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A few years back, small and mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) just shied away from developing a customized mobile app. It was an era when large and established enterprises enjoyed dominance over the mobile platform. However, thanks to advancing technology, once a distant dream for SMEs has come true and many companies have started leveraging the benefits including improved customer services and cost-effective online marketing.

These days, the mobile app development companies have started guiding their clients to make the most of enterprise-grade mobile apps. Here we mention a few noteworthy tips for startups and SMEs to get a high ROI from a tailored app solution. When it comes to SMEs, a major chunk of their budget is spent on developing a mobile app. Therefore, these tips will remain handy to make the apps successful and grow their business through apps.

Let’s start with the basics. All you need to list the business objectives you want to achieve through an app. When you make a roadmap, you take the concrete step toward the success of your app project. Many startups and small enterprises fail to leverage the benefits of advanced mobile app development services just because of a roadmap’s absence. If you do not set goals for the upcoming app, you may face more challenging situation.

All popular and great business apps had clear objectives before development. They are developed to minimize or nullify the impact of existing issues.

  • Define the user’s needs

A customer-centric business model can get success amid growing competition. Whether you own a startup, small or mid-size business, it is of utmost importance that you keep the user’s requirements in mind. When it comes to the business app, you should define and address the end user’s needs. In other words, if your mobile app fails to meet the user’s demands, chances are high that they simply uninstall it.

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You can study the market trends and the user’s behavior to find out their requirements effectively. When you hire experienced mobile app developers, they can come up with innovative features to meet these needs efficiently.

  • Monitor competitors’ moves

SMEs and startups have to face immense competition. Many times, such an intensifying competition becomes a major reason for the untimely demise of startups. Therefore, you should observe the competitor’s moves before coming with an app. You may come with an app that addresses the issues that are missed by the competitor’s apps.

However, it should not be the case that you make every decision based on moves taken by your competitors. You can just pay attention to their moves and their impact in the market while making your own business strategy.

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Simple app with easy navigation can attract people more as compared to the complex app. It is because your existing and prospective customers can utilize the app with ease and share their positive thoughts about the app’s functionality. Many small businesses believe that the complex mobile app can lead them to success. But, the reality is easy-to-use apps can enable the businesses to achieve their predefined goals more effectively.

The app users should not need to learn your app before using it. A business app is considered as a solution to the user’s demands, and therefore, it should be simple enough for the users.

One of the biggest constraints in the way of startups is a limited budget. Whether they want to grow or promoting their business, limitations of working capital always restrict them. Mobile app development services may cost them a small fortune, and therefore, budget allocation for the app development is necessary.

SMEs/SMBs and startups should keep the following aspects in mind while allocating budget for the mobile app development solution.

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• If budget is limited, you can consider to come up with an MVP version
• You can make the list of most important features for the initial app version
• Consider periodic updates of your app with integration of remaining features
• Allocate a separate budget for app maintenance and support services
• Keep some amount aside for app marketing campaign

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a good option to enter the mobile platform without spending much of your time and money. You can get valuable feedback from users, stakeholders, etc. and then come up with the first app.

The platform selection largely depends on the target audience. For example, if you want to expand your business in Europe and the US, you should go for the iOS platform because iPhone users are in majority in these regions. Whereas, if your target audience stays in Asian and African countries, it is better to go with Android app development.

If you want to target audience consists of Android and iPhone users, you can also consider cross-platform app development option. It is cost-effective and a robust option to target both platforms with a seamlessly-performing app.

  • Consider marketing and maintenance

Around four million apps are available in the app stores to date. Simply put, your company’s app may find competition in the app store. Therefore, it is necessary to start promoting your app from the development phase. It is better to get initial downloads as your app launches. You can get valuable and positive feedback from the first users and people can believe that your app works fine.

Though App Store Optimisation (ASO) is a better option for your app, you should also count on word-to-mouth publicity. There, you should give early access to your employees and stakeholders. Based on their suggestions, you need to remove hiccups from your apps before its official release. Also, it is better to hire a reputed mobile app development company for regular maintenance of your app. It can help you maintain the app’s smooth performance.

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Regular updates can help you enhance the brand reputation. The latest version of your app can also increase the confidence of your existing customers and prospective customers also attract toward your app.

Updates also make your app ready to deal with intense competition and increase its resistance against the cyber attacks. You can also integrate advanced features and improve the performance of your app to ensure that it does well in the market.

It is fair to mention that you may need to pay a higher mobile app development cost if your app has additional features. For example, if you own an on-demand business and want to develop an app for it, you may consider integrating features like loyalty program, gamification, feedback, etc. These features can attract and engage more customers but they are expensive and increase the development cost significantly. However, it can assist you to earn a loyal customer base in a long run.

Wrapping Up
You can consult a reliable mobile application development company to know more about these tips and get more such tips. You invest a sizeable amount of time, money, and efforts in developing a feature-rich mobile app. Therefore, it is necessary to get a great ROI from it over the period. Apart from these tips, focus on your goals and target audience can assist you to reap fruits from the business app.

At Solution Analysts, we have assisted many startups and small companies to stay ahead of the curve with enterprise-grade software solutions. Our team of experienced mobile app developers can come up with feature-rich mobile apps in a cost-effective way. If you want to give your business a mobility advantage, just send us an email at

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