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The most threatening thing about pandemic time is it has a disastrous impact on the economy and business operations along with people’s lives worldwide. Very few industry sectors can survive this trying time. The top of these sectors is the on-demand delivery services sector. It is blessed by advanced technology to bring automation and increase convenience while people remain under the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the pandemic.

It is fair to mention that the on-demand economy thrives because of sudden and stringent restrictions on our mobility and transportation of goods. These restrictions are necessary because the COVID-19 is an airborne virus that can contaminate objects and humans. It’s spread can be prevented through lockdowns and limited movements. But, such restrictions have boosted the delivery business worldwide.

The online courier delivery concept is the base of the on-demand delivery business. This concept has given rise to an on-demand courier delivery solution. Such a solution is useful for consumers and service providers alike. Here in this article, we will go through the objectives of on-demand courier delivery app development and the benefits of courier delivery solution in the pandemic situation.

But before moving forward, let’s go through some interesting facts given by Statista for courier business.

• Over 15 billion parcels are distributed worldwide
• Online shoppers are ready to spend up to 5 USD for shipping in the US
• Projected courier and related business revenue in North America is 90bn euros in the year 2020
• B2B parcel market share in the US is 14%

Here are the key objectives of the on-demand courier delivery solution.

Major Objectives of Modern On-demand Courier Delivery Solution

• Enhances the convenience and comfort of the end-users
• Real-time tracking of orders and give related information
• Offers more value to customers through improving business processes
• Provides online records of booking and other activities
• Facilitates business persons to simplify business processes
• Optimizes route and gives full control of the fleet
• Takes care of invoicing, estimates, and other necessary aspects

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Simply put, the on-demand courier delivery app solution can increase the efficiency of courier services and you can provide an excellent customer experience. Let’s go through some of the essential features of the online courier delivery solution.

The Courier Delivery App - cta

Most Important Features of Courier Delivery Solution

Just like other on-demand delivery applications, the courier delivery solution improves services and increases the productivity of your business. However, the courier delivery solution must have the following features.

The on-demand courier delivery solution has two separate applications for users and delivery persons respectively.

User-side Features Or User Panel

Registration and Profile Creation

Users can register themselves through a social media account or Gmail address and phone number. Registration in the on-demand courier delivery solution is short and simple. Users can sign in by providing their basic details like contact number and Gmail address.

After successful registration, the users can create their profile. They can put a profile picture and give other necessary information. This is a one-time process and they do not need to give any sensitive or confidential details in profile creation.

Arrange Delivery

This feature enables the user to complete the entire booking process. The user can either select the pickup location from saved addresses or enter the other address. Then drop location needs to be added afterward. Then as per the product’s size, users can select the courier type from the envelope, box, or other types. After selecting the type, users can select the dimension. For example, if box packing is selected, then the size or dimension of the box is selected as per the item size.

After selecting the type and size of the courier, users can select the delivery mode. Economy or Standard Delivery, Delux Delivery, and Premium Delivery are three different modes. The mode selection takes the user to the confirmation page and payment page. After making the payment, the delivery is arranged.

Food Delivery and Grocery Delivery

The on-demand courier delivery solution offers delivery options for food and grocery. Users can search restaurants or grocery stores and add items to get delivered. After selecting the delivery mode and making payment, the delivery is arranged. This is an important feature of the on-demand courier delivery solution.

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Apart from food and grocery delivery, it is also possible to arrange the medicine delivery through the courier solution. Courier delivery services providers can add this feature in the solution for addressing the growing demand for the home delivery of medicines.

Tracking Feature

It enables users to find the location of the delivery person so that the users can track their deliveries with ease. What’s more, they can contact the delivery person. Delivery Record shows past and pending deliveries. Users can monitor the movement and get an estimated time of delivery through the tracking feature.The Courier Delivery App-cta1

  • Delivery Person-side Features or Delivery Panel

Profile Creation
The delivery person can create an account using the email address and contact number. Once the registration process is done, the delivery person can make a profile. Here T&Cs and important contact numbers are mentioned to give 24/7 support to the delivery persons.

Delivery Information
Delivery information is the same feature as it is in the user panel. It can help delivery persons to find the customer’s location. The delivery person can also contact the customer if the address is not found or other circumstances. This feature gives every necessary information to the delivery person like the type of courier, customer’s name and address, contact details, etc.

Delivery information is a kind of dashboard for delivery persons. They can get all the necessary information at once through this feature. What’s more, they can change the status to ‘Picked’ or ‘Delivered’ to inform the admin about the delivery status.

Delivery History
This feature enables delivery persons to check new and past deliveries. Be it food, grocery, or any other item, delivery persons can see all the information about active and completed deliveries. Delivery history also shows the route of the past deliveries along with the payment details. This feature is useful as a worksheet for delivery persons.

Built-in Wallet
You can deposit money in the inbuilt wallet. Delivery persons can see the record of transactions for every delivery. They can also see which payment method was selected by the customers for a particular order. Earning related to every order is also shown together for the delivery person’s record.

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This eWallet can be integrated with the bank account of delivery persons. They can transfer their earnings anytime to the bank account. E-Wallet application in the delivery solution is a safe and quick option to get paid. You can deposit the amount in the delivery person’s account in a secure and transparent way.

Apart from these two panels, the courier delivery solution has an Admin Panel. This panel gives you complete control over the delivery process. You can see the status of pending deliveries and monitor the delivery person’s movements. The admin panel can be integrated with analytics tools to track the app’s usage and get the necessary reports. The warehouse management system can also be integrated with the courier delivery solution in large-scale business.

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  • How Courier Delivery Solution Helps Your Business during COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is struggling against coronavirus as cases are increasing at a steady pace. However, social distancing and lockdown are proven effective against this dreaded disease. Both these concepts have tremendously increased the demand for home delivery of grocery, food, and other necessary products. Courier service providers can meet this growing demand with the help of a courier delivery solution.

Online, on-demand delivery services can help us curb the spread of the corona outbreak. Talking about the courier delivery solution, it enables your delivery persons to avoid customer’s contact thanks to the online payment facility. Courier services are prone to contamination as delivery persons and courier service providers come across a large number of clients. The on-demand courier delivery solution can help courier service providers to get rid of this issue.

Concluding Lines

On-demand delivery solutions have brought revolutionary changes in our lifestyle by enhancing convenience. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that an on-demand courier delivery solution is a technological boon to get groceries, food, and other necessary items at our doorstep. This solution not only simplifies your courier delivery processes but also helps you retain customers through a pleasant delivery experience.

The Courier Delivery App-cta2

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