According to the survey results, a Full-stack Developer salary in the world is about $ 54,000 / year. In Vietnam, the salary of a Full Stack Developer ranges from 756$ to over 2500$/month. Of which, over 50% receive a salary from 966 $ to $ 1,260 / month and about 25% receive a salary of over $ 2,500 / month. For those in management positions such as PM or Tech lead, the salary is higher.

This is the average monthly payment, including housing, transportation, and other perks. Salary ranges for Full Stack Developers vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region. Below is a thorough analysis based on a variety of factors.

What is a full stack in programming?

Full-Stack Web Development is still the most popular trend today. 

A full-stack developer is a combination of knowledge, intuitive and in-depth understanding of both front-end and back-end, and mastering best practices and concepts.

Naturally, full-stack developers can code for every system component, and they will do their best if they are excellent. This requires a lot of skills as well as experience.

However, a full stack developer handling the front end will not be able to be a front-end expert. This is similar to the backend. They will have a broad understanding of the various components and how they will interact in the development process and combine them into one finished product.

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Full-stack developers can’t do the best

A Full-Stack Web Developer can work on both the front-end and back-end of an application. The front end is generally the part that the user can see and interact with. At the same time, the back-end is the part of the application that handles logic, database interaction, user authentication, server configuration, etc. As a Full-Stack Web Developer, you don’t necessarily have to do all the front-end to back-end work, but that means you can work on both front-end and back-end; and understand what is happening when building an application.

Full-stack developer salary in Vietnam

Vietnamese programmer’s salary can reach more than 1,400 USD.

In industry 4.0, with a series of new technologies, programmers are not challenged to achieve a salary of over 1,000 USD.

The recruitment demand in the IT industry is increasing sharply and is expected to need 350,000 employees by the end of 2021. Still, currently, only about 200,000 people are sufficient to meet the public needs.

Vietnam is moving from outsourcing to making products by itself, so there is a need for more qualified programmers. Therefore, up to half of the Vietnamese programmers are now aged 25-34, but those over 35 years of experience are still valued at companies.

New programmers have an average salary of 300-400 USD per month. Experienced programmers, usually at least two years or more, are recommended to range from USD 700 to USD 1,400. Meanwhile, the full stack developer (FSD) group has the highest income, about 1,400-1,600 USD, because they need all the skills of the operating system, database, web server, etc. to do all from receiving customer requests, analyzing, proposing, designing, programming, fixing bugs, deploying, maintaining … and keeping the mind ready to do things from easy to difficult.

However, only 13% of programmers are satisfied with the current salary and more than 50% of the programmers are willing to jump when the agreed remuneration is better.

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Five technological trends are being recruited, and developers are mostly interested in the following fields: Blockchain, AI, Fintech, AR/VR, and IoT. AI is the field that is being applied with the highest practicality because the technology is complete.

Full Stack Developer average hourly wage in Vietnam

The average hourly wage (pay per hour) in Vietnam is 103,000 VND. This indicates that Vietnam’s typical Full Stack Developer makes around 103,000 VND for each hour worked.

Full-stack developer salary in Vietnam compared to the city


Average Salary

Da Nang

16,600,000 VND

Ha Noi

18,800,000 VND

Hai Phong

15,900,000 VND

Ho Chi Minh 

18,400,000 VND

Full-stack Developer salary by experience in Vietnam

The essential aspect in deciding remuneration is the amount of experience. Naturally, the more years of experience you have, the greater your salary. We discovered this after breaking down Full Stack Developer wages by experience level.

A Full Stack Developer with less than two years of experience may earn around 10,600,000 VND per month.

Someone with two to five years of experience will earn 14,200,000 VND per month, which is 34% higher than someone with less than two years of experience.

Someone with five to 10 years of experience earns 18,400,000 VND per month, which is 30% more than someone with two to five years of experience.

Furthermore, Full Stack Developer(s) with ten to fifteen years of experience earn 22,300,000 VND a month, 21% more than someone with five to ten years of experience.

If you have between fifteen and twenty years of experience, you may expect to earn 24,400,000 VND each month, 9% higher than someone with 10 to fifteen years of experience.

Finally, individuals with more than twenty years of professional experience earn a monthly wage of 25,600,000 VND, which is 5% higher than those with fifteen to twenty years of experience.


Full-stack developer salary: FAQ

1. Are full stack developers happy?

Full-stack developers ranked their salary satisfaction as 3.5/5. Most full-stack engineers are content with their salary, with relatively little dissatisfaction.

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Full-stack developers rate the significance of their work 2.9/5 on average. While most full-stack developers are unsatisfied with their jobs, others may be able to find purpose in them.

Overall, full-stack developers assessed their work environment as 3.8/5 enjoyable. Many full-stack developers appreciate their work environment, which likely contributes to the overall job satisfaction of a full-stack developer.

2. How much do full stack developers make?

Full-Stack Developers earn high salaries since they possess a wide range of skills in high demand by most companies.

According to, based on 10,000 incomes throughout the US, the annual average Full-Stack Developer salary is $107,487.

3. What is a good salary in Vietnam?

Salaries can range between 14,200,000 VND and 130,000,000 VND. When extra compensation and perks are considered, Full Stack Developers in Vietnam may anticipate their overall pay value to be around 38,000,000 VND.

4. What is web developer salary?

According to PayScale, the top yearly salary for web developers is $59,108 in the United States. Australia comes in the second position, with an annual income of $41,237.

Meanwhile, the yearly salary for a web developer in Vietnam is $14,694. This is not a large number, but it is more significant than Indonesia and the Philippines.

WEB-DEVELOPER-SALARY5. What is the average salary of a programmer?

The average Programmer’s pay in the United States was $65,938, with a salary range of $58,590 to $76,721. Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on various things, including schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you have worked in your field.

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