In this article, we will do a detailed comparison of 2 new technologies Laravel VS NodeJS, that are intended to make computing and problem solving simple and convenient for the developers.

During the 21st century, several technologies were introduced in the market to make computing and problem-solving easy. Such technologies address the fundamental coding problem.

Laravel and NodeJS are 2 such most advanced web frameworks and both have their own set of unique features as per the best tool set required to solve a particular set of problem. So cannot predict easily which one is best out of the two.

Web Frameworks are essentially software packages that ease the web devlelopment complexities. They comply with many built-in features that are standard in web development, reducing development time, resulting in a smooth transition from the phase of development to the phase of production.

Each fundamental programming or scripting language used to build web applications, web services, and web APIs has a web framework for their users to benefit from rapid growth. This helps standardize the Web Development process, too.

Before starting to hold a Laravel vs Node JS comparison, let’s first start with first learning about both of them individually.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is a versatile, simple to comprehend, open-source PHP framework. It follows the design pattern of a model-view-controller.

Laravel uses existing components from various frameworks that help to build a web application. The built web application is more organized and pragmatic.

Laravel provides a rich collection of features that integrates the key components of PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Yii, and other programming languages such as Ruby on Rails.

If you know Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will lead to better productivity. If you intend to create a website from the ground up, then also it saves a lot of time.

Additionally, a Laravel-built website is safe and protects it from several web attacks.

Features of Laravel


1.Template Engine: Laravel framework is widely acclaimed for its built-in lightweight templates that are used to produce amazing layouts by seeding interactive content.

It also offers stable structures with several widgets integrating CSS and JS code. Laravel templates are designed creatively to construct simple but complex layouts with distinguishing segments.

2. MVC Architecture Support: Laravel promotes MVC architecture pattern which enables separation between business logic and layers of presentation.

Laravel’s MVC pattern has several built-in features, enhances application performance, and improves both protection and usability.

3. Security: The Laravel framework provides very strong security for Web applications. It utilizes a hashed and salted password scheme so that the password can never be stored in the database as plain text.

In addition, it uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to create an encrypted password. Also, this web development framework for PHP utilizes structured SQL statements that prevent attacks by SQL injection.

4. Database Migration System: Laravel migration system aims to broaden the database structure of the web application without having to re-create each time a code change occurs.

Due to such a function, the risk of data loss is extremely minimal. This not only provides the facility to alter the structure of the database but also allows to use PHP code rather than SQL. The Laravel Schema Builder helps create tables for the database and swiftly attaches indices or columns.

Pros of Laravel

  • Best framework option for PHP developers.
  • Quick and simple to understand with concise documentation that makes PHP and Laravel the finest choice.
  • It removes the need to write simple HTML codes, based on the MVC template.
  • Assisted by ORM, aids in abstraction and automation.
  • Simple integration of logic with blade design engine inside the website
  • Comprises dependency injection functionality, allowing for fast testing and automation.

Cons of Laravel

  • It has no built-in software and needs third-party integration to build custom websites.
  • Laravel is surprisingly slow, and programmers need to be professional at PHP before they operate on Laravel.

What is Node JS?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment designed to build server-side applications. It has built-in JavaScript programs that can be run on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux within Node.js runtime.

It also provides an excellent library of various JavaScript modules which greatly simplifies web application creation using Node.js.

Node.js was introduced when JavaScript developers expanded it from something you could just run in the browser to something you could run as a stand-alone program on your desktop.

Today, with JavaScript you can do so more than just make websites interactive. JavaScript now has the potential to do things other scripting languages such as Python could do.

Features of Node JS


1.Asynchronous and Event-Driven: All Node.js library APIs are asynchronous, that is to say, non-blocking. Basically, it implies a server based on Node.js, is never waiting for an API to return the data.

Upon calling it, the server switches to the next API, and a Node.js Events notification function lets the server get an answer from the previous API call.

2. Single-Threaded & Scalable: Node.js uses one single-threaded model of looping events. The event mechanism lets the server react in a non-blocking manner and renders the server highly scalable, as opposed to the conventional servers that generate limited threads for handling requests.

Node.js utilizes a single-threaded program, and the same program can handle a much larger number of requests than conventional servers like Apache HTTP Server.

3. Object-oriented: A big criticism against NodeJS was due to its history in JavaScript which often included tons of procedural spaghetti code. As a result, frameworks such as CoffeeScript and TypeScript addressed these problems but served as a bolt-on for those extremely worried with coding standards.

Classes are now integrated into the system with the release and general acceptance of ES6, and the code appears syntactically identical to C #, Java, and SWIFT.

4. Cross-platform: NodeJS is cross-platform and can also be processed into an executable involving all of its own dependencies when developed with the correct structure.

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Pros of Node JS

  • Total application performance established using node is greater than other applications.
  • Performs effectively when building APIs.
  • Node comes with an outstanding package manager.
  • It is providing enormous user group support.
  • Fast and simple handling of consequent requests from users.

Cons of Node JS

  • Node js requires asynchronous programming is not readily grasped by all developers and may be hard to deal with.
  • Since it is single-threaded, it doesn’t work well with CPU intensive devices.

Laravel VS Node JS – The comparison

LaravelNode JS
It is a PHP MVC frameworkIt is a JavaScript runtime based on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Runtime Engine.
It is a bit lagging in the market share segments in comparison of Node JS.It is a market leader in technology in comparison to Laravel. It is amongst the top 10k websites.
It does not have an IO model as it is just a PHP framework.It uses a non-blocking, event-driven IO model that makes it effective and easier.
It is booming in the business areas of career and education, shopping, business and other 95 industries.It is mainly used in industries like arts and entertainment, internet and telecom, computer and electronics, and automobile industry.
It integrates well with the front-end view library.There is no such integration feature in Node JS.
It is ideal for MySQL and Maria DB applications.It is made to work with Express JS and is ideal for MongoDB/MongooseJS.
The templates of the Laravel frameworks are creatively and effectively designed to build and provide a basic layout with specific sections.There are no built-in templates for Node JS, however, it can be attained via several third party tools developed to integrate into Node JS.
In several nations, including Poland, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Turkey and 118 other nations, Laravel has the advantage.Node JS leads in the United States, Russia, Brazil, China and 89 other countries.
If you need a full-scale system to handle a massive website that is based on CMS, go with Laravel.If you need a service-based architecture that is compact, go with Node JS.
Laravel platform contains the Eloquent ORM, which requires a basic implementation of PHP Active Record. It lets developers of web apps issue PHP syntax database queries instead of writing SQL code.  There is an ability in Node JS to share code between the frontend and backend applications, or even to render the device isomorphic.
Laravel is responsible for protection of the Web application under its own system. It requires hashed and salted password which implies the password will never save in a database as plain text. This also uses “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm,” to create an encrypted password representation.Since node JS is open-sourced, the npm community offers many amazing packages.

To Conclude


After going through this detailed comparison on Laravel Vs NodeJS, we concluded that

  1. Both the frameworks are considered unique and have their own benefits and drawbacks.
  2. It all depends on the type of product you want to create, that determines which platform is better suited to product complexity.

Please note, one may be better than another, but it’s time to make the decision about which one meets your particular needs in the best way possible.

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