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With several businesses preferring Odoo themes as their e-Commerce platform, it’s emerged to be one of the most popular e-Commerce development platforms on the market.

A few years ago, it was known as Odoo ERP. Today, it’s an all-inclusive management software. It renders an array of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes.

Themes play a vital role for the websites built on this platform. Theme is the essence of any website.

For developers, the trickiest part of the entire development process is choosing the right theme, one that resonates with the business niche. If you get the theme right, you won’t have to worry about the rest.

How to Choose the Best Odoo Theme for Your e-Commerce Store

Best Odoo themes for your website

Here are some of the factors that you should consider before selecting your Odoo e-Commerce theme for your website.

1. Choose a Professional Theme

There are “near to infinite” free Odoo themes available in the Odoo repository. You can easily choose one for your website.

However, if you want your website to look exceptional and stand out from mediocre ones, consider investing in a “premium theme” that can make your website look truly exceptional!

Many people tend to fall into the trap of choosing a free theme available in the market, overlooking the vulnerability and lack of security that comes with it.

Hence, if you want your brand to be unshakable, you should consider investing funds into buying a premium theme.

2. Must Be Responsive

mobile-responsive odoo theme

Today, if your website’s e-store isn’t mobile responsive – believe me, it’s of no use! With the ever-increasing number of smartphone users globally, more and more people browse the internet entirely through their phones.

Yes, more than 60% of searches online now come from a mobile device.

A Responsive Web Design isn’t a fashion statement anymore. It’s a must.

Today, your website should be efficient enough to serve screens of multiple devices. If not, it’s going to incur financial losses in ways you might not have even imagined.

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Hence, it’s essential for you to have a “responsive web design” for your idea.

3. Is Your Theme Optimized?

When it comes to the internet, speed is what matters the most! No one likes to sit in front of a website that severely tests their patience.

Today, if your website fails to load in the first 3-5 seconds, chances are the user will click on the “X” icon on the top of the tab and move on to something else – probably your competitor’s “creatively designed and fully optimized” website instead.

The point here is this: Don’t let your design overshadow your website’s speed. Be picky with your plugins and theme. Do more with least number of plugins.

This will help your website to load much faster and have a far more appealing look.

“Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.” – Aldous Huxley

Those are the most important factors here, the ones that play a significant role in how your website will look.

Hence, while choosing a theme for your website, make sure it’s responsive, optimized and looks good!

The end goal of any entrepreneur and website owner is to attract as many visitors as possible on the website and maximize sales. But, in order to achieve all of this, you need an impeccable website with enticing features and apt information. Business owners of today are constantly looking for business applications that can be incorporated into marketing, sales, inventory management, and accounting systems. This is the point where Odoo Commerce comes to the rescue. Odoo Commerce is equipped with great features and functionalities that make it super easy for every individual to build an online store. – Web Vorba

To save you a good deal of time,  I’ve collected some of the top premium Odoo Themes available on the market today.

Crafito Lite Theme

Odoo crafito lite theme
Crafito Lite is one of the bestselling Odoo Themes created with HTML5 and Bootstrap. It’s a multipurpose theme compatible with all industries. It comes with multiple customizing options and a rich collection of custom snippets that give you control over any part of your Odoo website.

Keep in mind that Theme Crafito Lite is:

  • Is Mobile Responsive;
  • Has Fully Alterable Snippet Data;
  • Is Fully Customizable;
  • Offers Specialized Service Portions;
  • Has Numerous Options for Showing Testimonials and Pricing Tables;
  • Has an In-Built Option for a Newsletter Subscription.

This theme offers the most luxurious user experience for your end users, irrespective of the device they’re using to explore your world.

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Crafito Lite makes it easier for you to manage even the smallest aspects of your Odoo website. This simplifies the customizing process and makes it hassle free for you.

And this theme offers a range of options to set your store apart from the rest of your competitors.

Laze Theme

Odoo laze theme

Laze is a premium theme which looks professional and has an appealing design to make your store look great. This theme is lite and has customizing options.

It’s an HTML5 theme built with Bootstrap 3. In addition, Laze is fully responsive and fits any device of your choice.

Theme Laze features:

  • Fully Responsive Theme;
  • Is a Premium HTML5 Theme Built Using Bootstrap 3;
  • Is Easy to Install;
  • Has a simple, clean, and clear style;
  • Offers multi-language compatibility;
  • Has a customizable footer.

It doesn’t end there. You can customize background color, fonts and colors of your e-Commerce store. Laze has a simple, clean, and clear style. Laze is a nice choice for Odoo e-Commerce lovers.

Odoo Falcon Backend Theme

Odoo falcon backend theme

Falcon backend is typically the most popular Odoo backend theme built with HTML5. It has multiple customization options and comes with diversified font color and several views.

This theme is fully responsive and can help you make your backend look as professional as the front end.

If you have a well-organized backend, managing everything else becomes easier than ever before!

Theme Falcon Backend features:

  • Looks attractive in design;
  • Is Fully Customizable;
  • Ultimately Responsible;
  • Has Expandable Sub Menu;
  • Is Fully Optimized;
  • Delivers Excellent UX.

With Falcon, you can make your backend look elegant and clean. It’s fully responsive and can help you take care of backend functionality seamlessly.

Falcon theme comes with numerous theme customization possibilities. You can choose the color, layout, and fonts to match how you want it to look.

It has a collapsible left menu and expandable sub menu, which works exceptionally well on device of your choice.


Odoo Treehouse Theme

Treehouse is a professional responsive HTML5 theme. The makers have built it using Bootstrap, one of the popular front-end frameworks for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

It has drag and drop building blocks which allow you to easily build your layout.

In addition, all layouts have sections that you can easily combine to fit your specific project.

Theme TreeHouse features:

  • Has Flexible Layout;
  • Offers Customizable Features;
  • Simple Drag and Drop Layout Builder;
  • Has a Professional Theme;
  • Is Fully Responsive;
  • Is Optimized for the web.

TreeHouse is a professional theme which can help you build a website that looks exceptional. It’s responsive, optimized and fully customizable.

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This is what makes it stand out on our list.

Odoo Kingfisher Theme

Odoo Kingfisher Theme

Kingfisher is a leading Odoo e-Commerce theme that stands true to its name. It is light, flexible, and swift.

And it is a fully responsive and customizable Odoo theme. It’s appealing look can help you make your website stand out, and its creative design will enhance the overall user experience.

Theme Kingfisher features:

  • Is HTML5 & CSS3 Theme;
  • Compatible with All Industry;
  • Fully Optimized for Optimum Speed;
  • Absolutely Responsive;
  • Offers Custom Header and Footer Customization;
  • Is Mobile Responsive.

This theme offers full customization and an excellent UX. This theme would be an ideal solution for you to showcase your most amazing products.

So if you’re looking for an exceptional and fully-optimized HTML5 bootstrap theme for mobile and web, Kingfisher Theme is your way to go!

Odoo MobiCraft Theme

Odoo mobicraft theme

MobiCraft is a one of the most popular HTML5 mobile theme built with Bootstrap. This theme has a unique design and a premium look to make your end users fall in love with your brand.

It comes with effortless drag and drop snippets that enable you to customize pretty much everything at your e-Commerce store.

Theme MobiCraft features:

  • Is an Industry-Based Theme;
  • Has an attractive and configurable title and banner blocks;
  • Has an Advanced Mega Menu;
  • Has multiple options for a Blog section;
  • Is Fully Optimized;
  • Has a User-Friendly Frontend.

MobiCraft might be an ideal theme for your business. E-Commerce industries of all sizes can use the theme for their niche. So you can feel free to use this theme for other businesses as well.

Do you know a theme can make or mar your Odoo eCommerce website? When the eCommerce sector is thriving with the advent of new players, you have no choice but to choose the best theme! But, as we have many themes available, selecting the most suitable theme is quite a task. – Small Business Bonfire Community


There are so many things you should check before choosing the ideal theme for your Odoo store. Make sure the theme you’re selecting is responsive, optimized and gives you the freedom to customize pretty much every inch of your website.

Each one of the above six themes has its own set of specialties, which you can consider while deciding on a central theme for your Odoo website.

They all have a premium look and possess the characteristics that an ideal theme should offer.

The Choice is yours. However, before choosing, make sure the theme you select has the given features described in this article.


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