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outsourcing software company

Outsourcing software Company, Offshoring, Or Fully Remote Employees

Outsourcing software company, offshore center or fully remote employee? To make the decision, I think you need to know what they are first. Below are basic definitions of Outsourcing, Offshoring and fully remote:

  • Outsourcing: Hire a software outsourcing company or developer to work for you and you don’t need to know how to code a software
  • Offshoring: Hire one team in a fixed location working on a project, you are the controller and you need to be expert in IT industry.
  • Fully remote: Hire a distributed team of employees, you must be available to use at least one program language.

Base on the projects we are working on and how they are structured, we could choose a suitable type of recruitment.


If you are start-up companies or SMEs, you should outsource web development services or mobile apps providers.  Here are 5 benefits of outsourcing for Startup:

Outsourcing software development – 5 benefits for Startup


If you have experience within IT industry or you have an expert senior developer team, then Offshoring will help you reduce the cost and increase efficiency.


Working with fully remote developers enhances you to decrease your working load and still keep projects on the right track.

IT companies tend to use a fully remote team instead of hiring an offshore center. Surprisingly, both these two types might cost more than outsourcing. When it comes to Offshoring and fully remoting, we need to consider about timezone, on-site capability, communication, and pricing.  A company managing a fully remote team on your behalf probably has more challenges due to timezone and project management communication than the outsourced model. While offshoring and fully remote require employers understand their partner business model and estimate exactly the total budget, outsourcing can release these stress.

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In my opinion,  outsourcing software companies are the best choice, they will better understand the commercial application of software and expectations and standards within your market. They also give you the fix-price contract and competitive cost. Therefore, you just need to clarify your demand, check-up contract carefully and forget cost, recruitment, and efficiency.

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