The number of healthcare app has more than doubled in the past few years. According to Statista, there are nearly 88,000 Healthcare Apps available for both iOS and Android-based smartphones.

From the start of COVID-19, the number of healthcare app downloads increased by 60% worldwide. And this is just a starter!

Copy of healthcare app

Copy of healthcare app

 Everything is adopting digital transformation, especially in healthcare, with the world facing the second year of Covid-19. And with the help of technology, you can do nearly everything with a few simple clicks.

The healthcare sector is a tricky business that requires a particular approach. Coming up with the perfect healthcare app ideas is a complex process, which needs expert guidance. Not sure where to start? Then our article will be helpful to you.

What is Healthcare App?

A Healthcare app is a mobile application that help to accomplish health-related tasks. Healthcare apps range from lifestyle mHealth* solutions like fitness and meditation apps to sophisticated products that rely heavily on technological progress like apps that assist medical professionals in identifying and solving complex medical issues. 

(*mHealth is a term denoting the use of mobile devices and wireless technologies in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle, including serious medical care.)

Healthcare App: Trends in 2021

In 2020, the mHealth market size was valued at over $45 billion, which is pretty impressive for a young industry. But the COVID-19 outbreak triggered a drastic surge in market value and it’s now projected to reach nearly $100 billion by the end of 2021.

You should monitor trends in healthcare and use them in your app to move with the times. So look through top trends in the medical area. 

Data analytics:

That is what your app benefits from — Big Data. It helps specialists analyze how many medicines and medical equipment must be purchased. Besides, data analytics allows specialists to explore new ways on how to improve the current healthcare situation.

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AI-based solutions:

Artificial intelligence and Big Data are often combined to improve and accelerate the result. AI allows analyzing and processing of a vast amount of data and facilitates the decision-making process. Moreover, AI computing helps doctors diagnose more accurately and start treatment faster. 

Telemedicine & Telehealth:

Apps for direct interaction between doctors and patients play a vital role today. Social isolation may save lives and online communication matters. Telemedicine apps allow patients to hold an appointment with a doctor just about as effectively as possible during a personal appointment. 


Blockchain is a relatively new cloud technology that divides the stored information into secured blocks, and unauthorized parties cannot access them. Cloud solutions allow doctors to get information about patients 24/7, and patients always know that their data is secure enough and remain unchanged until they grant access for any changes. 

Types of healthcare app

Real-time Updating

The ability to provide up-to-date data is one of the most important features for health applications. The information needs to be refreshed continuously, not just for the patients but also for the doctors to provide the best analytics.

Cross-platform Accessibility

The best healthcare apps should be available for various Android and IOS devices, from patients’ smartphones to doctors’ computers. The ability to be accessible from any device is also one of an app’s main selling points.

Offline Mode

Even though we live in a world where people are always staying connected, an online-only mode is still one of the most annoying features to have on an app. The best healthcare app should not depend on the internet connection all the time, and that is why offline access needs to have an uninterrupted flow of data and create backups.

Monitoring & Analytics

Important analytics of patient’s data is helpful during medical checkups in the hospital or any medical facility. This way, medical professionals can predict possible threats, complications, etc.

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Progress Tracking

The option to track heart rate, calories, blood pressure, diets, etc., helps measure progress and keep an eye on the patient’s vitals.

Two-way Communication

Patients should be able to get feedback from doctors and learn more details about their prescriptions and conditions. This feature develops mutual trust between the healthcare app user and the provider, making them feel that they are being looked after by their doctor even when they cannot go to the hospital.

Push Notifications

When something is out of the ordinary or provides the user with various reminders, notification is one of the essential features to have. 

Schedule Appointments

Some healthcare applications like telemedicine will give you the ability to book a visit with your practitioner or doctor directly from your mobile device.

Payment Integration

Paying for medical services online is an excellent option to have as doctor’s appointments and hospital admissions are connected with bills.

Patient & Doctor Profiles

In most cases, everyone should organize all data in user profiles that doctors can view. In contrast, doctors’ profiles should include information about their specialization and other valid information that will make choosing a practitioner easier for patients.

How to build a Healthcare App?

Research And Identify The Problem To Solve

The analysis comes first. Why do you create an app? Your goal is to determine the main app’s purpose. So you should conduct detailed research, find out what niches in the market still require new products, what problems your app will solve, why it will be helpful, etc. 

For example, if you decide to create a fitness app, you’re likely to have a hard time. This type of apps has probably the largest market share. Also, you’ll have to compete with well-known apps like Fitness Buddy, Map My Run, JEFIT Workout Planner, and others. Carefully study the most popular rivals and develop a truly unique solution that’ll make you stand out among them.

Healthcare Apps InApps

Healthcare Apps InApps

Determine Your Target Audience

The second crucial step is understanding who you create an app for. When you analyze the region’s market, you should consider the nuances of location, single out demographic segments, and understand potential users’ preferences. The app should fit the targeted need. Otherwise, it will fail. 

Pay Attention to Legal Compliance

If you didn’t know, healthcare apps must comply with local regulations since they store and process users’ confidential data. For example, if you create an app for the US region, the app should comply with HIPAA regulations first. If the app is designed for the European market, then the app must be GDPR-compliant. So before you enter the market, get acquainted with local regulations.

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Think Through UI/UX Design

An attractive design is vital in any app. However, the visual part is not the only thing to consider. A solid user interface must be combined with a thought-out user experience. The design must be user-friendly, and the fewer interaction points it has, the better experience users get. Also, we recommend reducing the cognitive load of your app to the maximum.

Proceed To The App Development

You need to build an MVP first and test it. It won’t contain all the features and functionalities, but you will evaluate its viability with minimum investments. It’s impossible and counter-productive to try to build a perfect app at once, but it’s got to be solid and launched on time. The sooner you launch your product, the better chances you have for creating relationships with your customers and fill the market niche.

To develop an MVP for the healthcare app, depending on the target audience and goals, you’ll need advice from an expert for a list of features that best suit an optimal and reasonable budget. There will be 2 best solutions:

A Vendor with Experience

A Vendor with Process

– A team who already had experience in developing and designing a healthcare app

– Successfully created the key features of a food healthcare app

– Offer you an effective user-friendly app to easily scale your food delivery business.

– Within 1 week, you will have an authentication demo. In approximately 3 months, they deliver the final app to the client.

– A team that had an innovative app development process and deep knowledge in mHealth.

– Being the top developers, from project leader to members with high technical skills to quickly create feature lists.

– Understanding the economic, social, and environmental sustainability impacts of mHealth required.

Finding the best of both choices? Why don’t you join an IT Tech company that had experience as well as a professional process to transform an idea to become a unicorn?

Healthcare App Development with InApps

We’ve already had +10 years of experience in designed, managed software, solved problems for many kinds of mobile app/web, specially developed Healthcare Applications for the international startup, SMEs & enterprise.

Why you would love to work with InApps:

– Our innovative team offers the best solutions based on the insights of your business model. 

– Our talented developers are conscientious with high troubleshooting. 

– We are ready to support and communicate with you in 24/7 to understand the business goals, the status of products, and the priority which you expect to solve.

– We are a trusted partner for a long-term companion with guarantee policy: Most of our ongoing projects have phase 2, phase 3, and more. 

– Always commit to the deadline and regularly update the development status.

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The Successful Doctor Apps Developed by InApps

Let’s check out InApps’ real-world examples:





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