Food Order & Delivery App Development: The Fastest Way To Rule The Market

Day by day, we all order our meals on the food delivery app, spending a lot of time and money to decide what we should eat today. Hence, the food delivery apps, such as Grab food, Uber eat, Now, Foody…are familiar application names and also growing at a rapid pace in Vietnam as well the whole world.



 Firstly, now most people admire the food delivery app because of its convenience, saving time, wide variety of menu, and having many attractive offers. Just take about 10-30 minutes to have your daily food items or groceries at the doorstep.

Secondly, the 4.0 industry and IoT can change consumer’s behavior. According to Business Wire: “The Asia Pacific was the largest region & North America was the second-largest region in the online food delivery services market in 2019.

An increase in smartphone users has given a boost to online food delivery services worldwide. The world F&B e-commerce users reached 1.5 billion in 2019 and are expected to grow by 800 million, with an average of 25% y-o-y growth, by 2024…”

Yes, there are a lot of food delivery apps in this world, but you still can put a foot on the market by using the advantage of the application: depending on the size of the network effect in a certain area.

For example, Uber can be a winner in the UK but it didn’t win in Vietnam. So does Grab, we easily book a car or motorbike in Saigon, but it still needs to try to punch its way to presencing in the Mekong river delta. Not to mention that the app owner must have a delivery system to reduce dependency on aggregators.

Hence as you can see, it’s no time to wait for entering this promising market, but developing an application is not easy, takes time, and costly. Don’t worry, if you find the right software development company, they can help to bring your ideas to come true and reduce cost and time!


Typically, to develop a food delivery application, you will need 4 parts of the product like:

  1. App UI and UX Design.
  2. Mobile Application (iOS and Android).
  3. Web Portal Admin
  4. An appropriate marketing strategy after product launch.

However, it will cost a ton of time if you want to do all the features for a food delivery app at once. Instead, you just need to pick out the features you need to bring value to your customers and promote your inherent strengths and resources to make a lean product that can make customers happy and ready to use. People call it an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

To develop an MVP for the food delivery app, depending on the target audience and goals, you’ll need advice from an expert for a list of features that best suit an optimal and reasonable budget. There will be 2 best solutions:

A Vendor with Experience

A Vendor with Process

– A team who already had experience in developing and designing a food delivery app

– Successfully created the key features of a food delivery app: Select Restaurant; Order Tracking; List Categories; Online Payment; Re-order; Schedule Delivery; Discounts & Offers,…and more.

– Offer you an effective user-friendly app to easily scale your food delivery business.

– Within 1 week, you will have an authentication demo. In approximately 3 months, they deliver the final app to the client.

– A team that had an innovative app development process and deep knowledge in online food delivery.

– Being the top developers, from project leader to members with high technical skills to quickly create feature lists: Manage Products; Managing of Restaurant; Menu Management; Category Management; Manage Orders; Manage Customers; Handle Payments; Notification Management; Payment & commissions.

– Understanding the economic, social, and environmental sustainability impacts of online FD required.

Finding the best of both choices? Why don’t you join an IT Tech company that had experience as well as a professional process to transform an idea to become a unicorn?


With more than 10 years of experience and famous as The world’s top 90+ mobile app development company in 2020, depending on your requirements, we can deliver various types of food delivery apps and assist you in choosing the functional scope for your app.

InApps provides the best development solution for on-demand food delivery apps for startups, food chains & restaurant aggregators. Being a reputed food delivery app development company we understand the pain points and offer you effective user-friendly apps with advanced features to easily scale your food delivery business. It allows satisfying your customers by getting food delivered without standing in queues or waitlists.

Not only do we focus on efficiency for customers with a mindset on ROI (Return of Investment), but InApps also research the customer’s business model to advise on appropriate product development.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive the best technical suggestion about the project. We also have a special promotion program just for you this month.


 To get a better understanding of what features make our Food Delivery App so special with a real-world example:



Why InApps?

  • Customer-centric culture

Customer satisfaction is the priority: By business, weekly and monthly meetings, we immediately give customer problems in 80% of meeting to find solutions within 24 hours.

  • Reduce your cost up to 70% – Guarantee the same or higher quality

Due to the lower tax and cost, we can optimize the cost in Vietnam as well as re-use our experience in previous projects to reduce costs but still ensures the quality.

  • Fast solving-problem & supporting your end-users

Our Talent is systematically trained and must pass 2 difficult interviews & testing before starting a client’s project to ensure each developer is a combination of: “Consulting + Solution + Care”

  • 80% of developers are good at English communication

As most of our clients are from UK/US/Europe, we focus on recruiting candidates with good English communication skills to support customers and avoid misunderstandings.

  • 70% of software developer have +5 years of experience

We prioritize building an experienced team that accounts for a high proportion to meet their expectations. Even for the freshers, they also come from top universities or studying abroad.

  • Transparency and Predictability for long-term cooperation

We focus on clear transparency in communication and discussions to achieve long-term cooperation goals.

  • Latest Development Methodologies & Diverse Industry Experiences

98% of Clients Satisfy With Us. Let’s See What They Said…


I’ve had great experiences with inapps in mobile app project. Recommend looking for a good outsource development firm for mobile game development or web development project to Inapps team.

Si Bui

Head of Business Development at Phunware

I have been really impressed with the team at Inapps. They are professional, work ahead of schedule and are technically strong across a range of fields.

David Liem


A great experience designing the front end of our website, responsive team and good end product. Great website/UX design capabilities.

Toby Scregg

CEO at Eve

Reliability is one of the elements to make the best decision! Hence, we shall show you our reputation via our case studies as well as some reviews throughout 2 ranking platforms Clutch and Goodfirms







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