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product vs project manager

PRODUCT MANAGER and PROJECT MANAGER are the two most important part of any company.

They both are work as the working hands of the company rather than this, they both are different fields as well as different working methods but belongs to one company to increase the market and reputation of the firm.

Product Manager:


  • The product manager is the person who, control the marketing as well as plans the business strategies.
  • It works like the CEO of the product and also takes care of the selling department as well as study the market strategies.
  • It the duty to study the market requirement and the launch company’s product at the time, when the product is required in the market.
  • They also study selling capacity according to the need of the product as well as the demand for the product in the market.
  • They also decide the price of the product that they launch in the market, also know the market value and according to that fix the product price.
  • The vision of the product manager should always on the market and its changing trends and demands of the buyer/users.
  • The main target of the product manager is growth.
  • Growth leads to the profit of the company as well as increase the market value of the brand.
  • It is also important for the project manager to maintain his/her sources or platforms where he/she launching the product.
  • It is the responsibility of the product manager to handle media relations.
  • Social media is the best platform for advertisement of the product.
  • Moreover, the product manager looks at marketing products.
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  • The project manager is the person who works on the product and its development.
  • The main aim of the project manager is to complete their project on time.
  • The most important thing for the project manager is to manage the team and work with the expert and well-skilled people on the project.
  • To work on any project, it the duty of the project manager to make a blueprint of it.
  • The challenge that faced by the project manager is managing the given BUDGET.
  • It’s important for the project manager to build technical knowledge.
  • And the main focus of the project manager is to work in a team and manage all the members of his/her team.
  • Moreover, it is really important to complete the project on time so that its launch in the market on time.
  • The project manager should study the market demand.
  • However, they should check the product first and then forward it to further process like marketing.
  • It is the main duty of the project manager to had a group discussion with his team about the product.
  • The project manager thinks creatively to enhance their product and to boost its features.
  • the project manager manages the teamwork and assigns the work according to the requirement

Above all the points of the product manager as well as project manager shows their qualities and working process.


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