The rise of mobile apps has made our world smaller. Be it an individual activity or a corporate task, there is an app for everything! What’s more, emerging technologies like IoT, AR, and AI have started strengthening their positions in the app development domain. Automation and simplification of complex processes are achievable through such feature-rich corporate apps. As a result, entrepreneurs tend to jump on the mobile app bandwagon.

The growing popularity of mobility and rising competition across various industry sectors compel entrepreneurs to bring apps for both Android and iOS platforms. But then, the native app development cost can burn a hole in your pocket! There, cross-platform app development lends a helping hand, and enable the companies to come up with seamlessly-performing apps that can run across various devices and platforms.

Before going through the business benefits of cross-platform apps, let’s understand their types.

Types of Cross-platform Apps

IDE-based apps

Android has Java and iOS has Swift as official programming languages to build apps. Now, mobile app developers can make an API that acts as a bridge between the code base and the different OS. They build local cross-stage apps with the help of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provided by outsider sellers.

HTML5-based apps

Ionic application development and PhoneGap app development services are the best examples of hybrid or HTML5-based apps. Both Ionic and PhoneGap frameworks consist of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. The app developers can readily execute the code in a web view thanks to these frameworks. Hybrid apps can provide a native-like experience.

Top Business Benefits of Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Reusability of Code

The biggest benefit of cross-platform and hybrid app development is the developers can get rid of writing separate and unique code for iOS and Android. The cross-platform apps are based on ‘write once, run everywhere’ code. Such reusability makes the entire process faster and developers can pay more attention to different features of the app.

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The unified code base also enables app developers to conveniently build and modify the app as per business needs. It saves time and efforts of developers thereby reducing the app development cost.

Cost Reduction

The cross-platform apps require less time and resources as compared to their native counterparts. Unified or reusable code, elimination of repetitive tasks, and a rapid testing procedure can lead developers to save a lot of time and efforts. It directly reflects in the cost reduction because when you hire mobile app developers, the development cost is considered on a per hour basis.

Also, the unified code can be translated into several programming languages with ease. Therefore, if you want a web app or the app solutions for any platforms, you can get it through this code.

Faster Development

The cross-platform development has always an upper hand over the native app development when it comes to the development duration. Here, the code is written once, and the developers can readily translate it to multiple codes for their respective platforms. This single script or a unified code can reduce the development time significantly. A survey has revealed that the single source code across multiple platforms can help developers reduce 50 to 80% of efforts across various app projects.

During the time you get a native app for either Android or iOS, the cross-platform development gives you an app that can seamlessly run across various platforms and devices.

Such a faster app development can enable you to get an advantage of reduced TTM (Time to Market). It is easy to gain control as your app is getting used by people before other similar apps have arrived.

Access to Plugins

Plugins can simplify the development process of cross-platform mobile apps. Various readymade frameworks like PhoneGap and Appcelerator enable the developers to access some useful plugins. Such plugins assist the mobile app developers to make changes in the app as and when necessary. For example, an API facilitates app modification and it can be used on various platforms.

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Uniformity of Apps

It is obvious that the apps made through the unified code have uniformity in appearance and performance across different OS and devices. Now, for a business app, it is necessary that it gives the same look and feel on Android and iOS platforms. Customers or app users also prefer such apps to get the same experience on any devices.

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The cross-platform app development company can provide a better and consistent app experience with a single codebase. In a way, uniformity of apps can be one of the biggest benefits for your business.

Prototyping Advantage

As an entrepreneur, you must be knowing the importance of building a functional prototype of the product. It can assist you to get the market’s opinion about your idea or product. The cross-platform app development can assist you to get the prototyping advantage for mobile apps. Rapid app development can enable companies to get valuable feedback from early users. It can help the app to improve in the areas of concern.

You can take necessary measures to meet the demands of a huge audience by paying attention to the feedback given by some users. It can assist you to ensure the success of your app.

Easy Modification

Ever-growing competition and ever-changing business requirements make it mandatory to update your business app frequently or regularly. The modification of native apps is time- consuming and difficult due to the complex code and extensive testing procedures. Whereas, the cross-platform apps are built by using a single code, which makes its modification easy and quick. Simply put, a cross-platform business app can be readily modified or customized to meet the challenges. You can hire mobile app developers to modify the app in a cost-effective way.

An easy and quick modification of your app can certainly give you an edge over peers as your app’s users tend to keep your app in their devices for a long time.

Quick Gadget Inclusion

We live in the age of enterprise mobility. If you want to implement the mobility at your workplace and integrate the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, the business app remains handy. But then, native apps have limitations of devices and platforms. For example, the Android app needs an Android device in the workplace. If most of your employees use iPhones and iPads, you may not implement the mobility through a customized Android business app.

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You can get rid of this trouble by introducing a cross-platform app. It is really quick and easy to add a gadget or device irrespective of operating systems (like Android and iOS) with a cross-platform business app. Your app works well in any device, and as a result, your employees can readily become a part of mobility at the workplace. In a way, quick gadget inclusion can facilitate you to leverage the benefits of mobility.

Though cross-platform app development offers a cost-effective option for having a feature-rich mobile app for your company, it is fair to mention that we cannot consider it as the panacea for addressing all business needs on the mobile platform. If your business app needs futuristic features and demands a complex functionality along with an interactive interface, then native app development should be your choice. Performance-related issues and limited tool availability are major disadvantages of the cross-platform app development process.

You can consult the top mobile app development company to get the best app solutions for your business needs.


Concluding Lines

From implementing the mobility at the workplace to address a huge audience consists of smartphone users worldwide, the cross-platform app development can serve many objectives efficiently. You can get a versatile business app at the affordable cost and give your business a boost by reaching out to people across the world.

Just leave no stone unturned to make your business successful in this competitive scenario! We, at Solution Analysts, help you build a feature-rich app that can seamlessly run across different platforms and devices in a cost-effective way. All you need to connect with us at, and we will build an enterprise-grade cross-platform app to meet your business needs in the best possible way.

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