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Mobility has transformed from a necessity into the norm in the corporate world. With the rise of the BYOD concept, companies want to leverage the benefits of mobility. A customized enterprise mobility solution is useful to make the most of a thriving mobility concept. But then, some ruinous mistakes can cost your company a lot while integrating enterprise mobility at the workplace. You need to avoid them to make the most of mobility.

  • Identification at initial level

What is the best way to prevent mistakes in a customized enterprise mobility solution? Well, the answer is- early identification or detection of mistakes. When you find out mistakes at the initial level of the enterprise mobility process, chances are bright that you can nullify their impact.

Below, we give six most prevalent enterprise mobility mistakes that can damage your business over the period.

  • Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Make the Most of Mobility

1. Fail to exploit mobile apps
Enterprise mobile app development services can build robust enterprise-grade apps for the corporate sector. These feature-rich apps can drive companies to the next level. However, at times, entrepreneurs underestimate the capability of enterprise apps. It can meet the diverse and complex business needs of modern enterprises. But then, it is necessary to keep the market trends and the demands of users in mind while developing an enterprise mobile app.

Some entrepreneurs fail to identify the employee’s needs and cannot leverage all the benefits of enterprise mobility. It results in a loss of interest from employees in the app and impacts on their efficiency.

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2. Forget to test enterprise mobile app
Security, compatibility, and effectiveness are a few important factors to consider before launching any app. The enterprise mobile app development cost is higher than other apps, but it is dangerous to compromise on app testing procedures to save bucks. Many entrepreneurs tend to skip proper testing of apps in their workplace and as a result, the enterprise app gets a lukewarm response from employees and stakeholders. Also, frequent glitches can impair the company’s productivity.

What’s more, enterprise mobile app deals with confidential corporate data. Failure in testing the app for data safety can bring disastrous outcomes in the form of data breach or cyberattacks.

3. Lack of proper integration
Your enterprise mobility app should be integrated into the business system properly and efficiently. For example, these days, many enterprises have implemented the IoT system at their workplace. Now, the enterprise mobility app should be integrated properly with the IoT system to manage and control the system on the move.

Enterprise apps communicate data to and from the network of your company and interact with the digital infrastructure for bringing the desired outcome. Therefore, you need to make sure that your app is integrated with the system properly and focus on UI/UX design for mobile apps. You can also include the integration strategy in the roadmap to direct the app developers accordingly.

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4. Implement BYOD without any strategy
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is one of the most productive strategies out there to leverage the benefits of a thriving mobile sector. But, it is like a double-edged sword. If it is implemented without a proper strategy, it results in unproductivity and ineffectiveness of the mobility policy as a whole. It is not like you say to employees, “Go ahead and use your smartphones for our company.” Personal devices remain a soft target for hackers, and therefore, it is necessary to take extra care for the safety of apps as well as the employee’s devices. Also, you should hire mobile app developers to ensure regular updates of your app.

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5. Avoid user experience
Mobile apps are designed to address the user’s demands and expectations. An enterprise mobility solution is considered as an answer to the employee’ s daily problems and challenges to accomplish complex tasks. Your app should be scalable and flexible enough to adjust to changing requirements and the number of employees associated with your company. Also, you should pay attention to the user’s interaction while ensuring its safe and successful access. Rich and pleasant user experience not only make your app popular among employees and stakeholders but also increases their overall efficiency and productivity.

6. Ignore security concerns
Last but not least! Security concerns loom large when it comes to data-driven enterprise mobility apps. If you ignore these concerns or do not pay enough attention to them, your business may have to pay its price. Consequences can be devastating for ignoring security aspects in your app. Also, it is necessary for your enterprise mobile app to meet the regulatory standards enforced by authorities. Summing up, it is fair to mention that even the slightest negligence in the mobile app or device security can invite dire consequences.

These days, enterprise mobility app development services have evolved to meet security concerns efficiently. You can integrate two-way authentication, facial recognition, and encryption like features to enhance the security of your enterprise app.

That’s not all! A reputed enterprise mobile app development company can mention a few other big mistakes you need to avoid. You can either keep these mistakes in mind or integrate an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution at your workplace.

enterprise mobility solution

A tailored enterprise mobility solution can give many benefits to your enterprise if you stay away from these major and prevalent mistakes.

Do you want to address complex and diverse business requirements while simplifying business processes for your customers? Our experienced app developers can help you by integrating advanced features in your feature-rich enterprise app. Just send us an email at to know more about our enterprise mobility services or get a quote for your next app project.

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