Javascript plays a drastic role in making Node.js great. It is well known that Javascript is a favorite to most software developers to build applications and Node.js uses javascript as its main framework.

The Node.js community is used to create a scalable application.

After specializing in Ruby on Rails for a while, I realized the time has come for me to expand my skill set. I wanted to move from working mostly on small-scale apps to more ambitious projects for large corporate clients. Node.js was the obvious choice because I already knew JavaScript and knew that the market value of Node.js skills would only grow. -Michal Hartwich

Node.js introduction


Node.js is a cross-platform and open-source JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside the browser. Though .js is a filename extension for JavaScript that allows the developer to use Javascript to write the command lines for server-side scripting to produce dynamic web page content.

Corporate users of Node.js software are LinkedIn, Netflix, Microsoft, and so on.

As Node.js has an event-driven architecture capable of asynchronous I/O (It is a form of input/output processing that permits other processing to continue before the transmission). It aims to optimize scalability in web applications.

Node.js is a standard programming language for enterprises for large-scale apps because of the following reasons:

  1. Make real-time applications fast.
  2. Coding is possible for both the client and server sides.
  3. Increase efficiency in the developing process.
  4. Execution of coding is faster than in other languages and boosts productivity.
  5. As well as perfect for Microservices.

Most popular Node.js Frameworks

Here are some excellent Node.js frameworks to build your applications more effectively to smoothen your application development.

Design your web application with Express.js

3 Express.js features you need to know | by Louis Petrik | JavaScript in Plain English

Express is a web application framework for Node.js developed by T J Holowaychuk. It is free and open-source software under the MIT License. It is designed to build web applications and APIs.

The other name for Express.js is a minimalist framework. It is a single-threaded, open-source and fast Node.js framework used for web and mobile app designing. This framework is easy to understand. It allows easy integration of third-party services and seamless I/O approach.

Several NPM modules can be integrated into Express.js for better operations. The back-end of a MEAN stack is developed by Express.js and MongoDB, with AngularJS in the front-end. Express.js is described by an event loop and non-blocking I/O.

Developer supportive – Nest.js

NestJs - Framework backend cho Nodejs | Briswell Vietnam

Nest.js is a server-side (backend) application framework to support the developer’s productivity. Nest framework is a TypeScript characterized by Dependency injection, authentication, stack, ORM and REST API.

Development with TypeScript using nest.js employs code writing by juxtaposing various programming types such as functional programming, object-oriented programming, functional reactive programming, etc.

However, the tools used in nest.js need improvement for enhanced performance.

It is event-based that allows the scalability of microservices. Nest.js provides the developer flexibility that allows using any libraries of Node.js. It is versatile as well as progressive.

Ironic Meteor.js

15 Best Meteor.Js Interview Questions and Answers - Interview Questions Angular, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL, C#, Vue, NodeJs, ReactJs

This Node.js framework employs isomorphic JavaScript code for mobile and web app development. Meteor.js is an MVC-based and open source and provides a highly effective front-end solution. It allows a highly efficient client-server interface, seamless debugging, live-to-reload, database integration and real-time testing.

Though it has few loop-holes like a lack of server-side rendering, the absence of in-build PWA support, the absence of MongoDB support, etc., meteor.js still stands out as an excellent framework with its simplicity and versatile libraries and packages.


Node.js – What so special

The Node.js server technology is used to create & run high variety of web applications, it is quite similar to Ruby on Rails. Its main language is JavaScript which is lightweight and manages the plenty plugins via Node Package Manager (NPM), that allows the developers to custom-build applications.

There are no different languages for back-end and front-end developers, Node.js uses the same language for both of them which makes it easy to create apps.


The Back-end applications directly interact with the database via an application programming interface (API) that pulls, saves, or changes data. In contrast, the Front-end codes interact with back-end sever to drag out the data on the front-end user interface (UI) side.

But with Node.js, both (Front-end and Back-end) merged and work together instead of pulling each other to different directions of working.

Every developer is familiar with JavaScript which is the main reason for Node.js to build and compile applications easily, there is no other language to create or build any API and UI applications in node.js. It decreases the complexity by performing the code.

Node.js boost both front-end and back-end and acts as the best of technology to develop apps. This means that your team will be more efficient and cross-functional leading to lower development costs.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that JavaScript makes your codebase with much easier platforms. Secondly, you can reuse and share the code between the backend and the frontend of your application, speeding up the development process.

The complete js technology stack is open-source & free and that is good news. Finally, Node offers you a complete package for every possible thing developers want.

Why choose Node.js to develop your real-time applications


Node.js is used for real-time applications. The top choice of a developer in web application development is Node.js because it comes with new features.

It allows developers to make web servers and networking tools with the effective use of JavaScript.

Node.js use V8 engines by Google. Google engines V8 (JavaScript → V8(C++) Machine Code) which compile JavaScript into native machine code and runs very speedy and because of it, Node.js increase any framework’s speed.

It helps enterprises build fast, flexible network applications that can handle parallel connections with high throughput.

Node.js boosts imparting to the approach of the Node Package Manager or NPM. With the inbuilt NPM, developers can restore, share or reuse codes within with clicks. Along these lines, it tends to be proved that Node.js bundle supervisor is a strong and steady answer for designers.

Node.js make for Real-Time Web Application

It has unbelievable features in creating real-time applications such as chats and gaming apps. Also good for the programs that need an event-based server and non-blocking driven servers.

Single Code Base Web Application

The developer writes JavaScript for the server and client by making it easy to send data between the server and the client for synchronization.

Web frameworks treat HTTP requests and responses as whole data objects. Node.js is very good at handling I/O, So it can use as an advantage for the developer to build some amazing web applications. Node.js can also read and write streams to HTTP.

Every Developer knows JavaScript

Every web coder has coded a little bit of JavaScript, even if that JavaScript was hacking a jQuery plugin. Nowadays, it is hard to find web developers. And Node.js is easy to learn if the developer familiar with JavaScript.

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Productivity must not be sighted as a one-dimensional character, but a multidimensional one. A developer is more productive in Java because of compile-time errors.

Enterprises can add the frontend and backend teams into a single unit so application delivers in less time with high productivity.

Even if we had a language that made writing callbacks easy (like C#), we’d need a platform that minimal to no blocking I/O operations.

TOP 5 frequently asked questions about Node.js

Why Node js is used?

Node.js is an excellent platform built on Chrome’s JS runtime for developing, building a fast, scalable for network applications.

Is Node.js a programming language?

Node.js connects a scripting language’s efficiency with Unix network programming’s power. It is proficient with internet fundamentals such as HTTP. Therefore, Node.js is not a programming language but a Scripting language in JavaScript.

Is Node.js same as JavaScript?

Simply, JavaScript is a programming language that runs in any browser of JavaScript Engine, but on the other hand, Node.js is an interpreter of JavaScript, which holds the relative or you can say similar libraries of it for better use. So, they are not the same but, follows similar libraries to build applications.

What is Great about Node js?

The great thing about Node.js is, it uses event-looping instead of the strings. Excessing web services, reading along with the files and then making a file to wait until it’s completely get uploading because such operations are mostly slow then the memory execution operations. Every input/output operation in the Node.js is asynchronous. Sever continue to process all the Input-output operations. It makes scaling and processing between the programming events easy.

What are the benefits of using node.js for a startup?

Benefits of Node.js:
1. Node.js is scalable.
2. It boosts your development speed.
3. Requires a low learning curve if you are familiar with JavaScript.
4. Take less time to run any program.

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