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Difference between Good and Great Developers – is an article many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn Difference between Good and Great Developers – in today’s post !

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The Overview

good vs great developers

If writing the code were a science, all developers would probably be working the same thing as the other. To begin with, just in case of the art, no two developers have the same thinking or perception or the way of working, and so it -in the case of writing codes.


Some struggle to produce the desired outcome, to a few, it comes almost naturally, as if an insight hits them at the moment they sit to create programs or solve a problem.
It’s not an exclusive challenge.

We’ve seen many large enterprises and companies across industries struggle with the same issue. Many have created a filtering process by means of various tests. Just writing down the great code doesn’t allow anyone to judge the programmers’ hence, the overall potential of whether it is good or a great programmer.

Furthermore, there’s a way.

are some other indicators apart from the quality of code written that separate
great programmers from good ones.

Who are Programmers?

-Good Programmer

who can write working programs to solve problems is a programmer.

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A good programmer, one who collaborates with others to create defensible, elegant programs suitable for use by the customer, on time and with low defect rates, with little or no interpersonal skills.

-Great Programmer

Here makes for a great programmer is one who understands:

  • algorithms and architectures
  • can build self-consistent large systems with little supervision,
  • can invent new algorithms,
  • achieve refactor live systems without breaking them,
  • Communicate effectively and cogently with nontechnical staff on technical and nontechnical issues
  • understands how to keep his or her ego in check
  • Can teach his or her skills to others.

Here the ultimate question, how do you identify a great programmer?

  • The person will quickly get to the depth of your problem
  • Giving instant solutions, difficult, but he/she will stick to the problem and provide a solution.

The Dilemma of Great Developers

  • Great developers are subtle.
  • Their productivity is 3 times that of an average developer and 10 times that of a bad developer.
  • The top 1% of developers in the world don’t just write solid code but have important intangible traits.

Characteristics of Great Developers

characteristics of good developers

1. Confident Approach

  • A great programmer cares about your project.
  • They maintain a positive attitude towards their work, willing to go for their job every day and always being dedicated to their job.
  • It should be noted that the program should not be burdened with loads of deadlines, sometimes it sets the productivity down.
  • When you need to bring a product to market or need to ship a certain feature out by the deadline, the great programmer will step up and get the product released whenever possible, because they care.
  • A great developer doesn’t let their ego come in between their work.
  • A good way to engender a positive attitude is to give them interesting projects to work on, give them a sense of ownership and praise them for good work.

Start-ups can:

  • give out stock options,
  • pay employees for working overtime,
  • provide compensated paid leave,
  • Find other perks that ensure great programmers are retained.
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2. Excellent Communication Skills

  • Good communication skills directly correlate with good development skills.
  • A great developer is able to understand problems clearly,
  • break them down into hypotheses,
  • Propose solutions in a coherent manner.

3. Assignment Management

  • Great developers have a highly reliable attitude.
  • know how to maintain ethics at work
  • Have the ability to analyze how much time needed for work completion and delivering it on time.

4. Abrupt Learning Capability

  • Great learners normally have the ability of self- learning.
  • They have the ability to learn new technologies and aren’t browbeaten by new technologies.
  • Great programmers will find the resources, talk to the right people and always get their work done.
  • The best thing about great programmers is that they are always motivated to do self-learning.

5. Technical Experience

  • Great developers have experience of working with great technologies and are capable of working with them with ease.
  • The right program for your project will be able to hit the ground running because they already know the right technologies.
  • They will follow coding standards and will write code that is understandable.
  • By combining their cognitive abilities and diverse industry experience, they’re able to arrive at optimal solutions quickly.

6. Team Player

  • Another good quality of great developers is that they are always ready to share their work experience with others.
  • They like to help their teammates and also teach them good skills which will help them not only professionally but also personally.

7. High-end user focus

  • A good programmer does what is asked of them while a great programmer thinks of the end user of the software and works to solve problems for them within the abilities of the organization.
  • A great programmer wants to know the feature they’re building is of high value and pushes back when a feature creates no value for anyone.

How to become a Great Developer?

  •  Hone The Mind
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Hike The experience
  • Form Your Toolbox
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