Node.js is rapidly and widely taking over as the go-to technology by the developers across the globe in building various Projects in Web Application framework, Social media apps, Real-time tracking apps, Video and text chat engines, Online games, Collaboration tools, and Backend static file server, etc. Evidently, Node.js is gaining prominence amongst big techno giants and they are actively on the lookout to hire Node.js developers to like never before because of the ease it offers in building fast and scalable network applications.

Node is neither a Programming language nor a framework, it is a single-thread, single-process system ensuring shared-nothing design along with OS (Operating System) process boundaries.

What is Node.js

Node.js was introduced by Ryan Dahl back in 2009, Dahl criticized the restricted possibilities of ‘Apache HTTP Server’ in handling a lot of concurrent connections and code creating a procedure (sequential programming), where code blocked the entire process or multiple execution stacks in case of the simultaneous connections.

It is a run-time environment that is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine where the user gets the flexibility to work on both the client and the server-side as well. Node.js is an open-source framework that runs on popular OS platforms like Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Node is best suited for data-intensive, real-time applications that run across distributed devices as it is an asynchronous event-driven, non-blocking I/O model (lightweight and efficient for such intense applications).

 Safety advantages:

  •  Coupling in client and server
  •  Lightweight Node.js services
  •  Supports quick native binding
  •   Minimum viable product (MVP) delivery
  •  Easy to use, open-source packages and modules
  •  Ease of execution & installation
  •  Supports multiple-platform

Node.js is the biggest open-source platform fetching more than 15 million downloads every month, receiving a billion package requests every week. SimilarTech reports suggest web development firms from the United States of America are leading the race in hiring Node.js developers followed by Russia to hire Node.js developers for their major business projects.,,, and are a perfect example of Node.JS‘s prowess in providing an efficient and lightweight platform.

Why Node For Your Projects

  • Best Suited For Real-Time Web Applications

Real-time web applications transmit instantaneous information between the user and the server. And Node provides many impressive backend solutions than any other technology for a web application, allowing a quicker and swift exchange of data between the client and the data server. It provides direct communication with web sockets and many other real-time protocols as a backend solution.

A growing need for real-time communication for various projects in businesses is making Node.js a widely accepted technology. It provides a steady, continuous connection between a browser and a server and transmits immediate information which shows up instantly.

Node.js is faster as compared to GO, PHP and Java because of the V8 engine which can handle concurrent requests. V8 engine compiles functions written in Javascripts to machine code at a tremendously fast and impressive rate. Node.js development is faster in processing requests and avoids delays because of its Non-blocking Input/ Output model which is asynchronous in request handling.

For example, Linkedin the biggest social, networking platform moved from “Ruby on Rails to Node.js” last year to combat mobile app’s backend solutions. This shift on Node.js has made the application faster than the previous one and much lighter in weight.

  •  Competent Productivity Standards
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The single-threaded, event-driven architecture of Node.js allows it to handle multiple concurrent connections efficiently using RAM for processing during the whole time.

Node.js is written in C++, built for operating multiple systems at super fast speed. Both V8 and Node comes with optimized performance, security patches, support for modern Javascript features and regular updates ensuring better productivity. Also, in Node.js transforming JSON data occurs quickly by default. Robust tools like the PM2 process manager make Node.js easier to monitor, optimize and deploy applications.

Our developers have been very impressed with all the specialty features that Node.js is bringing to the table and highly innovative enterprises understand that Node.js is presently the best option possible for better performance and code efficiency.

Platforms like Electron and NW.JS let the developers build cross-platform desktop apps with Node.js which means you can use some of the code from the web application in its desktop versions for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

  • High-End Solution To Data Queries

The database queries like MongoDB, NoSQL databases, CouchDB get easy high-end solutions in Node JS development.

Also, there is no need to modulate syntax differences in Node.js and NoSQL databases.

  • Dynamic Package Manager (NPK)

Package Manager‘ was introduced in January 2010, making it easy to publish and share the source code of Node.js libraries. Additionally, this design offers simple installation, uninstallation, and updating libraries.

NPM Enterprise allows you to run NPM’s infrastructure behind an organization’s firewall which provides businesses access to a private registry with advanced security features to help them control intrusion to code, identification of vulnerabilities if any, and automatic replacement of unsafe code.

NPM provides numerous libraries and reusable templates to incorporate in the code to fetch more value with minimum effort and time.

Node provides ease of learning which makes it easier for web developers to code easily in JavaScript from both the server and client-side.

  • Best Remedy For Proxy Servers

Node.JS infrastructure offers the best solution for the proxy server. Suppose, if there is a server-side application dealing with third-party links that collect data, save videos and images from various sources, then Node.js act as a Proxy for that organization that does not have appropriate infrastructure for proxy needs.

Few Examples Of Top Applications Built On Node.js:

  • Netflix
  • Trello
  • Walmart
  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • Nasa
  • Groupon
  • eBay
  • Uber
  • Yahoo
  • Homemade
  • Paypal
  • GoDaddy


The biggest disadvantage working on Node.js is its inefficiency to process CPU bound tasks as when a heavy request comes to the event loop, Node.js set all the CPU available to process it first then answer other queued requests. Hence, Node.js is not recommended for heavy computations as it results in slow processing and overall delay in the event loop.

Although multithreading is introduced as an experimental feature with a 10.5 update version called worker threads module which is used to leverage additional threads from a thread pool, to carry CPU bound tasks. But this too comes with the limitation of working on machines with multiple cores as Node.js allows one core per thread.

Concluding Note:

Node.js as server technology provides a great boost by using the same language for both the front-end and back-end. It provides an efficient, cross-functional application saving a lot of development costs and increasing profitability. Node.js ensures great speed and performance for real-time web applications. Node.js community is constantly growing and the knowledge base for the technology is widely and easily available. Also, Node.js technology stack is open-source and free.


Node.js is great for applications requiring immediate updates, like for collaboration tools and online documentation suites. Node.js is perfect for data streaming applications, like Netflix is a perfect example displaying Node’s powerful data streaming capabilities. NodeJS is very useful in sending large amounts of data in smaller packages instead of a single batch.

Overall it’s a great open-source platform that allows easy creation of web servers and networking tools using Javascript and a collection of “modules” that handle various core functionalities with greater ease of use and better productivity for your projects.


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