Currently, many companies operate under the SaaS network software model – Software as a Service. It is predicted that by 2020, about 73% of businesses will follow this model.

This is a business model in which businesses provide online software and paid users to access/use. This software is based on cloud computing technology.

SaaS allows users to use the software anywhere, faster access, lower cost, easier to use. SaaS has many forms, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM – Customer Relationship Management); collaboration services and email; Sales Manager; Document Management; edit, and create software.

The SaaS industry has been around the world since the 1960s. Behind that admirable success are the impressive efforts and hard work of many technology companies. In particular, the following 7 names are listed as pioneers, making a difference for the SaaS world.


Slack is a fast messaging platform based on cloud technology. But Slack doesn’t just stop at messaging. With the ability to send and store files, make video calls and create organized work channels, the company has made huge strides from an early startup.

So what is the secret of Slack’s success? The answer certainly lies in the design, when many customers admit to being “addicted” to Slack and use it every day. Instead of acting as a traditional chat tool, Slack’s goal is to become a “robot assistant”, helping users in everyday life.

It sounds funny, but this goal is really effective. To date, Slack has more than 10 million users and this number will continue to increase in the future.

Here, the secret to success is right in the product. As long as it’s a good, user-friendly product, someone will definitely agree to pay for it.


Currently, Google offers 137 different SaaS products, from office software like Google Docs to advertising tools like Google Adwords. With a net worth of up to $ 300 billion, this is truly a company worth learning.

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At Google, the biggest highlight is innovation. This is also the key to every mission of the company. For many people, the automatic search results, the ads and the content ranking have become so normal, nothing worth mentioning. But keep in mind, all of these improvements were created by Google. As an innovator, Google has accepted to stand in front of the wave, to accept the danger, to accept thoughts that are not the only alternative but also about the future of the person.


This customer relationship management (CRM) tool allows users to create and track job situations, and also manage invoices, deliver goods, and manage customer data. For Zendesk, what makes success is creativity.

Zendesk not only expects creativity from the marketing communication team. That creativity must be present in the engineers themselves, the programmers. Therefore, Zendesk gives them the freedom to do what they think is best. This helps the developer team to create a huge number of extremely new products and applications for customers.


Shopify owns a digital market solution product, allowing users to launch, develop and manage their own online store. Everything from products to warehouses to payments and shipping can be managed through Shopify’s software. According to statistics, Shopify is the website with the third-largest number of visitors in the world in the service trade.

One of the factors that make Shopify’s success is its diverse content. This helps Shopify get millions of views every month. In Shopify’s case, dominating the field is creating products and resources that catch people’s attention. Remember that accurate, easy to connect, and relevant content is the key to success


SurveyMonkey is the software used in many surveys because of its optimal management and design features. SurveyMonkey’s operating model is freemium (paid sales) and the company grows on average 17% per year.

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Former SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg shares a lot of secrets for success. According to him, one of them is to have a vision, to prepare a path for the move and have a clear goal. Must point out what you are doing, why you are doing it, why the product is important. After that, market and sell the product to everyone with deep confidence and pride.


The SaaS business segment of Microsoft is very developed today, with a growth rate of up to 45% per year. At the present time, Microsoft is still considered a pioneer in improving and moving desktop applications to the cloud, the prime example is Office 365.


Adapting to changes in new ways is one of the keys to Microsoft’s success. Despite competing with Apple, Microsoft is constantly creating products and services that are always present on Apple products themselves! Instead of trying to dominate a market, Microsoft is slowly, surely setting foot in many areas. Sometimes this is a much more successful business strategy than just focusing on one area.


Adobe was not originally a SaaS provider. In the past, their products were installed and used offline. However, when realizing the rapid transformation of software market share, Adobe knows that they need to change to maintain their foothold. This led to the company’s transformation in 2012. Adobe gradually launched SaaS offering plans to allow users to access Adobe services through the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Why did Adobe achieve these successes? The answer is that they know how to continually analyze Return on Investment (ROI) based on the data so that they can make the most specific strategies and action plans. Best.

In Conclusion

Overall, success is made possible by leadership, a team of highly qualified professionals, and specific visions. The SaaS industry, with its tremendous success, is a fertile ground to cultivate and learn. Attention and learning from the most successful SaaS businesses will help startups in this field achieve their dream achievements.

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InApps Technology – SaaS application development company in Vietnam

Established in 2016, InApps Technology has continually evolved over the past years to reach the forefront of being a leading software development and IT outsourcing company in Vietnam.


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We provide solutions to different SAAS applications to diverse industries. Our development process includes:

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  • App & Data Management on the cloud by delivering on-demand service, from developing to deploying the SAAS app solution as well as maintenance and cloud scaling.
  • Greatest execution with a complete process from consulting, designing, development, testing, debugging, and ongoing support.
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