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Organizations have spent the year 2020 responding to new risks and challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways various industries operate and made traditional processes obsolete globally. In the corona epoch, digitization has become a matter of survival, and companies tend to implement digital transformation solutions to remain competitive. 

Be it remote working, collaborative workforce, or supply chain management, digital transformation has become the need of the hour for modern enterprises. In the year 2021, CIOs and IT leaders will shift their focus from a reactive posture to proactive digital transformation initiatives to keep the business model relevant to the global changes. 

With this, we can expect the rise of digital transformation in fintech, fitness, healthcare, manufacturing, and other core industry sectors over the period. 

Top Ten Digital Transformation Trends Set to Dominate in 2021

Let’s go through some of the top technology trends that are likely to influence industries while transforming digitally in the year 2021 and beyond. 

Quantum Computers

Recently, quantum computers have played a vital role in developing therapies and potential vaccines. These computers use qubits instead of traditional bits. With the ‘overlapping’ ability, Quantum computers can open the doors of new opportunities for modern enterprises. 

Quantumc omputers

These computers are transforming healthcare and other core sectors while revolutionizing communications. In the year 2021 and beyond, we will witness the growth in the usage of Quantum computers in the corporate world. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Businesses, governments, and other private enterprises need quick solutions for daily issues and advanced problems. There, Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into the picture. Organizations are ready to embrace AI as an integral component of the digital transformation strategy. An AI app development company can integrate advancements of AI technology in all the core systems and processes to open various possibilities. 

If we talk about digital transformation in healthcare, as many as 57.7% of healthcare leaders plan to invest in AI and machine learning to increase digital transformation. As companies tend to keep automation at the core, AI technology will always remain handy.  

Digital Transformation Trends-CTA-2


As more entrepreneurs tend to integrate digital transformation solutions into their workflow, cyberattacks can be increased. What makes the matter worse is the pandemic has made remote working or WFH a new norm for almost all companies across the world. As a result, cyberattacks are also on the rise because home systems are more vulnerable. 

Therefore, implementing robust cybersecurity practices becomes essential for businesses while going through a transformation. CIOs and CTOs of the companies should keep the cybersecurity strategies on par with the speed of adopting digital transformation. 

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

This is relatively a new concept but enterprises seem to adopt it across the world for strengthening the customer-centric approach. Gone are the days when a CRM was sufficient to serve customers effectively. 

Customer Data Platforms

These days, enterprises count upon the Customer Data Platform (CDP) while keeping the customers in the center. 

An integrated customer database helps businesses in unified data collection, consolidation, big data processing, activation, and execution from both online and offline channels. Research has revealed that over a quarter of organizations are planning to invest in CDPs to ensure profitable growth with a customer-oriented approach. 

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Internet of Things (IoT)

It is one of the biggest digital transformation trends for years to come. Be it a digital transformation in fitness, healthcare, or fintech, IoT remains highly relevant for every industry sector. Leaders of the manufacturing, retail, and logistics industries have also shown interest in this technology. 

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IoT will fetch more relevant data and the big data analytics will analyze to convert the data into actionable insights for enterprises. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that IoT will become a game-changer in the future by offering enterprises an edge over their peers. 

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Customer-centric Approach

This is another important trend for improving customer experiences. Amid uncertainties in the business and sinking economy, enterprises with a customer-centric approach will survive and thrive. The year 2021 will be crucial for identifying target customers amid lockdowns and social distancing. 

Customer-centric Approach

We will witness the rise of emerging technologies for delivering excellent customer experiences. Business leaders understand the value of the customer’s expectations and the importance of riding the wave of customer change. 

Digital Payment Solutions

A fintech app development company integrates the advancements of blockchain and other emerging technologies for developing contactless, digital payment solutions. After the advent of the pandemic, more people have started preferring contactless payments worldwide. 

This trend is here to stay in the post-COVID-19 era as well. Digital transformation in fintech industry can help banks and financial institutions to come up with advanced and secure online payment solutions. 

Connected Supply Chains

In recent times, the customer’s behaviors and expectations have been changed dramatically. They are now more tech-savvy and prefer a personalized experience while purchasing products they like. Here, established supply chains may not serve these objectives properly. 

Connected Supply Chains

Thorough research of products, purchasing across multiple channels, and transparency until the product gets delivered are some of the major expectations of today’s customers. The connected supply chain can fulfill these expectations effectively and make your customers happy. 

Cloud Computing 

Connected cloud is an outcome of the continued evolution of cloud computing. These days, companies realize that it is not good to go through all public and private cloud or data centers. It is simply because their needs keep on changing. Therefore, the concept of connected clouds has started gaining ground. 

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Cloud computing and connected clouds concepts can meet cloud-sourced storage, digital security, and networking-related requirements effectively. They can meet evolving needs of companies with ease while ensuring anytime access. 

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

When we discuss the digital transformation in fintech sector, blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts remain on the center stage. Though various industry sectors have adopted blockchain, the BFSI sector remains its key beneficiary. 

In the coming years, we can certainly expect that entrepreneurs and blockchain app development companies will explore more possibilities with this technology. Particularly, cybersecurity and online transaction will remain in focus.

Concluding Lines

Digital transformation solutions are set to disrupt the corporate world in the year 2021 and beyond. All these major trends will have a significant impact on various industry sectors. The right time for embarking on a digital journey for your company is now! Just find the right AI app development company that deals with the latest transformation trends while building robust digital transformation solutions. 

We, at Solution Analysts, strive to provide top-notch digital transformation solutions across various industry sectors. Our experienced professionals can integrate advancements of AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies to meet the complex requirements of modern enterprises. We have served many corporate clients globally with feature-rich and user-friendly solutions. 

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