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Let’s start from scratch. As an entrepreneur, you always wish to have a higher ROI for your business app. However, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip when it comes to managing your app after release on the app stores.

Also, measuring the ROI of your app is quite a struggle because you need to consider many aspects to determine the ROI including target audience, app performance, and use cases.

Therefore, it is better to consult a reputed enterprise mobile app development company to get a clear idea of how to measure the ROI of your app.

Here, we just keep focussing on how you can increase the ROI of your business app. But, before that let’s have a quick look at the challenges for enterprise mobile app development services to develop a profitable app.

  • What makes development of profitable enterprise mobility solution challenging?

Let’s face it! Even if the app developers want to come up with the best enterprise mobile app for the client’s business, several hindrances can stop them. Mostly, such obstacles are an outcome of wrong decisions and haste of entrepreneurs in developing an app that gives a positive return.

Growing competition across all the industry sectors also make the task of more complicated and challenging. It compels developers to incorporate advanced features by using advancements of emerging technologies like AR, AI, and IoT.

What’s more, developers need to take the present and future uses of the mobile app into consideration for generating the best value for a long time.

All these challenges can be addressed well through proper planning and execution. A renowned enterprise mobile app development company can help you meet the project requirements while making your app appealing for the users.

  • How to Build Profitable Enterprise Mobile App?

A customized business app can serve many purposes, and revenue generation is one of them. It can generate income in line with your business model.

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Let’s take an example. In today’s mobile-driven world, people tend to spend more time on their smart devices. If your business app does well in the thriving mobile app domain, then you can readily reach a huge audience and get a large user base consists of loyal customers.

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Also, as we witness a paradigm shift from desktop to smartphone, it is easier for you to spread awareness about your products, services, and new launches.

What’s more, you can provide a personalized experience to the app users.

Altogether, chances are fairly high that your app can be monetized and give you a high return if it can draw the attention of people with performance and functionality. Think of Uber and other on-demand apps that have written success stories for their respective startups. As the on-demand economy is booming, businesses are getting ready to embrace it for providing better customers services and generate more revenue from an app.

Now, let’s go through top enterprise mobility practices that can earn you a high ROI.

1. Plan thoroughly
The key to your app’s success largely depends on proper roadmap. You can classify the planning aspect into three broad categories to measure the ROI of your app effectively:

Think of value
First things first. Irrespective of the size and nature of your enterprise, you need to ensure that your app is capable of fetching the key data to calculate all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Also, the business objectives that you want to be served by your app are defined properly.

In brief, you need to ponder on how the app can generate and increase the value of your business in the mobility domain.

Focus on functionality
Performance or functionality plays a vital role in bringing success for your app. Remember, however appealing your app is, if it has performance issues, the users tend to switch from your app. Therefore, you need to track various performance-related parameters like response time, network connectivity, offline functionality, etc.

Also, you need to ensure that your business app works in line with the user’s expectations. Performance analytics and other tools remain handy in identifying and resolving various issues.

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When you focus on functionality, you can come up with innovative app solutions with the help of mobile app developers.

Keep users in center
Undeniably, user behavior is the most important factor to consider. It is necessary to understand the user’s expectations and issues that you can address through an app. A loyal customer base can help you get more ROI in the long run, and therefore, you should pay attention to your app’s user experience.

2. Select platform carefully
Android is the number one platform in the world. When it comes to reaching a huge audience, Android app development services can help you with a feature-rich and futuristic app.

But, if you want to target a niche audience in the USA and Canada, an iOS app can work wonders.

In brief, platform selection is important to get a higher ROI as per your business model and target audience. The mobile application development company can help you with the selection.

Also, the integration of technological advancements plays a vital role in making your app profitable. You can hire mobile app developers to integrate advancements of emerging technologies like AR, AI, and IoT. This integration can make your app more convenient, interactive, and secure for the users.

3. Proper timing
TTM (Time To Market) should be reduced so that you can get enough time to promote the app. Also, it gives you a competitive edge over peers and more users prefer your app.

The enterprise mobile app development company can help you reduce TTM and you can get your app launched in a short time. Whether you want to promote business or address the user’s problems, an enterprise-grade mobile app can serve these objectives well.

Finally, proper timing of app can help your business to establish and boost the online reputation.

4. Regular updates
This is also one of the most important factors to be considered. Unique and updated enterprise mobile app can retain the app users more effectively as compared to stereotype app without regular updates.

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Entrepreneurs may argue that periodic updates can increase the enterprise app development cost because maintenance and update services are not part of development cost. But then, it is fair to mention that such apps can give more ROI over the period with improved performance and future-ready app features.

Another point is- these days, many business apps offer a transaction facility to the users. It is of utmost importance that you provide safe transaction experience to the app users. Regular updates can help your app remain safe against cyber attacks, and your customers certainly like such an app.

Be it insurance, energy, healthcare, retail, or on-demand business, your app should stand firm amid growing competition by retaining existing users and attracting new customers. You can expect a high ROI for the long term once your business app gets succeed in this objective.

We have covered very useful tips here, but you need to keep many things in mind to leverage the major benefits of a customized mobile app for your business. Therefore, it is better to hire a reputed mobile application development company that can take care of every aspect from development to promotion of your app.
Enterprise Mobility Solution

Simply put, enterprise apps that keep the users in the center can give an excellent ROI over the period. If you want an app that can be used internally, your employees should like it, and if you want to build an app for customers, they should love it. This is an ultimate secret of your app’s success and high profitability.

Our developers are well-versed with the integration of technological advancements. We know what it takes to develop a profitable enterprise mobile app that can readily address the ever-changing challenges and increasing competition.

Do you want to know more about ROI and profitability of your business app? Just drop us a line at Our experienced professionals will get back to you soon.

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