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The COVID-19 pandemic has massively changed the shopping habits of people in many ways. Take the example of buying groceries. People prefer to give orders online for necessary groceries amid lockdown-like situation and prevalence of social distancing. Here on-demand grocery app solutions remain handy and app users can get required groceries and other items right at their doorstep using their fingertips.

The customized grocery app not only enables users to get rid of standing in a long queue but also assist them to follow the social distancing norms. Before the coronavirus outbreak, the grocery apps were considered as a convenient and secure way for online grocery shopping. In this COVID-19 era, grocery apps have become a compelling necessity for people across the world.

These days, all brick-and-mortar grocery shop owners need user-friendly apps to expand their business while offering excellent services to customers. Even grocery delivery startup should also consider building a grocery app to draw the attention of many prospective customers in a short time in this corona age. Let’s go through some quick facts that show the importance of bespoke on-demand grocery delivery app solutions in these turbulent times.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Walmart Grocery app has created a new record with over 460% increase in the number of downloads during the COVID-19 pandemic to overtake Amazon by 20%. Not only Walmart Grocery but also Instacart and Shipt have recorded a surge of 218% and 124% respectively in the number of downloads during this time.

You may ask a question- which are the objectives addressed by a grocery app development company through developing a feature-rich grocery delivery app? Read on to know the answer.

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Top Seven Objectives of On-demand Grocery Delivery App during COVID-19 Era

Change in Consumer Behavior

This is the biggest challenge for the grocery businesses during COVID-19 era. Though the transition in consumer’s shopping behavior from brick-and-mortar to online was visible before the outbreak of coronavirus, it is fair to mention that the pandemic has significantly increased the number of people who prefer online shopping.

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Amid the lockdown-like situation, consumers have started cooking 6 dinners at home, which is higher than 3.8 dinners every week in the year 2018. It clearly increases the demand for groceries and opens the doors of new opportunities for grocery delivery startups.

Also, the consumer’s search behavior is changing with the increasing popularity of online search and social media-based search for various products. The grocery delivery app solutions fit well in meeting both these needs.

Automation and Digitization

As a grocery store owner, you have to deal with challenges related to workforce and social distancing. For example, while giving the safety of workers against the dreaded coronavirus the top priority, you have to manage with a limited staff.

Automation and Digitization

But then, the limited workforce can lead your grocery delivery business to various issues including delays in delivery and poor customer services. Also, grocery delivery persons have to remain in contact with many people every day, therefore, they are prone to infection.

In such a situation, digitization and automation lend a helping hand. Your feature-rich grocery app can assist you to manage business processes with limited staff and without affecting the customer services. It simplifies the delivery process and brings automation at every stage, which will be highly appreciated by your customers over the period.

Simplification of Processes

The customized grocery app can simplify your grocery business. Whether you develop a grocery app for Android or iOS, simple navigation and user-friendliness are two important characteristics of it. What’s more, the grocery app can simplify user registration, checkout, and online search processes.

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You need not hire customer service executives or order booking persons thanks to the feature-rich grocery app. While providing a pleasant shopping experience, the grocery app can bring simplicity, scalability, and flexibility in your grocery business in the corona age and beyond.

Business Model Transformation

Like other businesses, the grocery delivery business also undergoes a massive transformation during the COVID-19 age. The paradigm shift from physical to the online store is visible in the grocery delivery business because people tend to avoid physical contact.

Business Model Transformation

Many people are afraid of buying goods from crowded places or even supermarkets. It is also possible that customers have to pass through hotspots to reach the market, and obviously, they hesitate to buy groceries from such areas during corona age.

As a result, brick-and-mortar retailers look for transforming their business models using customized grocery app solutions. Such apps can help them attract new customers and retain existing ones while boosting sales.

Supply Chain Management Concerns

One of the biggest concerns for on-demand delivery services during the COVID-19 age is supply chain management issues. Delayed delivery and a limited workforce can intensify these issues. During the lockdown-like situation, the demand for some of the products can abruptly increase, and retailers may not fulfill them on time. As a result, customers may have to wait more or they may not get the items they want. These issues can be resolved effectively using an advanced grocery app.

A customized grocery delivery app has separate panels for the admin, customers, and delivery persons or drivers. The app offers complete control over inventory and helps retailers manage the supply chain with ease.

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Efficient and Enhanced Services

An eMeals survey has revealed that 34% of the respondents preferred online grocery stores or grocery delivery apps over their local stores for weekly grocery shopping. The reasons for the growing popularity of grocery apps include easy pickup and doorstep delivery services. Enhanced shopping experience and convenience also play a vital role in increasing the popularity of the mobile app.

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As mentioned above, people tend to get doorstep deliveries while following social distancing and other norms imposed by the government these days, and this situation will last for a longer duration. There, the grocery delivery app solutions with desired features can assist your customers with an excellent shopping experience.

Following social distancing and other norms

Last but not the least reason is the on-demand grocery delivery app enables users to follow social distancing norms imposed by most countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled people to stay home and get all the necessary items at their doorstep by giving orders online. The grocery delivery app solutions are designed to offer the following benefits

• Avoiding the queue- The app users can give orders from the comforts of their homes
• Saving time and efforts- The on-demand grocery delivery app saves time and efforts of users
• Ensuring safety- The app enables the government and citizens in the containment of the pandemic

Simply put, grocery delivery apps are designed to provide convenience and safety while purchasing goods online. An official study has revealed that the online grocery app usage will reach 30.4 million in 2022, and the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to achieving this milestone. As a grocery retailer, you need to select the right grocery app development company to come up with an engaging and efficient grocery delivery app in the COVID-19 age.

Concluding Lines

While battling against the dreaded coronavirus, we have learned to live with it. More people tend to give online orders globally, and the on-demand grocery app solutions make the process more simple and convenient. Whether you are a grocery retailer or running a chain of grocery stores, a seamlessly-performing app is inevitable to grow your business and increase sales.

A reputed grocery app development company can help you come up with a robust on-demand delivery app with all the necessary features.

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