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Globally, the manufacturing output is increasing by leaps and bounds. But then, there is a significant rise in the data related to work orders, inventory management, and process inspection. Industries find it difficult to store and access this massive data, and at times, they have to compromise on quality and productivity due to a chaos.

Here, customized mobile apps can lend a helping hand to the manufacturing sector and assist enterprises to go paperless. Mobile app development services have brought the technological advancements at fingertips and the manufacturing industries can take its advantage of simplifying complexities and taking the business to the next level.

Let’s delve into the noteworthy business benefits that a mobile app development company can offer to the manufacturing sector:

Reasons Why Your Manufacturing Unit Needs a Mobile Application

Bringing mobility

Apart from implementing the enterprise mobility at the workplace, an enterprise mobile app can help manufacturers establish on-demand data mobility. For example, if as an entrepreneur you want to integrate CRM software, notes taking and sharing software, you can do so with a feature-rich mobile app.

Mobile apps enable both employees and the management to access the valuable data even from a remote place. Also, they can share and store the data using the mobile app whenever necessary. In other words, the mobile app can enhance not only communication but also collaboration and process control.

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Sending real-time alerts

The GPS feature can enable manufacturers to track their vehicles and notify the receivers about their shipment. In a way, the mobile app for manufacturing sector contributes to controlling the supply-chain management. Industries can get the most accurate date and time of arrival of the shipment.

Apart from this, the notification feature is useful for sending real-time alerts to various teams in the industry. For example, manufacturers can get and send the data regarding product machinery and maintenance to the quality control team without any delay with the help of a mobile application.

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Assisting technicians

At times, technicians work at the remote places that are far away from the corporate office. These field technicians are needed to provide exact details about various parts and the company’s requirements, and a manufacturing mobile app can serve this purpose with ease.

Also, manufacturers can communicate with the technicians irrespective of time and place with the help of a mobile app. It certainly assists them to improve the customer services and the customer satisfaction rate increases significantly. With the integration of CRM functionality, you can make information accessible to both customers and mobile workers alike.

Enhancing management

Apart from supply chain management, the mobile app for the manufacturing process is designed to manage the assets and other factors. You have manufacturing units in different locations and it is necessary to keep an eye on the raw material and finished products. The mobile app empowers you to go through every such data.

The tailored mobile app can also integrate futuristic technologies like IoT, iBeacons, and AR to track the products and train the employees to manage the entire process. You can monitor every activity through an app on the move. It enhances the overall management significantly.

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Increasing visibility

How can you increase the productivity of your employees? Well, out of several options, one is to track their activities on a daily or hourly basis. The GPS technology enables you to find them whenever you want. You can check whether safety personnel are at the place in your plant to avoid any mishaps.

What’s more, you can get accurate timing regarding the process of the work order. The exact information about the employee’s location can help you manage the complex operation without any confusion. In a way, the increased visibility of employees can benefit your business in the form of enhanced productivity.

Improving accuracy

Accurate information about different aspects plays a vital role in growing your manufacturing business. Let us take an example of the employee productivity. How about getting the detail of completed tasks of an employee in the given time period? It certainly enables you to manage the business operations more efficiently.

Also, mobile apps can provide the accurate data on demand. It eliminates the probability of human errors. You can remain assured of accessibility and accuracy of company data for the management as well as other employees. In a way, bespoke apps can help your business perform well.

Features Your Custom Manufacturing Mobile App Needs

From the addition of ERP suite to CRM integration, your manufacturing mobile application can have different features depending on the diverse requirements. It is not necessary to include all of them at once, but it is better to include several features.

Here is a list of basic features of mobile apps for the manufacturing sector:

1. ERP Suite- To plan your resources accurately and as per changing business needs

2. Database and Inventory Management- To manage inventory and critical company data

3. Supply Chain Management- To manage the supply chain with a few clicks

4. Service Scheduling- To assign the work order and check the progress

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5. Material Requirement- To meet the requirements of raw material effectively

6. Communication Channels- To communicate with employees real-time

Additionally, you can integrate the features related to tracking and controlling the shipment like package and order tracking, GPS, RFID, etc. Notifications and Instant Messaging (IM) are also necessary features to communicate instantly. You can come up with these features in the subsequent versions of the mobile app.

Development Cost of Customized Mobile Apps for Manufacturing Sector

There is not much difference in the development cost whether you opt for an android app development or an iOS development process. It all depends on the targeted users of your app.

For example, if you have a manufacturing unit in the USA and customers are spread all over the world, it is better to come up with both Android and iOS or cross-platform mobile app.

The development cost of a native (either Android or iOS) manufacturing sector-based mobile app with basic features starts from $15000 and goes above $50000 if it has complex features. The development cost depends on the complexity of apps and the hourly rates of developers. Here we consider the median hourly rate at $30 an hour.


It is better to consult a reliable mobile app development services provider with your app project requirements to get the exact quote. Many reputed app development companies give a no-obligation quote to enable you to compare the cost. Mostly, the app development cost does not include the app maintenance and marketing costs. You can discuss it with the company.

Solution Analysts is a prominent name in the domain of mobile app development. We have worked on various app projects across different industry sectors while serving the global corporate clients. You can hire mobile app developers in a cost-effective way to meet all the business requirements in a seamlessly-performing app.

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