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Mobile app development is here to stay, but the recent surge in the popularity of wearable devices indicates that the future is full of new possibilities and opportunities for wearable app development. Though the healthcare sector has emerged as the biggest beneficiary of wearable apps, other industry sectors also follow suit to make the most of wearables. Smartwatches, belts, implantables, and eyeglasses have slowly started replacing smartphones.

In such a scenario, we can mention that wearable apps will become a game-changer over the period. Let’s look at the top technology trends that will give shape to the wearable app development process in the year 2021 and beyond.

Top Technology Trends to Dominate Wearable App Development in 2021

Customized wearable apps will streamline the penetration of wearables globally, and various trends will impact wearable app development in 2021. We will start with the most obvious trend- IoT (Internet of Things).

IoT gets mainstreamed

From mines to O&G (Oil & Gas), and manufacturing to retail, the revolutionary IoT technology is gradually getting mainstream and as a result, wearable devices are used more commonly across these sectors. What’s more, wearables like Apple Watch and other mobile devices from some of the top players like Samsung, Google, Adidas, and Motorola have pushed the demand for IoT either by making wearables or by developing smart devices compatible with wearable devices.

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The only major issue with the implementation of IoT is all the connected devices are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks or data breaches. However, IoT app development services will work on making connected devices more secure while giving more control to the users.

Improved Data Collection

Digital marketers and entrepreneurs have found new possibilities and opportunities in wearable technologies. It is easy to fetch the crucial data related to the user’s shopping behavior, search patterns, and the like using wearable devices. Over the period, the app development company will build wearable apps that can target a specific audience to get valuable data quickly. What’s more, smart garments, smart footwear, and smart clothes will open the doors of new opportunities in the market for developers and entrepreneurs alike.

Improved data collection will remain in the focus for the year 2021 and beyond. We can expect that this trend will grow to become a billion-dollar industry.

Strengthening GPS

GPS or Global Positioning System is prevalent in mobile apps. Be it iOS app development or Android app development, GPS technology is widely used for developing customized app solutions. Sectors like tour and travel, courier and logistics, and retail can leverage the benefits of GPS technology. As wearables and IoT will get mainstreamed, we can expect that GPS technology will develop exponentially. This technology can be readily integrated into multiple wearables and connected devices to handle these devices more effectively.

As 5G will roll out globally in 2021, we can certainly expect that GPS technology will assist B2C businesses to attract more customers by implementing the localization approach and location-based marketing.

App Technology

New Features
Developing wearable apps is more challenging than developing mobile apps. The reason is- wearable apps have way less real estate as compared to mobile apps. Wearable apps are tiny and the development company strives for making all items and functions discoverable for their consumers. What’s more, it is challenging for app developers to add new features while taking care of tiny displays and complex functionality.

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Both iOS and Android app developers have to build wearable apps while ensuring the availability of all preset capabilities. In such a challenging scenario, there is a lot of room for creativity and innovation.

Integration of Payment Gateways

This is another big challenge for wearable app developers. Contactless payment integration without any inconvenience for wearable app users is a complex objective that the wearable app development company has to achieve. Here, developers have to link the app with the servers and computers to ensure quick and secure online payment. Also, it is imperative to offer payment facilities using prevalent online payment methods.

Rise of Beacons

Since 2019, the rise of Beacon technology has made wearable applications more powerful and user-friendly. Beacons are tiny gadgets based on revolutionary BLE technology, which can utilize Wi-Fi and location-based technology. The retail sector, and especially brick-and-mortar stores can use beacons for localized promotion.

Here, beacons, together with wearable apps can work wonders. Businesses can get a broad customer base and owners can provide better customer services. Tours and the Travel sector can use beacon-powered wearable apps for guiding travelers who want to explore new destinations of their own in a secure way. It is fair to mention that Beacons will provide many benefits to wearable app users, and the year 2021 will certainly show us a glimpse of these benefits.

Advent of Intelligent Smartwatches

Apple has shown us what the smartwatch can do. These days, smartwatches are quickly catching up to smartphones in features. Though smartwatches do not replace mobiles fully, it assists the users to supervise daily practices and get the reports on vital parameters. For example, smartwatch users can utilize the workout app to find the glucose levels in their blood and monitor stress levels in real-time. In coming time, smartwatch app development will gain ground for fetching the real-time data of other vitals.

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In 2021, intelligent smartwatches will combine the advancements of wearable technology and app development to come up with futuristic and seamlessly-performing apps. Consumer-related sectors will start leveraging such apps by offering a tailored and personalized experience to their customers.

Concluding Lines

Wearable technology thrives at a rapid pace along with the constant evolution of IoT and mobile app development. Across the world, many people have started relying on wearable devices for accomplishing different tasks that further contributes to increasing the popularity of customized wearable apps. Wearable app development poses a great challenge, however, developers will smartly integrate all the trends mentioned above to make advanced and feature-rich apps.

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