setbacks, here are some insights on the rate to hire web developers across the world we’ve collected.

All the currencies shown below are in USD.

Web Developer Rate in North America

Key countries: the United States and Canada

Due to economic conditions, the most expensive development professionals are based in North America, specifically in the US. Therefore, the hourly rate for a web developer, without a doubt, can be pretty high. Let’s take a quick look at how much does a web developer cost in North America.

LevelHourly Rate

Web Developer Rate in Western Europe

Key countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland

Western developers have certainly proven their position in the market thanks to the decent quality of services. Due to living conditions, we can notice the cost while less than in North America, but still high compared to the world. Let’s see how much does a web developer cost in Western Europe.

LevelHourly Rate

Web Developer Rate in Eastern Europe

Key countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Poland

Eastern Europe seems like a somewhat nice option to consider when looking for web offshore development engineers, thanks to its geographical as well as language proficiency. Let’s dive into how much does a web developer cost in Eastern Europe.

LevelHourly Rate

Web Developer Rate in Southeast Asia

Key countries: Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

Over the period of time, Southeast Asia has proven to be a powerhouse in software development outsourcing, thanks to its competitive offers. Special incentives from all efforts for the digital era are prioritized. When companies want to lower web development costs while maintaining top-notch quality, SEA certainly makes the cut. Let’s see how much a web developer cost in Southeast Asia.

LevelHourly Rate

Why Vietnam for offshore development?

In the recent decade, the Vietnamese government and authorities have made special incentives to welcome the wave of solid ICT investment.

Special thanks to initiatives like attracting foreign investment as well as a clear digital transformation policy, Vietnam strengthens its position as a software outsourcing powerhouse. 

In addition, there are around 45,500 ICT enterprises with total revenue of around 120 billion USD (Ministry of Information and Communications, 2020). At a 2020 conference with Qualcomm, the tech giant set foot to increase R&D expenditure in this country to help Vietnamese businesses, particularly startups, become more competitive and strengthen capacity.

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It doesn’t stop there!

Vietnamese developer’s competence in global tech assessment platforms:

  • Top 29th Worldwide in Developer Skills – the only one of SEA region in Top 30. (Skillvalue, 2019)
  • Top 23rd Worldwide in Developer Skills (HackerRank, 2016)
  • Top 6th Worldwide in Developer Skills (TopCoder, 2016)

Additionally, Vietnam is in the global indexes of software development outsourcing:

  • 5th in Global Services Location Index (Kearney, 2019)
  • 13th in top 50 Global Digital Nations (Tholons, 2019)
  • 18th in top 100 Outsourcing Destination with HCMC (18th) and Hanoi (19th) (Tholons, 2016)

The list goes on!

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Thank you for reaching the end of this article.

At InApps Technology, we make efforts to listen to client’s needs thoroughly before starting any project. That’s why we keep on sharing these types of informative articles to help you gain more and more insights, and ultimately your firms’ needs and challenges as well as how to overcome them timely.

Stay tuned for our next article: UI/UX Design company pick: Sketch vs.Figma vs. Zeplin.

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