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From social interactions and online shopping to getting products and services delivered at our doorstep, the ever growing on-demand economy has made it imperative for businesses to adapt and opt for on demand delivery app development. The fate of businesses that do not adapt to the changing times, their fate would most likely be sealed.

A PwC report has predicted that the market for on-demand mobile apps and websites will cross $335 billion by the year 2025. The recent quarantined lifestyle of people worldwide has made this number easily achievable. This is one of the reasons why we see several sectors like retail healthcare, home services and several others wanting to digitize their way of doing business with an app.

It is fair to mention that every company can make the most of a thriving on-demand economy by offering excellent customer services through on-demand delivery apps.

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The on-demand economy is thriving at a rapid pace and it is expected that it will grow from $213.35 billion to $435.41 billion with a CAGR of 49% between the five-year period of 2017-2021. In various segments of the on-demand economy, over 22.4 million people spend around $57.6 billion.

Let’s go through the key industry sectors that can leverage the benefits of on-demand delivery app development.

Top Sectors that Benefit from On Demand delivery app:


Restaurants, eateries, and takeaways have witnessed a huge surge in sales simply by offering on-demand delivery services. On one hand, the on-demand food delivery apps like grub-hub and Postmates has helped customers to order their favorite food instantly using a mobile app through which they can avail bigger discounts and vouchers, and on the other hand, some exclusive restaurant owners have chosen to introduce their own apps and engage customers with spot discounts, upselling based on their past orders. This has helped business owners to increase their loyal customer base too.

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As per the report of Adroit Market Research, the online food delivery market is expected to reach $161.74 billion by the year 2023. This target seems achievable with the rise in popularity of on-demand food delivery apps. GrubHub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash are some of the examples of startups who have set milestones in the domain of on-demand food delivery.

Grocery and Essential services

While talking about the popularity of on-demand food delivery apps, we just cannot forget the success stories of on-demand grocery delivery apps like Grofers. Post Pandemic a larger number of People prefer to give their daily grocery orders online through on-demand grocery delivery apps for essential and non-essential items.


On-demand healthcare solutions have completely transformed the healthcare sector. Whether it is scheduling an appointment or getting medicines at the doorstep, people can get enhanced healthcare services anytime and anywhere through on-demand healthcare apps.

The on-demand healthcare app offers a plethora of facilities including real-time appointment booking, instant sharing of medical data, booking doctor’s visit, and home delivery of prescribed medicines.

Also, healthcare service providers or small clinics can come up with separate apps for keeping the EHR (Electronic Health Record). The healthcare organizations can also keep a record of all the doctors present in the hospital, so that they can easily appoint them to the patients. Also, it is possible to find how many patients are checked by doctors and how much time each doctor has given on a daily basis.


The BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance) or fintech sector is another big beneficiary of the booming on-demand economy. Secure, quick, and efficient online transactions can be made using finance app solutions.

What’s more, flexible APIs can assist on-demand businesses to integrate payment processes into their apps for enhancing payments with improved transparency. Moreover, a lot of banks and financial institutions who are trying to expand and want to increase their customer base have seen a positive growth in their business since they have developed an on-demand mobile app of their own.

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There is a lot of scope for on-demand apps in the travel and tourism sector. In other words, the travel and tourism sector is a driver of the on-demand economy. Gone are the days wherein customers had to wait for getting a cab during odd hours or tourists had to explain every detail on phone to the travel agent for their much awaited holiday trips.

travel and tourism

Tagline- On-demand travel and tourism app can make a traveler’s experience more memorable and generate a high ROI.

All the commute-related hassles vanish with on-demand cab booking app and on-demand travel apps. Uber, Lyft, have eliminated troubles of hiring a cab, and apps like Airbnb and Lounge Buddy have made traveling and luxury holidays more comfortable than ever.

Courier and Logistics

Another industry sector that has witnessed a paradigm shift from traditional to the digital environment with the help of an on-demand economy is the logistics sector. The on-demand courier apps can enable users to book parcels using their fingertips.

The app provides all facilities like determining the size and shape of the parcel, scheduling pick up and delivery. Courier companies can easily eliminate the need for middlemen while connecting with customers. Customers, on the other hand, can get improved and instant services.

What’s more, the on-demand courier apps enable users and courier service providers to track deliveries that reduce the risk of missing packages or parcels significantly. Shipping and Logistics service providers can get rid of unnecessary penalties and warehouse demurrage charges simply by tracking their consignment and get an estimated time of reaching it at the port through a dedicated shipping app.

The on-demand logistics apps like Uber Freight and Convoy have taken commercial logistics to the next level. Companies can easily address challenges like hassles of documentation, duties, and paperwork for outgoing and incoming shipments.

Warehouse and inventory management can also be simplified with the help of on-demand logistics apps. It is fair to mention that on-demand apps can enable courier and logistics companies to generate higher revenue and get more business.

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Real Estate

The on-demand app benefits the real estate sector a lot by resolving various conventional issues like interference of brokers, lack of flexibility, time-consumption, and need for on-site agents.


Customers can post or find properties instantaneously and the entire process of buying or renting properties becomes transparent and cost-effective. Realtors can give their customers a personalized experience while digitizing the process.

Customers can visit the property virtually and seal the deal online through a seamlessly-performing real estate app.

Realtors can come up with project-specific or construction-specific apps to keep their existing and prospective customers updated with upcoming projects while simplifying documentation and other property-related processes.

Home Services

The on-demand economy has brought radical changes in the home services sector. Be it home cleaning, laundry, maintenance services, interior design, or professional services, it is possible to get part-time jobs for professionals with the help of on-demand home services apps.

Users can get access to high-quality services at their doorsteps at affordable rates. It is expected that the global on-demand home services app market will reach USD 1574.86 billion in the year 2024.

Entrepreneurs and startup owners can make the most of this boom in the home services market through feature-rich on-demand apps. Such apps can offer new opportunities and enable them to enter this lucrative sector in an engaging way. Even a group of handymen who want to serve the community with home services can come up with a dedicated app and expand their services gradually.

When it comes to leverage the benefits of a flourishing on-demand economy, the tailored on-demand apps always remain handy for entrepreneurs. All you need to find the right and reliable on-demand app development partner to come up with a feature-rich and futuristic app.

At Solution Analysts, we provide 360-degree on-demand app solutions across different industry sectors. Do you want to get benefits from an on-demand economy? Let’s talk on the scope of on-demand apps for your business. Just send us an email at to start the ball rolling.

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