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Hiring talented software engineers is like going deep in the ocean to find the best as well as shinning pearl for the company. Secondly, recruiting top technical talent, especially software developers is difficult to find.

Who Are The Recruiter?


A recruiter is a person who set some parameter for the candidate and on the basis of that parameter, they hire the candidates. It is really important for the recruiter to maintain the name of the company. That’s why it is really important for the recruiters as well as the candidate to fulfill all the requirements of each other.

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To hire the talented as well as potential candidate, it is really important for the recruiter to provide the best and quality person to the company which capable for all the tasks and all the problem in the company.

Every recruiter of the company always hires a personality which influences their company as well as the one who provide productive work to the company.

Things that noticed by the recruiters:

It is the 21st century where we all live and no one has that much time to know about the person for the job or can say hiring purpose but social media has played such an important role to hire as well as get job easily by updating your resume and rotate it to every office through mail, and other sources.

There are many sources that help to find the candidates and such platforms that help the candidate to find the jobs.

1️⃣ LinkedIn ?

  • It is the professional network, which is useful to both recruiters. The candidate who searching for the job and another one search for the employee. You can easily build your resume or a profile where you can include all your skills, interest, also your working abilities. These things made easier for the recruiters to hire or select the candidate.
  • It is useful for the recruiters also, as they can search or publish the advertisement of their vacancies in the office. They can preview the resumes of the candidate which matches their requirements. And according to that the contact to them through emails or messaging on LinkedIn.

2️⃣ Twitter ?

  • Twitter is the best place for the recruiters as well as the candidate. As well as twitter is the vast and outstanding platform for the small communication mass.
  • Twitter also provides the candidates to their interesting fieldwork. The company’s recruiter also finds the best and perfect candidate according to the field.
  • Twitter is the easiest and useful platform for spreading information, job vacancies, as well as the people, can so their writing talent on Twitter through their tweets.
  • Although, it is the most effective and forceful technique of spreading.
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3️⃣ Blogging ?

  • Blogging is the profession in which people show their creative writings as well as describe their any object or anything. It is the kind of god gift that the person uses his/her word to influence the people who love reading. The write-ups are on the basis of public interest.
  • Through blogging, people get the chance to the writers who build their career in content writing, creative writing, etc.
# Why recruiters have turned to blogging:
  1. Search engines love new contents.
  2. Blogging provides an easy way to keep your customers and clients up-to-date.
  3. A blog allows you to build trust and rapport with your prospectsBlogs can make money.
  4. Blogging is flexible and portable.

Next, the recruiter will trigger you some questions which you have to answer:

Ques 1. What is your past experience?

This would be the first question by the recruiter to you that, what was the past experience and working of your previous job. This question will classify that the employee has some past experience in the field of work. this describes the behavior and the passion towards his/her work as well as this classifies the candidate that he/she is the right person or not.

Ques 2. why you leave your previous work place?

To answer this question always take care that you tell the truth to your recruiter for the same. There are many reasons to leave the previous workplace and join the new one. The main motive to ask this question is to know about the working abilities of the candidate. Also for checking the managing ability of the candidate.

Ques 3. Tell one strength and one weakness?

This is the most tricky question which you have to answer very smartly. It is the impressive question that the recruiter wants to know about you. This question indicates the confidence as well as how much a person knows himself.


Catching a recruiter’s attention and getting the best job offers are going to take some hard work and will likely be an ongoing process now and throughout your career.

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The process of finding the best and top software engineer can be a difficult task for the recruiters. While choosing candidates that are the best fit for your organization. Also, you have to be careful not to lose the best candidates away.

Source: InApps.net

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