We talk to a lot of clients, as well as often, we get the question: How much do freelance developers make? Clients are inquisitive about emblematic rates for X developers at the Y experience level. 

Because a prudent budget is something clients should have before hiring a freelance developer. We wrote this article to help people enlighten themselves with the current Hourly Rate For Freelance Web Developer.

Our industry know-how gives us a bird’s eye view of the state of the freelance economy. We want to boost awareness of current freelance market rates around the world so everyone is better informed about how many freelance developers cost as well as can adjust their hopes accordingly. So, let’s dive in!

Hourly Rate For Freelance Web Developer: Front-end vs back-end

About the same number of developers earn similar salaries in the first four groups, whether they work on back-end or front-end tasks. But in the last two groups, there’s a big difference between the two. In the $120-140K range, it’s different from the $140-160K range.

front end developer rates

More front-end developers earn between $120-140 compared to back-end developers. This might be because of the popularity of JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. In this pay range, only a quarter of back-end developers are found.

back end developer rates

In the last category, there are about twice as many back-end developers as front-end developers. So, even though front-end developers often earn more than back-end developers in certain ranges, in the end, back-end developers tend to have higher overall rates.

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Hourly Rate For Freelance Web Developer: Web Vs Smartphones

web developer hourly rates

Web developers did well in all pay ranges compared to mobile developers. There were more web developers than mobile developers in each group, but there are slight differences in how their hourly rates change.

mobile app developer hourly rates

At the lowest pay level, mobile developers had an advantage over web developers. However, in the $60-80 range, there were more web developers than mobile developers.

In the middle ranges, both mobile and web developers had good representation. Yet, in the $80-100 range, there were significantly more web developers compared to the $100-120 range for mobile developers.

For the highest two pay ranges, the situation was similar for both mobile and web developers. This suggests that the difference in pay rates is more noticeable in the lower ranges ($120-140 and $140-160) than in the higher ones.

Hourly Rate For Freelance Web Developer: JS Frameworks

node js developer hourly rates

Node.js, the widely used framework known for its speed and versatility, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Most Node.js developers earn between $60-80, and there’s a significant presence in the middle ranges.

While the majority falls in the $60-80 range and the second-highest in the $40-60 range, the average hourly rate for Node.js developers is $80-100. This is influenced by a notable number of developers in the highest bracket, which raises the overall average hourly rate for Node.js developers.

react developer hourly rates

Unlike Node.js, there’s a significant difference in the number of React.js developers in the lower pay ranges ($40-60 and $60-80). React.js, known for being SEO-friendly, fast, and easy to debug, has gained popularity.

More React.js developers fall in the second range compared to Node.js developers, while the other pay ranges are similar for both. Similar to Node.js developers, the average hourly rate for React.js developers is $80-100, influenced by a good number of developers in the highest bracket.

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angular developer hourly rates

Angular.js developers are mainly found in the first and second pay ranges, with fewer in the higher brackets compared to Node.js and React.js developers. The average hourly rate for Angular.js developers is $60-80, influenced by more developers in the higher ranges.

In summary, Angular.js developers are generally less expensive to hire than Node.js and React.js developers, with more options in the $40-60 range and fewer in the $140-160 range


In general, freelance developers on InApps Technology have average hourly rates ranging from $60-100. The specific rates within $60-80 or $80-100 can vary based on factors like programming language, location, and expertise level. However, these two brackets are consistently common.

To recap, back-end developers generally have higher rates than front-end developers in the highest bracket. Web developers outnumber mobile developers in the $60-80 bracket, and Angular.js developers tend to be less expensive than Node.js and React.js developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a web developer cost per hour?

On average, web developer hourly rates range from $25 to $85 per hour depending on level.

How much does a programmer cost per hour?

The average salary for a programmer is about 45.98 per hour.

How much does it cost to hire a node.js developer?

The hourly rate for hiring remote Node. JS developer ranges from $20 to $90.

How much does it cost to hire a front-end developer?

An hour of front-end development would cost between $41 and $60.

How much does it cost to hire a React developer?

The average annual cost of hiring a React developer is between $83k and $126K.

How much does an angular developer make?

The average angular developer salary is $115,013 per year, or $58.98 per hour.

How much do freelance app developers make?

The hourly rate for freelance app developers ranges from $61 to $80.

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