Currently, we have two choices with regards to software development: you can create it in-house, or you can outsource it to an offshore development center abroad.

If businesses do not have the technology, human resources, and knowledge to do the work, they would outsource work when their own resources are not available.

In-house software development disadvantages

In-house development is the practice performed within the operational infrastructure of the organization. Below are the disadvantages you may encounter with in-house development software development:

  • It can be time-consuming and expensive to maintain and improve the system to continuously meet business needs. 
  • It is more expensive to change to newer technology.
  • It is not easy to find the right staff to work on your projects and the hiring process is tiring and costly.
  • Hard to identify the root of problems that occurred during the development process especially when you do not have the expertise in the industry.

Tips on how to effectively outsource software development?

Below are a few guidelines to outsource software application development successfully:

1. Investigate your idea

The vital thing you have to do with your idea is to investigate it. Look at the business division potential. Various people have fantastic considerations, yet the earlier group of spectators and the objective market ought to be recognized. 

  • Whom would it be advisable for me to target? 
  • Who will purchase my application and why? 
  • What is my objective market? 
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2. Conceptualize your thought

Presently it’s a great opportunity to put your plan to paper. Plan your thought and perceive how the end client encounters them. Making a Prototype likewise encourages you to create and depict your thought. This creation offers headings to engineers. It additionally goes about as an advancement card, which shows the improvement of your Mobile App. 

The model permits testing functionalities and stage similarity effectively. Show the client experience against different clients to investigate its experience, taking out modifications on the real improvement. This gives flawlessness and diminishes improvement costs. 

3. Build up an app

Characterize the back-end structure of the application considering the client information stockpiling and client venture through the application. Select the server-side of the versatile application to get to enormous client valuable information. Go for the Front-end structure with information storing and information synchronizing highlights helping in a speedy heap of the application. Look at the UI and improve it if necessary. Test your application to guarantee the application is prepared to dispatch. 

Go for the improvement of the handled idea into reality now with an ideal field-tested strategy.

4. Timings and budget of your project

You should make it very clear to the outsourcing partner the total budget for the project as well as the duration of time you expect the project to take. Be careful and make sure there are no hidden costs.

5. The non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Non-disclosure agreements are legal contracts that prohibit someone from sharing information deemed confidential. This is to make sure the partners and their team do things the right way with confidentiality.

Why choose Vietnamese companies for software outsourcing? 

There are many reasons to choose Vietnamese software companies because of low-cost attribution, established infrastructure, a large pool of IT talents and many more.

The cost of hiring a developer in Vietnam in comparison to the price of hiring one in the United States is considerably cheaper, at least 50%. Compared to India, China, or the Philippines, Vietnamese developers’ rates are just as equal or even cheaper while their skills (both technical skills and soft skills) are equivalent.

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Since many big players in the industry like Intel, Samsung and IBM have already started outsourcing to Vietnam, they need to order the groundwork and helped came upon the essential infrastructure. Any new company that desires to outsource to Vietnam solely must exploit this ripe state of affairs. This provides a lot of benefits for foreign corporations to outsource to Vietnam.

InApps Technology – The Top Software Outsourcing Company in Vietnam

Established in 2016, InApps Technology has continually evolved over the past years to reach the forefront of being a leading software development and IT outsourcing company in Vietnam.

Here are some reasons why clients choose InApps Technology as their offshore software development company in Vietnam:

  • Competitive Hourly Cost
  • Clear delivery management and visibility to service metrics
  • Transparency and Predictability. 
  • Close Collaboration. 
  • Flexible Team Structure.
  • Latest Development Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Dedicated Team of Professional Developers and Designers 
  • Custom Software Development (Mobile and Web Applications) 
  • Application Testing Services 
  • Remote Infrastructure and Hosting Services 
  • Enormous Data Analytics 
  • Information Migration and Backup 
  • Upkeep and Support 27/4 
  • HR and Administration Support 
  • Proficiency and Reliability 
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