Before diving into outsourced asp net development, one may ask: Is ASP.NET still relevant 2023?. The answer is absolutely yes. Why?
Developed by Microsoft, is an open-source web framework for building websites, and web applications for free. It supports multiple programming languages, using C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Plus, web applications created by can run on many platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS. Besides, the fact that it allows a community of developers to continually contribute to its improvement helps foster innovation and keep up with the latest trends.  These have ensured .Net is here to stay in this constantly evolving world of software development.

What is development outsourcing?

Outsource Asp Net Development

Outsource Asp Net Development development outsourcing is one of the categories of software development outsourcing. So in order to understand development outsourcing, you must know what software outsourcing is.

To put it simply, software outsourcing is when a company contracts a third-party provider to develop software or perform specific IT tasks, often to reduce costs or access specialized expertise. A company that needs to outsource can hire either an offshore development center (ODC for short), or dedicated IT staff. The former is like hiring a team of developers and a project manager offshore who has extensive experience in the same kind of project. Meanwhile, the latter refers to only hiring IT professionals on a temporary basis to fill skill gaps and address urgent needs.

Before outsourcing, you gotta identify which part of the software development process needs extra expertise and help. It could be a specific feature of the software or the entire software development. Then, search for top software outsourcing companies/providers in whichever region or country you prefer. Usually, the top countries providing outsourcing services are Vietnam, India, the Philippines and Eastern Europe. After some consultations, you will find the match and proceed with the next steps.

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Now that you’ve understood software outsourcing development definition. It is easier to know what development outsourcing is? In simple terms, asp net development outsourcing is the practice of contracting an external software development company or team to build, maintain, or enhance web applications using the ASP.NET web framework. Once you’ve identified that your company needs to outsource development, let’s explore some benefits of outsourcing

Benefits of outsourcing

Why outsource asp net development? You may ask. Here’s a list of benefits when you outsource development.

Cost Savings

First, outsourcing to regions with lower labor costs, like Vietnam, India, and Eastern Europe, can significantly reduce development expenses while maintaining high-quality work. According to a 2022 report by Accelerance, software development rates are around 30-60% lower than in developed regions like Australia, the US and Western Europe. This cost advantage enables you to enjoy lower costs from outsourcing development.

Scalability & Flexibility In Terms Of Staff

Outsourcing allows you to easily scale your development team up or down to match project requirements and timelines. Also, you have the flexibility to choose between offshore, nearshore, or onshore outsourcing models, depending on your needs. In the end, outsourcing accelerates development, helping you launch your web application sooner.

Easy to Scale

ASP.NET Core applications can scale efficiently to handle increased workloads, thanks to asynchronous programming and cloud deployment options.

Security Features

ASP.NET includes built-in security features, such as role-based security and a cryptography model to protect against the common web.

Community Support:

ASP.NET has a robust and supportive user community, which makes it easy for developers to troubleshoot. With time, the cases of developers not finding a solution decrease.  This leads to a more efficient and streamlined development process.

Cross-Platform Development

ASP.NET Core supports multi-platform deployment, making it versatile for various hosting environments.

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Reusable code

By reusing code, businesses can release their product on different platforms simultaneously, reaching a larger audience without the need to write separate code for each version.

When should you outsource asp net development?

When to outsource asp net development

When to outsource asp net development

There are plenty of when-moment that makes you realize outsourcing is the only way to go. To name a few, the pain of having to scout the right talents in short time as well as the resources to train them is definitely worth considering. Besides them, here are a few moments that make you decide to outsource asp net development.

Firstly, when you have a new project, and your in-house team of developers cannot play their part as they are in charge of other tasks. In this scenario, it’s wiser to hire an outsourced team offshore so that in-house resources can focus on their core functions. Make sure that you choose a trusted company with skilled and experienced developers to outsource

Secondly, outsourcing asp net development is the right path to take when your work changes unexpectedly. In this scenario, the internal teams cannot respond to the changes promptly. Also, hiring new members takes a long time, and it’s not easy to let them go when the demand declines. Outsourcing is best because you can increase or decrease the amount of resources more easily.

Next, you need to outsource software development when the project you’re undertaking needs specialized knowledge that your internal teams aren’t strong. For example, when you’re creating a software solution that needs different programming languages or experienced developers, outsourcing is a cost-effective choice. It also gives you a chance to build a long-term relationship with a trustworthy outsourcing partner.

The aforementioned are a few situations that propel you to outsource development. In reality, there could be a million different scenarios. The bottom line is when you feel your in-house resources cannot handle the workload, and it’s more cost-effective to outsource, contact us.


Looking to outsource development services?

Whether you need to outsource development services, or mobile app development, here are standard steps on how to prepare for outsourcing development.

Set clear objectives.

Each project involves various stakeholders, and not all will be involved in every project detail. It’s advisable to share your ideas with your team members and even other industry contacts to ensure your project has clear and well-defined goals.

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Create a Scope of Work document.

Make sure you document your budget, and requirements in detail before reaching out to a software development provider. It’s always better to prepare in advance/

Specify your technology choices.

It’s essential that your software development partner has the right technical skills for your project. To ensure this, we suggest making a list of the resources you need. Don’t forget to prioritize security and data protection, as data loss is the last thing you want.

Appoint a skilled Engineering Leader.

Choose a leader who not only possesses technical skills but also can select the right tech experts to complete the tasks. A strong leader can offer guidance to clients, oversee remote teams, and safeguard against coordination problems and quality assurance issues

Oversee scope, budget, and timelines in each iteration.

After these steps, the software development lifecycle should look like this.

Software development lifecycle

Software development lifecycle

Hire the best .Net developers in Vietnam

Vietnam is an ideal destination for outsourcing .Net software developers. According to a 2019 report from MOET, there are 430, 000 IT engineers in the software industry, and 53 000 IT students graduate annually from software major. Also, based on Vietnam IT Market Report 2o21, React, MySQL, Spring, Laravel, Sass, Django, NET/ C#, and Django are the most popular technologies in their respective tech stacks.

Hire .Net developers with InApps Technology, you’re gonna get:

  • Hire skilled and dedicated .NET developers with 10+ years of valuable experience.
  • Strong portfolios with 900+ projects accomplished successfully in various fields of expertise.
  • Our three software development hubs are in Vietnam, Singapore, and USA.
  • 98% Happy customers and repeat customers
  • Proposal-writing support, reducing confusion between stakeholders and developers
  • InApps Technology has been recognized by Clutch as Top .Net Developers in Vietnam and Singapore.
hire .net developers in Vietnam

hire .net developers in Vietnam

hire .net developers in Vietnam

hire .net developers in Vietnam


If you want to hire a team of dedicated developers, or an offshore software development center, drop us a line, and we’ll be in touch shortly. InApps Technology is willing to assist you in any way we can. Let’s grow together.
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